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Backstreet Boys to join N'Sync?

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  • Backstreet Boys to join N'Sync?

    Hot news: members of N'Sync are willing to collaborate with the Backstreet Boys! According to Justin Timberlake, Nick and Howie would do very well with N'Sync on stage. He sees th two not so much as add on singers but as perfect boxing-balls.

    Now who's the man I wounder ... definately not Justin! :grin:

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    thats a new marketing strategy!!!! (not!)
    Oscar Wilde: "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.


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      Now hear this! I've read rumours that the Backstreet Boys will split up after they have made a "Greatest Hits" album! The album is supposed to be released somewhere early next year.

      According to a spokesperson of their record company, we shouldn't be worried since there has been no official statement regarding this from the Boys' management.

      Hmmm, what's keeping them so long I wonder


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        I quite like the backstreet boys i think they have release some not bad stuff. though I wont mind if the split up because i like new tallent, if it any good any way.
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