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African Cup of Nations 2010

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  • African Cup of Nations 2010

    Having heard an upbeat report from Luanda (ahead of Angola's hosting of the African Cup of Nations) on the World Service just before going to sleep last night, I was shocked to hear today that the Togolese bus had been ambushed en route to the Angolan capital this morning. The bus came under a hail of machine gun fire from an extremist separatist group in Cabinda, and the driver was killed outright, while reports now indicate that an assistant coach and press officer have also died of their injuries.

    The reserve goalkeeper was airlifted for specialist treatment in South Africa, having been shot in the stomach, and other players are also being treated for their injuries.

    The Togolese team has been recalled by their government, and are also urging the teams in their group to also withdraw from the tournament. As of now, the tournament directors are adamant that the tournament will continue as planned.

    Shocking as this is, it also raises fears from the World Cup to be held in South Africa in only 5 months' time.

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    Yeh i am fearfull of what could or might happen in South Africa,let us hope it goes well.

    As for the African Cup of Nations.........Just 1,000 people turned up for one game and 5,000 for another.

    Cheers Cidermaster
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