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    Did ATB say that the spice girls future looked bleak? because he also said robbie williams was gay.


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      Hmmm... how many times have the press "confirmed" that the Spice Girls were splitting? And that they "can't stand eachother?"

      It all seems a little strange to call it quits now - even after the girls solo careers failed to start out great - and if they decided to call it a day, then they would release a statement.

      Heaps of people saw the departure of Geri as a sure sign of an ailing band and that they'd quit then, but they came back with the wicked single "Holler" and the album "Forever", which although wasn't as big a seller as the previous 2 managed to sell 5 million copies - and that's not bad at all.

      So get it through your heads... The Spice Girls are staying around for a lot longer.
      Baaaaad relationship??
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