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The Veronicas; and QANTAS Flight Attendant drama

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  • The Veronicas; and QANTAS Flight Attendant drama

    The Veronicas recently had one of those embarrassing ‘marched off a flight’ moments back in September, now has spoken out about a ‘rude’ attendant on his flight from Brisbane this week, speculation its the same one involved in the Veronicas case - now apparently Veronicas twitter has gone blank after they tweeted support of - the plot thickens!
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    There was a little bit of an update to this over the week, QANTAS is standing by its cabin crew and may be looking to assist suing for defamation (He named the attendant in his tweet and accusation of racism).

    There were callers discussing it on Kyle and Jackie O on radio the other morning, stories of incidents with flight crew which, fair enough if it's something thats a safety issue (i.e. loose equipment like a laptop needing to be stowed away during takeoff/landing etc), but then theres stories about crew with some sort of a power trip (one about chucking a tantrum over the placing of a guitar in carry on which easily fits and was already cleared by check in (and then twice over when they reboarded according to the caller) to be allowed on board).

    anyhow here is another article about it: Qantas says it will help flight attendant sue over 'racist' row

    and a video: is a bit silly for naming the attendant though have to say; the first tweet would've sufficed if he wanted to have a whine about it without identifying her and opening himself up to the lawsuit.
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      Surely they don't have much of a chance with that lawsuit?


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        She seems like a proper bitch but... I don't know, I am biased, I do not like him so much.
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