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Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud fame reveals battle with breast cancer

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  • Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud fame reveals battle with breast cancer

    Devastated for her, especially that it’s spread to other parts of her body. Really horrible disease.

    Hoping for the best for Sarah.

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    I can't even begin to explain how utterly devastated I am hearing this.

    Anyone who knows me knows just how much I stan for each of these girls and let me tell you, my online standom is tiny compared to how much love I have for them both collectively and individually. Today has been a bag of emotions, as Cheryl started to follow both Sarah and Nadine and I was convinced it meant something was in the works regarding a reunion. I never expected to be so very wrong.

    Sarah is only 38. I pray to the gods, both old and new, of both rock and pop varieties and anyone else that can help her pull through this. One of my grandparents had breast cancer that spread to other parts of the her body and as treatable as breast cancer itself is, once it's spread it can become a different beast all together.

    I honestly can't imagine the nightmare it is having to deal with this and a global pandemic.
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      So sad to hear this, I love Girls Aloud, was obsessed back in the day. Really hope she gets through it.


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        Oh such sad news. I hope she pulls through.


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          Hope she recovers from this ordeal.
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              I hope she recovers!
              Haven't been early since '88


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                I really hope she beats it!
                Love you like a love song!