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Mass casualty incident in London - assailant shot dead

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  • Mass casualty incident in London - assailant shot dead

    A man has been killed on a busy high street in south London.

    Emergency services, including paramedics and armed police, are at Streatham High Road.

    Witnesses on social media have said they heard three gun shots fired just after 14:00 BST on Sunday.

    One person tweeted: "Something major happening in Streatham High Road. Armed police and roads closed off" while another said two were being treated by doctors.

    Witness Alanah Murphy said: "I was walking to the shops and saw helicopters came down, and lots of ambulances.

    "I didn't see what happened but just the aftermath - loads of armed police and like nine, 10 ambulances. The police were screaming at people to get back."

    Lambeth Borough Police have also tweeted about the incident.

    Streatham: Man killed in attack on busy high street

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    Apparently it was a man attacking people with a machete. Knives again!


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      If this man were attacking in the US, he would have a gun on his hands and not a knife...


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        This is literally 10 minutes down the road from me. Glad I didn’t leave the house today. Thoughts are with anyone effected. :(


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            It's just horrible. People get killed every day and we have nothing to do with it. The UK legal system has a lot of breaches, though it's being considered one of the best. It's not perfect, indeed. I think we need to create more associations to protect civilian rights, such as this one, for example In my opinion, we need to improve measures of legislative order as soon as possible.


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              I read " assailant shot dead by Wayne" on the page news and I was like dang Wayne !


              Horrible for the victims. Hope they're all ok now.