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Jessica Simpson - God Bless America

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  • Jessica Simpson - God Bless America

    Did anyone else besides me hate Jessica Simpson's rendition of "God Bless America" at the World Series? Ugh, I mean, it was so overdone, and underdone, and just horrible!
    At the beginning, she actually took her gum out of her mouth!!!
    And at the end, she just stood there, with this grin on her face, like she was posing for a photo-shoot...

    And those of you who like her and all that can just mumble and ramble on with that vacant look of awe in your eyes and say, "I disagree, because I thought it was weely it was weely good...and..and stuff...", but c'mon, get over it! Your singing honey messed up, and you know it! She's not perfect (who is?), but she could have at least removed the gum from her mouth before she went in front of the TV cameras!

    One more thing: That girl needed to put her hands down, and stop acting like she was Whitney Houston! Dear lord!

    OK, so, who wants to bash me now? C'mon, you know you want to...
    "I could be your blue-eyed angel/I could be the storm before the calm/I could be your secret pleasure/I could be your well-wishing well/I could be your breath of life/I could be your European dream/I could be ordinary/I could be the one."

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    i don't wanna bash u coz i AGREE!!!!!!
    ime a good listener but ime a better talker!!


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      she's not the best singer, but she is hot, i watched it on mute :smile:
      Music 4 Life


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        lol @ atb!! completely agree! i have to say i really like her, but i didnt see it and at times she can really over do the squealing :smile: there you go no bashings!
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