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Krakatoa volcano erupts

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  • Krakatoa volcano erupts

    Krakatoa volcano erupts spewing plumes of ash 1,600 feet into the air as people hear 'loud rumbles' 90 miles away in Jakarta

    The infamous Krakatoa volcano has erupted off the coast of Indonesia, spewing plumes of ash 500m into the air.

    Two eruptions were recorded by the country's volcanology centre on Friday night between 9.58pm and 10.35pm local time, and have continued into today.

    Residents of capital city Jakarta, 150km away, reported hearing 'loud rumbles' shortly after the eruptions.

    A webcam image taken from Anak Krakatau Island, which is in the Sunda Strait, shows lava flowing from the volcano.

    The Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation’s (PVMBG) magma volcanic activity report said that the first eruption lasted one minute and 12 seconds starting at 9:58 p.m., when it spewed out ash and smoke 200 meters high.

    The volcanology center reported a second eruption at 10:35 p.m. that lasted for 38 minutes and 4 seconds, spewing out a 500-meter-high column of ash that blew to the north.

    'PVMBG monitoring shows that the eruption continued until Saturday morning at 5:44 WIB [Western Indonesian Time],' said the National Disaster Mitigation Agency’s head of data.

    Satellite images detected a 'large magmatic eruption' with ash and plume shooting 15km (47,000ft) into the sky.

    It is believed to be the strongest activity since an eruption in December 2018.

    The volcano lost more than two-thirds of its height following the blast which triggered a deadly tsunami that killed 400 people.

    People also took to Twitter to report sounds of an eruption, thousands of kilometres away.
    5.05.2009 / 6.22.2011 / 4.24.2013 / 4.25.2013 / 3.1.2014 / 9.13.2014 / 7.21.2016 / 7.14.2018 / 7.15.2018

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    5.05.2009 / 6.22.2011 / 4.24.2013 / 4.25.2013 / 3.1.2014 / 9.13.2014 / 7.21.2016 / 7.14.2018 / 7.15.2018


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      Saw this earlier, incredibly worring - what a time for this to happen...


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        Seeing an erupting volcano is a fascinating thing. Shows once again how powerless human is against mother nature.
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          This is all beginning to feel Biblical.

          Perhaps the Mayans meant 2020, not 2012.


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            I fully expect to see aliens landing any day now. ‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️


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              The loud rumbles were weird.

              I thankfully didn't hear it but I was on Twitter and people miles away from the eruption heard the rumbles to the point that their windows were shaking but people who live close to the mountain didn't hear anything.

              Sounds like someone just bangs the door a couple times, but the whole city could hear it.