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Where do you go to study, get work done?

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  • Where do you go to study, get work done?

    Where do you go to study, get work done?
    (outside of school/work place of course)

    In the spring time, I like to go to a park and study, read, etc.
    In the summer heat (and whenever I need wifi), I go to a coffee shop or library.

    I really wish we had more internet cafes in the U.S., because I would love to study, work, and hang out in one.

    I personally can't get much work done at home. I like to get out of the house.
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    I wanna know...
    Where do you go, go, go


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      Ill be honest, my two years in college I NEVER did any work at home! I could never get myself to just concentrate I always get side-tracked. So I just did all my work at college and focused on it then, it's better in the long run (more free time) but I got stressed easily lol.
      When I go to uni though im going to find somewhere I can go to do my work cuz im cool like that!
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        i do all my work at home.. even though i have 400 dvds and 400 cds around me, i can study... my friends tend to call me le roi des notes. i really am.
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          I usually do it at home the night before. Red bull and pepsi and a 36 hour string of non stop working
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            My university library.

            Largely because it's pretty much just like Hogwarts and I feel suave and highly pretentious with my stack of books and coffee.


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              Your Uni library looks impressive, my Uni one is just a plain building.

              I find libraries so theraputic - it's so much easier to concentrate, and I love people watching.


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                I've always found it most comfortable studying/working from home. I think it's the ability to be in absolute control of my surroundings that does it for me.
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