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  • Elif

    Elif Demirezer was born as the daughter of Turkish immigrants in Berlin and has three siblings. She grew up in the Berlin district of Moabit and attended the OSC KIM school. In addition to performing in both the school musical and the school choir, Elif took guitar lessons as a teenager. It was during that time that she wrote her first songs.

    At 16 years old, Demirezer competed in the eighth season of the ProSieben talent show Popstars. She made joint appearances with the All American Rejects (The Wind Blows) and Cassandra Steen (Never Knew I Needed) and finished together with her partner Niklas Dennin to earn second place in the final.

    After Popstars, Demirezer reinforced her internet presence on Facebook and YouTube by introducing her own songs, which were mainly in German language. She also worked as a blogger for Webradio's "I Love Radio". In 2012, Demirezer joined German singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko for his November tour of German clubs. Later, in February 2013, Demirezer became in the opening act for Ronan Keating during their tour of Germany. Later in the year, her first single "Unter meiner Haut" (Under My Skin) was released by Universal Music, and reached number 80 in the German single charts in mid-April. On 7 April 2013 was Elif Demirezer next Seeed, Blumio, Glass Bead Game and Andreas Bourani to the artists at the Memorial Concert - "I am Jonny for our brother voices" for the 2012 Berlin killed Jonny K. in Admiral Palace occurred. In early August 2013, the single was released 200 days summer. The video, which shows Elif along with a tame elephants on the island of Sri Lanka, was directed by Justin Kruse, who already music videos with Ivy Quainoo, Max Herre, Max Prosa, Leslie Clio and Joy Dena Lane had turned. End of August 2013 the debut album "Unter meiner Haut" was released. It was produced by Demirezer itself and Philipp Schwär and reached number 23 on the German album charts. In January 2014 Elif completed her first tour through German clubs.

    2020 Elif came back after a break from the Music Industry. She is now signed to Universal Music and teamed up with rapper Samra to Show her new Music direction. She will release a new Album in 2020.
    A b-side to her single Nur Mir" is called "Alaska" - this track is a Tribute to the hit "Rockstar" by Post Malone.



    2013: Unter Meiner Haut

    2017: Doppelleben

    2020: Nacht


    2009: Last Man Standing (Nik & ELIF from Popstars)

    2013: Unter Meiner Haut (Song)

    2013: 200 Tage Sommer

    2013: Nichts Tut Für Immer Weh

    2014: Rosarot (Fayzen Cover)

    2016: Auf Halber Strecke

    2017: Doppelleben (Song)

    2017: Fort Knox

    2020: Freunde

    2020: Nur Mir

    2020: Ein Letztes Mal

    2020: Kann Das Bitte So Bleiben

    2020: Schwarz

    2020: Aber Wo Bist Du?

    2020: Augen Zu (feat. Samra)

    2020: Alles Helal

    2021: Du liebst nur dich selbst


    2020: Zu Ende (Samra feat. ELIF)

    2020: Bitte Geh´ (Mero feat. ELIF)

    2021: Highway (Katja Krasavice feat. ELIF)

    2021: Immer wenn ich gehen will (Montez feat. ELIF)

    2021: Money 2 (Farid Bang fest. ELIF)


    2014: Sie Fallen (Curse feat. ELIF)

    2014: Ultraleicht - MTV Live Session Hamburg (Andreas Bourani feat. ELIF)

    2016: Ins Blaue ( Max Giesinger feat. ELIF)

    2020: Du Bist Eine Blume - Sönke Mannheim / Marvin Beranek Clap Remix (Flo Mega feat. Elif)

    2021: Money (Farid Bang feat. Azad, Summer Cem, ELIF)

    --> Click on the song to get to the Video on Youtube!

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    I can't wait for her new album, I really like the new direction, but I am a fan since day one! She said on Instagram, that she changed the whole tracklist because she and her team recorded so many new great songs!
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      Elif will release a new single called "Kann das bitte so bleiben" in a few minutes and she will reveal the album title and release date!
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        I would say that Elif is quite underrated. I liked a few of her debut era's songs such as 'Unter meiner Haut', '200 Tage Sommer' and 'Als ich fortging'. I kind of lost track of her musical outputs since. I appreciate her for not giving up after her musical career has been rather lowkey since the start. Like Madeline Juno, I think Elif is talented and may, one day, have her final breakthrough with a song that will be on the rather commercial side but will make people want to find out about her backcatalogue.
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          Beginn of a new era?

          ELIF released a new Song on this Thursday with a full video on Instagram.... she seems to sabotage her own chart success like Beyonce!

          No preannouncement and it sounds like a revenge against her Ex which has his Birthday today!

          The video was realeased for Streaming and Download Services!

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            Today ELIF will perform at O2 Music Priority Concerts!

            1. Schwarz
            2. Augen Zu
            3. Freunde
            4. Alles Helal
            5. Nur Mir
            6. Alaska
            7. Du liebst nur dich selbst

            Concert reaction... I love FloderFlo
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              Elif performed „Alles Helal“ for Turkey at the Free ESC on Saturday!
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                So lets keep updating this... a lot of NEWS around Elif

                Elif is a coach at The VOICE OF GERMANY on the Comeback Stage.

                You can watch all the videos on Yotube

                One of the ex-members of the POPSTARS winner Room 212 is in her team, which is kinda funny because Elifs career started at POPSTARS aswell (2nd winner behind Some & Any).
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                  Elif is in the cast for the next season of "Sing meinen Song" in 2022.... my praises are heard, I wanted Elif being part of this TV Show for soooo long. I hope her music will be heard by a bigger audience now.

                  I can't wait to hear Elif singing one Clueso song and otherwise, dam it... Clueso will sing a Elif song!!!!

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                    Elif shared a Instagram Story that a new Album with new music is coming, I think it will be released around the start of the TV Show "Sing meinen Song" in early 2022.
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