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  • Just recently finished this masterpiece - OMG - Had never played it and now this has to be one of my fave platformers ever, it's a Double Fine game and it's so them! Creative, quirky, funny, warm, challenging, fun...

    Psychonauts (PS2/PS4)

    I found out there is a sequel,10 years later set for release in 2021!! Feast your eyes and ears on the epic trailer:

    So anyone watch the 35th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros? Any thoughts on the 3D Mario All Stars, I for one am very excited for it, 3 more days!! I have been loving the original All-Stars on Switch Online too and have 98% on Donkey Kong Country atm.

    Oh and I platinumed Rayman Legends today at last, another incredible platformer.

    Other games I recently purchased and/or played.

    Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled - I've had the Switch version (digital) and have been playing that for a while now but decided to buy it physically on PS4 as I originally planned.
    Oddworld - Stranger's Wrath (Limited Edition for Switch)
    Oddworld - Munch's Odyssey (Switch - didn't realise there was a Limited Edition also, urgh!)
    Oddworld - Abe's Odyssey New N Tasty (Limited Edition Switch) - pre-order
    Paper Mario - The Origami King (really fun!)
    Dragon Quest 1, 2 and 3 collection (Switch)
    God of War - Completed this apart from one trophy but wanted the physical.

    I've also been playing Resident Evil 2 and 3 with my niece, lots of jumpy fun!

    Have hardly listened to any music the last couple of weeks in fact since the beginning of the pandemic my music consumption has dropped dramatically, I guess my current addiction is games. lol

    My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...


    • Originally posted by CrazyCrazi View Post

      Destiny 2 - beautiful game, don’t want to finish it so I’m taking my sweet time! Sometimes need help in certain cases.

      Cuphead - Awesome design...unique, try it guys, so charming, like being in an old cartoon! Quite challenging too.

      The Way - retro goodness, anyone who liked the game Another World with it’s brooding soundtrack and sense of mystery, might like this.

      The Last Door - more retro goodness, I don’t mind the highly pixelated graphics as it reminds me of some of the Amiga titles which is nostalgic to me. It’s got a cool soundtrack and it seems like an intriguing story so far.

      Mario Odyssey - well crafted classic Mario fun

      Also been addicted to Banjo Tooie on my N64, great game and classic platforming!

      My Switch is giving me life atm, tragic I know, poor PS4, will have to pay it a visit soon.

      I have 12 games in my Switch now, also downloaded the 2 South Park games as I had lots of fun playing them with my niece a little while ago.

      Shouldn’t this be in the Entertainment section? Wish there were more gamers here! Got some days off work so will be nerding out.
      Great feedback! Thank you! From the list I played only Mario Odyssey and South Park


      • MK11 is game of the year. So happy Rain, Mileena, and Rambo were added. Robocop is incredible.