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  • Minecraft


    • I have been obsessed with the latest God of War over the last couple of months, my first time ever playing this series! I found the story a little short but there are enough side things to bulk out the game, I love anything to do with mythology, I have nearly killed all of those Valkyrie bitches! One more left and then I assume I will have to fight the queen? They have been tough but I have grown better slowly but surely. Great game and I love Kratos' voice...'I don't laugh boy'

      Also I completed Hellblade recently, another incredible game dripping in mythology.
      Also have almost got all trophies on Rayman Legends but the last one is such a grindy fck!
      My niece and sister just bought me Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice for my birthday, I gave it a spin and it seems great.

      Also my niece and I have been enjoying Final Fantasy VII Remake and all of the Resident Evil Games!
      My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...


      • They are finally adding Donkey Kong Country to Switch online on the 17th July. So excited to replay it. Currently playing the legendary Super Mario World on my SNES online.

        On the SNES app I’m still waiting for:

        Donkey Kong 2 & 3
        Buster Busts Loose
        Street Racer
        Mario All-Stars

        These are the first 5/6 to pop into my mind but there are many others I’d love to be added to the collection, it’s great to be able to play these on a console again.
        My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...