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Celebrity Gossip - Guidelines

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  • Celebrity Gossip - Guidelines

    Celebrity Gossip - Rules

    We hope that you will all enjoy our NEW Celebrity Gossip forum! With that said, there will be some ground rules that all posters will be expected to follow, in addition to the wider UKMIX rules which will continue to apply.
    • This forum is for celebrity news & gossip only - more serious topics or topical news stories should be placed in the newly re-branded World News & Politics forum.[/*:m:3kiof2y2]
    • The use of GIFs continues to be prohibited across all UKMIX forums, including this one. [/*:m:3kiof2y2]
    • The posting of nude, semi-nude or shirtless images - of all genders - continues to be strictly prohibited, so please refrain from doing this. [/*:m:3kiof2y2]
    • With regards to content, the general rule of thumb here should be that if it's NSFW, it shouldn't be posted.[/*:m:3kiof2y2]
    • We've previously discouraged new topics being created which highlight single issues in favour of bigger topics which contain lots of related news stories (for e.g. rather than having multiple topics related to the Superbowl, we have the one topic) - we plan to relax this rule. Please continue to use your judgement when creating topics though and don't create new topics just for the sake of things.[/*:m:3kiof2y2]
    • We anticipate some duplication of of news stories - i.e. Mariah Carey fires her manager might be discussed in both the Mariah GAD topic and in a separate topic here. This will be closely monitored - the only ask here is that if you think carefully before opening the topic: if it doesn't drive discussion, does it need to be opened in a separate topic or will posting it in GAD alone suffice?[/*:m:3kiof2y2]

    As always, if you have any queries - please direct them a moderator.