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    I have read from a music site (i forgot what name it is) that All Saints, or their music company, are going to release their 'greatest hits' cd.

    It would contain their 5 number 1's and more.
    It would also contain the new song from melanie blatt (24/7) and a new one from shaznay.

    It also says that there would be a special edition wherein cd2 would be a dvd -- whcih would contain videos and stuff like that probably.

    marketing strategy? possible
    ... but i'll definitly get me a copy of that!
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    I'll buy it for sure if it comes out, but it's a bit sad...only three albums from one of the UK's best girl groups? I had kind of hoped they'ed be together longer...will Nicky+Nat's single be on there as well?
    It doesn't matter what you say...words don't bring me down, baby.


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      Hey guys-found the tracklisting for their hits album-here it is:

      1. Pure Shores
      2. Never Ever
      3. Under The Bridge
      4. Lady Marmalade
      5. I Know Where It's At
      6. Twentyfourseven (Artful Dodger feat. Melanie Blatt)
      7. Black Coffee
      8. Booty Call
      9. All Hooked Up
      10. War Of Nerves
      11. Big Wheels (Shaznay Lewis)
      It doesn't matter what you say...words don't bring me down, baby.


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        BIG RIP OFF they released 8 singles in 3 and a half years!!!
        Uk the only way


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          Not according to the track listing above....except for Melanie and Shaznay's songs, it looks as though they released 9 (not 8.....forgive me for being technical)....not all of the singles mentioned were released in Australia for that matter....their highest hits here were Never Ever (that was #1) and Under The Bridge/Lady Marmalade (around #5 I think)...I think Pure Shores may have done better than that but I can't remember....
          I would've also like to have seen them go on for longer cos I was into them....but what I read from the stories seen on them they were pretty catty and fiery towards each it was probably in their best interests that they split in the end...IMO I think that Melanie and the Appleton sisters will do better in the music industry rather than Shaznay....
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            The only single I remember from them was "Never Ever". In CA and TN, that was their only hit. I like their other songs, though.
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              in australia Never Ever was #1!!! I know where its at, lady marmalde/underthebridge, pure shores all made the top 10. black coffee peaked at no.20.

              booty call, war of nerves & all hooked up failed to make the top 50.


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                They released 8 singles but 9 songs as "Under The Bridge" and "Lady Marmalade" were a double A side


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                  I knew that but can say it was 9!
                  Pure Shores came somewhere in the Top 10 when it was did Black Coffee.....I Know Where It's At was Top 20 from my recollection.....
                  Let's embrace the point of no return.