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Caroline Flack found dead, having taken her own life

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  • Caroline Flack found dead, having taken her own life

    Utterly devastating.

    RIP Caroline.

    It’s made me think about our friend Serby - please talk to someone you trust or a confidential helpline if you’re struggling.

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    Is it actually confirmed she took her own life? Im mean all the signs kind of point to that, but BBC just said she's been found dead in her flat I think?
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      Originally posted by SholasBoy View Post
      Is it actually confirmed she took her own life? Im mean all the signs kind of point to that, but BBC just said she's been found dead in her flat I think?
      Yes, confirmed - a lawyer representing her family has confirmed it to the media.


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        I'm absolutely shocked by this.

        Rest in peace, Caroline.


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          R.I.P. sad to read this


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            I have never heard of her but I always feel especially sad when someone takes their own life. I’ve been to the point of wanting to take my own life and I remember how hopeless and helpless I felt at those times.
            Be kind to one another folks! More importantly be kind to yourself!


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              Never watched this incarnation of Love Island but have previously loved her since the early noughties. Such a huge personality - gone.
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                I'm just reading about the abuse allegations on her Wikipedia page now. I had no idea.

                I've always felt that the people who are harbouring the most pain hide it so well. They slap a huge smile on their face and then go out into the world, and nobody from the outside looking in would know. It's awfully upsetting that people feel they have to try to survive in this way.


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                  There's going to be a lot of people feeling guilty about the way they treated her. It's making me angry seeing those same people who went IN on her, now saying how awful it is and how no one should suffer in silence. Smh.

                  R.I.P Caroline. I've actually been a fan for a long time!
                  Love you like a love song!


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                    I wasn’t too familiar with her from not watching anything she presented but this is incredibly sad. RIP


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                      So so sad, she really grafted and clawed her way to a hugely successful tv and influencer career over the years and seemed so down to earth and likeable. I thought she was fab.

                      Yes she had some bad press recently but she seemed to be dealing with it despite the press and social media trying to tear her down.

                      Just because a feisty woman seems to continally be able to put on a brave face doesn't mean that face isn't a mask.


                      This ain't gon be easy


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                        Oh wow that's really shocking. I know she had major personal life issues what with the assault case but i never expected it to come to this. I liked Caroline Flack when she used to present The x-tra factor.

                        Plus i thought she was a worthy winner of Strictly come dancing. The less said about Love island, the better.



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                          So sad, always enjoyed her on TV. I remember her from TMI on Saturday mornings and SCD. I always thought she came across well. The press have a lot to answer for in this instance.


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                            RIP, sad to hear she was in so much turmoil things ended this way. She needed treatment/care as she seemed suicidal by the sounds of the phone call/police intervention when she attacked her boyfriend.

                            However I’ve seen a lot of people saying that it was wrong for the crown prosecution to pursue her case because her boyfriend didn’t press charges now that she’d dead....really not here for this take. Most victims of domestic abuse don’t press charges, but in a case by case situation they have to do what’s best to protect the victim from further violence (only around 10% of domestic abuse cases actually her prosecuted, with 75% ending in convictions).


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                              This is so tragic, I read a few reports when she was arrested that said she was acting erratically and threatening to take her own life while in custody. She was obviously troubled and the hounding by the press in recent months will have been awful for her.

                              I really hope this leads to some sort of change in the way the media report on celebrities - journalists will use their problems for clickbait without considering how it may harm. People like Piers Morgan and Dan Wooton from the Sun backtracking on their treatment of women and attempting to lead the tributes is sickening.


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                                Piers and Dan’s tweets are horrid. They’re scum, plain and simple


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                                  Channel Four have pulled a show she filmed last year called The Surjury. Sounds like the worst idea for a reality show ever. She will appear in Michael Winterbottom's film Greed which is out on Friday and has Steve Coogan in the lead role.
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                                    I'm still quite sad about this, I didn't even have a strong opinion on her but it's probably one of the most shocking celebrity deaths yet because it seems so sudden and the immediate repercussions are still strong in terms of how so many other celebrities have responded, the petitions and the tributes on other shows.


