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Terrorist attack in Reading, Berkshire in the UK

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  • Terrorist attack in Reading, Berkshire in the UK

    Sadly a Black Lives Matters demonstration has ended with people being stabbed. The BBC are reporting that at least two people have been killed. What was meant to be a peaceful demonstration has ended in total chaos. The police have declared it a terrorist incident.

    If it is true that people have died then RIP :(

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    Really sad, those poor people who have suffered serious injuries and who might ultimately lose their lives...


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      Sadly, it was only a matter of time before fatalities started happening at these protests. People are filled with so much hatred now, on both sides of the fence. However, I’ve just read that the protest dispersed peacefully two hours before this happened?

      Latest is that three people have died and two are in critical condition.


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        BBC News Summary

        Here is what we also know, so far:
        • A number of people were stabbed by a man in Forbury Gardens in Reading's town centre about 19:00 BST on Saturday
        • Three people were also injured
        • Two people taken to hospital have been released while a third remains at Royal Berkshire Hospital in a stable condition
        • The attack is being treated as terrorism and counter-terror police have taken over the investigation
        • Khairi Saadallah, a 25-year-old Libyan national from Reading, has been arrested on suspicion of carrying out the attack
        • Officers have launched a murder investigation and are not looking for anyone else
        • The attack was not in any way associated with the Black Lives Matter protest which took place earlier in the day, police have said
        • Police have urged social media users not to post any footage of the attack out of respect for the victims' families
        • Lawrence Wort, 20, who saw the stabbings, said the suspect "shouted unintelligible words" before attacking multiple groups of people with a "five-inch knife"
        • Several armed police officers were seen going into a block of flats off Basingstoke Road in Reading on Saturday night, but it is unclear whether this was linked to the attack

        The arrested man who was behind this was a lone attacker and is in the process of being interviewed.


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          Two of the three people who were killed have been named. One is a schoolteacher named James Furlong and the other is Joe Ritchie-Bennett, a US citizen who has lived in the UK for 15 years and who originally was from Philadelphia.


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            A similar case happened in Stuttgart, Germany as well.
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              Aw, I love Stuttgart, such a great city. I was there in December 2018.


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                Originally posted by theMathematician View Post
                A similar case happened in Stuttgart, Germany as well.
                I think there was a similar attack in southern France a couple or so months ago as well. It's awful, people just minding their own business randomly being murdered.

                To be honest I had been expecting something like this. Not only have there been large gatherings in the UK for Black Lives Matter but lockdown seems to be coming to an end and so there are large groups of people on the streets anyway. Plus the weather on Saturday was lovely. Sadly I don't think this will be the last time this happens. I have to admit that for the past two or three years, since the attacks in London I've been very wary of even venturing to Newcastle in north east England which doesn't have a history of terrorist attacks (though a lone wolf IRA supporter did launch some terrorist attacks in the form of bombings in the city in the early 90s. Strangely enough it was the IRA who informed the security forces who was doing it as the guy had been told not to launch any attacks without permission).
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