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Bye, Astana! - Kazakhstan's capital got renamed in honor of its president

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  • Bye, Astana! - Kazakhstan's capital got renamed in honor of its president

    Kazakhstan's capital Astana renamed in honour of leader after he 'steps down'

    Kazakhstan's capital Astana has been renamed Nursultan in honour of long-time leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, who stepped down as president on Tuesday but has retained his influence over the state.

    Mr Nazarbayev's ally Kassym Jomart-Tokayev proposed the change in his first act as president after being sworn in on Wednesday, and parliament unanimously approved it.

    He also awarded his predecessor the titles of people's hero and hero of labour, pinning a golden star to Mr Nazarbayev's chest in front of politicians.

    Beginning with the third most populous metropolis Shymkent, cities have begun renaming central streets in honour of Mr Nazarbayev at the new president's suggestion.

    Mr Tokayev's nomination of the leader's daughter Dariga Nazarbayeva to take his place as speaker of parliament was quickly approved.

    Mr Nazarbayev, 78, has been in power since 1989, when he became first secretary of the communist party and de facto leader of Kazakhstan, a hydrocarbon-rich nation of 18 million wedged between Russia and China. He was elected to a fifth term as president with 97.7 per cent of the vote in 2015.

    The seemingly eternal leader spoke with Russian president Vladimir Putin before he stepped down in a televised announcement on Tuesday, agreeing to remain in regular contact.

    Bye, bye Astana. Stunning city, no matter what's your name!

    My proposals
    Berlin = Merkeltopia
    Warsaw = Kaczyńskaw
    Moscow = Putingrad
    Paris = Macronville
    Washington D.C = Trump City
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    It's a bit,,,too much, I guess.
    Waffles are checked cookies


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      I cannot believe this is happening in the 21st century ...


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        Waffles are checked cookies


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          Bit of a mouthful.

          I'm thinking of going there next year/