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                                      Originally posted by jason2379 View Post
                                      Piers and Dan’s tweets are horrid. They’re scum, plain and simple
                                      I want them to be fired and NEVER employed by anyone else ever.
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                                        Apparently she hung herself as well. So sad.


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                                          Here's the trailer for Greed. She appears right at the start.
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                                            I don't know if I knew the bit about hanging or whether I'd overlooked the cause of death entirely, but I find that to be totally shocking - she must've been in so much pain as she died.

                                            Caroline Flack inquest: ‘No doubt' presenter intended to take own life

                                            TV star Caroline Flack took her own life while she was facing trial accused of assaulting her boyfriend, a coroner has ruled.

                                            The ex-Love Island and X Factor host was found dead at her home in Stoke Newington, London, on 15 February.

                                            The day before her death Ms Flack had found out she would be prosecuted and feared press intrusion, the inquest at Poplar Coroner's Court heard.

                                            Coroner Mary Hassell ruled her death was suicide.

                                            Ms Hassell said Ms Flack, 40, had killed herself after an "exacerbation and fluctuation" of ill health and distress.

                                            The inquest heard sections of the media had been "hounding" the presenter over the alleged assault of Lewis Burton, which she denied.

                                            Ms Flack's mental health had deteriorated following her arrest, according to the coroner.

                                            The inquest heard the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) initially pursued a caution against Ms Flack, but withdrew it after the Metropolitan Police said it believed it was in the public interest to bring an assault charge.

                                            The presenter's mother Chris told the court she thought her daughter had been "seriously let down by the authorities and in particular the CPS for pursuing the case".

                                            Ms Hassell said she was "satisfied [Ms Flack] wanted to cause her own death" and "there's no doubt in my mind at all".

                                            "For some, it seems she had a charmed life - but the more famous she got the more mentally distressed she became," she said.

                                            "Her trauma was played out in the national press and that was incredibly distressing for her."

                                            A pathologist ruled Ms Flack died from hanging.

                                            Ms Flack had left her role presenting Love Island, the ITV2 dating show, in the wake of her arrest last December.

                                            The inquest heard she struck her boyfriend while he slept because she suspected he was cheating on her.

                                            Mr Burton did not support the assault charge, and in a statement he said the last time he had seen Ms Flack "she was not in a good place".
                                            She previously told the inquest that if Ms Flack had been a "normal person", the police and CPS wouldn't have "been bothered" to charge her.

                                            Addressing Det Insp Lauren Bateman, Mrs Flack said: "No real evidence was put forward. If it was an ordinary person, you wouldn't have been bothered.

                                            "You should be disgusted with yourself. That girl killed herself because you put an appeal through."

                                            Det Insp Bateman said: "I was not biased and I treat everyone the same."

                                            Deputy chief crown prosecutor Lisa Ramsarran said Ms Flack accepted she had caused Mr Burton's injury, but "the explanation essentially amounted to it being an accident, which is a defence and was the disputed issue which was going to be the issue at trial".

                                            In a statement after the hearing, the Met Police said it "takes allegations of domestic abuse, by men or women, very seriously and investigates those allegations in accordance with national and Met Police policies".

                                            A spokesperson said: "Officers are encouraged to consider 'evidence-led' prosecutions where appropriate, and actively investigate cases even if the victim does not wish to support a prosecution.

                                            "This is to enable victims to be safeguarded and to bring offenders to justice, as well as due to the risk of repeat victimisation."

                                            He said "the media were constantly bashing her character" and "writing hurtful stories".

                                            Ms Hassell said: "I find the reason for her taking her life was she now knew she was being prosecuted for certainty, and she knew she would face the media, press, publicity - it would all come down upon her. To me, that's it in essence."

                                            Mrs Flack wept as she told the coroner over video-link: "I think you got it spot on.

                                            "We know you are not allowed to say certain things and it's up to us if we want to take it any further, and we don't."