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Metallica sues... again

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  • Metallica sues... again

    This one is unbelievable... from

    "Having been instrumental in the enforced restructuring of Napster and launched lawsuits against a string of other companies, Metallica have taken aim again.

    The US heavy rockers apparently manufacture a line of automobile products, but have discovered that a Californian company have been producing wheels called 'The Metallica'.

    They have now decided to sue MHT Luxury Alloys, despite the fact that the company ceased production of the wheel after only a few months of sales.

    Jill Pietrini, the band's lawyer, commented: "We've already expanded into the automative industry by selling Metallica tire wheel covers. Part of our natural expansion (includes selling wheels) and they're trying to usurp the market, which isn't right."

    The band have demanded the company recall all Metallica products from its customers and to enter a settlement, or face a lawsuit, reports MTV.

    A spokesman for MHT commented: "My boss is 48-years-old and doesn't know much about the music industry. The wheels were metal, so he called it the Metallica. That's all there was to it."

    Metallica have a history of aggressively protecting their brand name, launching lawsuits against a lingerie company, an off-shoot of Pierre Cardin, a perfume makers, a wrought-iron manufacturers and a nail file company."

    Don't you think they are a little bit screwed up?!?!?!?!? :eek:

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    Very. But then, so are Metallica as I've learned....
    It doesn't matter what you say...words don't bring me down, baby.


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      metallica are money-starving, greedy losers who haven't had a hit in ages and as their hair gets greyer the more fans they will lose. they must have spent all their money on dumbass shit so they probably need the money from the lawsuits for their retirement fund.
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