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  • ^ No they sell them in huge boxes:

    It's in the UK where they sell single cigarettes for the price of a carton.
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    • Hotlinking untersagt!!

      I love German.


      • ^ haha. It was just some cartons of cigarettes.
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        • They don't, but when you calculate, that's how much two cigs would cost lol
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          • Originally posted by ECE
            O hai y'all

            Just curious... what's your hairstyle? And what type of products do you use? Gel? ?Wax? Spray? Smth else?
            U can go ahead and give dat subtle free promo for brands if you feel like

            I don't currr about gurls here but they may as well feel free to write, I'll just ignore them

            Such a nice topic, can't not to bump it, even if it's old My hair is naturally dark brown and straight, I'm ok with it but sometimes I wish I had the curly one Also I had a preiod of many dyings into bright and unusual colours like red, blue, green... It was really cool but after the long time I became tired of bleachings and hair loss connected with them so I decided to stop
            Now my hair returned to its natural colour and I keep it short and in the undercut hairstyle like on these pics, I like what I have on my head at the current moment
            Also I'm not very good in styling but sometimes I use was or hairspray, I have no interest in the brands of such products, tried really not so many of them
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            • I have that Milla Jovovich haircut from the Jeanne d'Arc movie.

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