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    On phone so forgive the linkage, this one is a bit of two things:

    First obviously it’s a great show of support towards the poor kid and shining a light on bullying issues,

    Then there’s the other side where in the age of viral social media, has it gotten a bit too much and out of control? The celebrity gifts and also the questioning of the mothers real motives after a go fund me was set up and also pictures of the family surfacing with the confederate flag and people judging Keaton for it?

    Like..... it’s reaching Alex from target/cash me ousside levels imo - is it kinda subtlely encouraging victimhood in others if taken the wrong way? Hey Mum, film a video of me I’m being bullied and I want celeb endorsements and free trips to movie premieres... like I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a spike of these kinds of videos in the next month.

    What do you guys think.
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    Re: Keaton Jones bullying video

    The tension over the social media escalated over this.
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      Apparently he calls kids the N word and plays the victim role after they beat him up. He’s a kid so he’s only learning from his trash ass mom. She should have never posted the video when in reality SHE is the reason her child got “bullied”... Nobody deserves to be mistreated but parents also need to teach their kids that hate = hate and there are consequences to being a racist.

      The REAL gag is all these black celebs were helping only to find out she doesn’t even like black people. Sad world we live in.


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        Re: Keaton Jones bullying video

        Apparently the parents have pictures with confederate flag. Disgusting trash parents.
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          Apparently he's actually a bully himself
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            Well his message is still true though and hopefully woke some people up. sad if it's for the wrong reasons and wrong people if true
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              Can someone explain to me what the GoFundMe was for?
              I can understand raising money for medical treatments (sick people) or basic necessities (victims of disasters) and so forth, but what exactly does a bullied kid need money for? Seems like mere cash grabbing to me. Can't even believe that anyone felt the need to donate, when there are so many causes that put money to actual good use. Ridiculous.

              And that's not even considering the whole racist angle.


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                Re: Keaton Jones bullying video

                Wasn't it confirmed the go fund me page was from someone pretending to be the boys mother? Also you can judge a kid cos he parents are a holes. As someone else said, the message is still true.
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                  So over the last weekend, this kinda thing is happening again and it reminded me of this story.

                  This time its a 9 year old Indigenous Australian boy with dwarfism, Quaden Bayles. His mother posted a video of him distraught and threatening self-harm (wanting a rope and a knife) over bullying. It is awful to hear a 9 y.o. talking like this of course.

                  We have the celebrity endorsements again (including Hugh Jackman who has sent a video, Cardi B has defended him against the 'he's actually 18' conspiracy theory) and an American comedian who also has dwarfism has started a GoFundMe to send him to Disneyland, and he was invited to lead out the Indigenous All Stars NRL team at their game on Saturday night.

                  Now this kid is already drawing awareness to his condition through Instagram (amongst other things, posing in gucci etc) and has appeared in a TV doco show back in 2015. His mother is saying she never expected this to go viral and never asked for money, was just at her wits end and decided to show the effects the bullying was having on Quaden. The GoFundMe is also only going to cover the trip to Disneyland and anything raised over that will be going to a Anti-Bullying organisation they say.

                  Again it's at least having some good effects on one side of the issue, but then again, should we be better equipping the kid to handle/cope and deal with the bullying as well?

                  From the video itself the particular incident was another kid patting him on the head and calling him short. I know its probably amplified 100 fold for a 9 year old - especially if its sustained bullying behaviour, we don't know what else has been done to him emotionally and/or physically to get him in such a state

                  - (and this is coming from someone who went through being bullied in Year 7 at a rough school as a 12 y.o. and changed schools, would never think of harming myself though, some of it I look back on and think was trivial and silly now, but some of it was also upsetting and I did fear going to/being at school on a few occasions for fear of being caught up in threats made of physical violence, being pushed around, etc. or being humiliated in some way).

                  So is this social media aspect and throwing money and privileges at him going to address that root of his issue (apart from giving him a temporary break from thoughts of harming himself and seeing that people do like him or course) I tried to find an update on Keaton Jones, couldn't find much from a quick look.

                  I mean I dunno... bullying affects many people differently but what is the better way to approach a strategy or dealing with this? has it got out of hand with social media? Now their socials have been taken down in part due to the online trolling of some, which is also kind of ironic that’s it’s brought up bullying online.
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