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  • A better recording of Morgan singing Mariah’s Emotions.

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    • Mariah #15


      • Originally posted by Askforsnow View Post
        Mariah at #15 is amazing!!!
        So according to this Magazine, Mariah in 2021 sold 213.6K albums, had 186M Spotify streams & 142.3M YouTube views... am I getting it right? Is it worldwide or US?
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        • Originally posted by RayRay View Post
          What does it matter if no one outside the fanbase cares? Most people outside the fanbase don't care for album tracks neither.
          I love how she does stuff just for the fans.

          The Valentine's Version of We Belong Together is just brilliant IMO.
          For me, a new version has more "value" with new vocals. Any DJ can add new music to a track. It's not that special.
          I'm here for Mariah, not for some DJ.
          I 100% agree.

          The WBT Late Night Mix was a little successful on its own (it peaked at 5 on US iTunes, was stable for a whole week, entered the digital charts, made some headlines, etc). Also the video on YouTube has 6.8M views, 2.8M on her Insta and over 1M on Spotify.

          It was a moment!

          Originally posted by bm08 View Post
          Mariah changed her social media layout


          Originally posted by Tomer_MC View Post
          Pretty lame.... sorry. I wish they'd be more creative or at least choose a better head pic... I mean it's cute but I seek something different at this point.
          That pic is from TBR photoshoot

          She looks fab but she already used it for a Black Irish ad.

          Can't wait for the New Era.
          I hope she's serving Caution visuals.


          • I don’t like that new social media profile pic.. she looks like she has a painful headache…
            To avoid any upset, please note; anything I post is purely my opinion. If I feel it is a fact, I will state that I feel it is a fact. Lol.


            • Originally posted by Tomer_MC View Post
              I've been enjoying Heartbreaker/If You Should Ever Be Lonely & Heartbreaker/Love Hangover mash ups... such fun moments!!!
              It's one of best remixes IMO.

              Such a genius.
              She always SANG in her remixes.

              Originally posted by InfoFromAus View Post
              The melody works I think... it's solid enough. The rhythm is strong. The background vocals are actually a good representation of that. The pieces are all there. It's the production.

              Imagine this with live instrumentation, especially percussion... maybe even latin percussion. There is one bit in the song where it is vaguely reminiscent of Turn The Beat Around. Or am I grasping?
              I can't hear that tbh

              When I listen to the song like individually without comparing it with other tracks from the album, I think it's kinda a bop with bad production. The melody is ok, I love her tone and runs.
              But I see it as a filler.

              Def it could've been better. I think latin percussion would have worked.

              Originally posted by InfoFromAus View Post
              It is both brilliant and weird.
              One moment I think "this just sounds odd" and a split second later "this works, this is working".

              It's a little bluesy.
              It's quite jazzy but it works.
              Her tone is a no for me, but other than that the arrangement and the vocals are great!


              • Originally posted by NorthernMonkey View Post
                I don’t like that new social media profile pic.. she looks like she has a painful headache…

                She could've used the still from the Masterclass, she looks amazing!


                • TECS Tour is underrated.
                  There, I said it.


                  Aaliyah & Timbaland x Mariah Carey - Shake Somebody Off (Mashup)

                  Aaliyah x Mariah Carey - 8th Grade Letter (Mashup)

                  It's a shame they never did a collabo.
                  It would've been fire.


                  • This is the way u make/start a comeback b1tches.




                    And also stream her whole catalog 'cause these numbers are just

                    I hope everything gets back to normal on February.


                    • Mariah is trending, LOL.


                      WYB will reach 100M streams on Spotify this week.

                      #B is not that far, maybe in 4 months?


                      Re YouTube, Fantasy will reach 100M views (currently at 90.2M) in 4 months maybe?
                      Remember that on Feb 22nd Free Guy will release on Disney+ so I'm expecting a new growth as it happened last year when the movie was released in theaters.


                      • My expectations for the return of MC30

                        - She renames MOAIA to "Memoirs", i don't know if she can,
                        - Release of Angel Advocate + The jump Smokers Experience, so the cover of the albums with 3 Mariah would finally make sense.
                        - The bonus would be The Pearl Palms Concert, the audio is already on her YT channel.

                        For MIAMTEC which is an +Amazing retro ode to rnb, just rename it to "Chanteuse" and reorganize the listing and renaming some songs :
                        - Dedicated
                        - Beautiful
                        - Thirsty
                        - Make it look Good
                        - You don't know what to do
                        - Meteorite
                        - Money
                        - Triumphant
                        - No ways tired
                        - Mine Remix
                        - Letting go
                        - ONE MORE TRY (i love it but please do something to the sound)

                        i don't listen to Cry and Faded, it's too much depressing maybe she can put them in the end, i didn't listen to the album for years because of that, i then heard Make it Look Good on the radio in summer and the album is on repeat since then. i don't listen to supernatural, i'm very happy for her having kids i wanted her to experience that but maybe she could keep the song private, the experience is beyond whatever song)

                        - Some iconic live performances like a lot from each era remastred 4K (some fans do a good job on YT, maybe she can hire them or just contact them, i'm sur they will even do it for free)
                        - Correcting the number to infinity album by just adding her new #1s to her classic #1s with the same iconic cover.

                        - I don't like the concept of rarities, i would prefer an anniversary release on vinyl with those songs as bonus tracks, it will help her albums much better. How albums like music box and daydream didn't get A DIAMOND edition ? same for Debut, #1s and butterfly ...

                        - She can also use IA to finish the takes for some MV like The one, H.A.T.E.U remix, use photoshoot and adds to create MV for other songs, she will be the first artiste to do so and that will bring her a lot of publicity and press talk and clics and money ... Joseph Khan is her friend and he's good on this and aware of new technologie if she invests and pays him a bit she will recolt a lot. Get richer Girl, it's so easy nowdays and you have material to do so !

                        - And of course, all the MV from Glitter, there's 8 or 9 clips

                        In the end, it's her art and i respect it whether she does or not.


                        • I forgot about Time of your life with the pepsi add as a MV + Joseph Khan to finish it with AI. I want it so bad


                          • I’m pretty sure 100% of all that won’t ever happen


                            • It would be cool for MC30 to return but aside from her saying she is trying, we really dont know when or even if anything more will come.
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                              See The Report Card - Weekly Top Songs


                              • Obsessed should get a remastered video, it’s one of her biggest videos and MOAIA videos are the only era that didn’t get the HD videos.
                                the EPs I don’t get my hopes up anymore, but if it happens it’ll be a delight


                                • The only remaining things I’m desperate for from an MC30 return are: HATEU So So Def Remix, #B Dance Remix, and any leftover remix we might’ve not heard from the Caution era.

                                  Songs like Hypnotized, There For Me etc would come with another Rarities I think.
                                  funny how one can learn
                                  to grow numb to the madness
                                  and block it away


                                  • Those expectations for MC30 are quite a reach, LOL.

                                    None of that will happen.

                                    I will be happy if she continues it with more remixes and maybe some rare performance.

                                    The only thing I could see happen is the H.A.T.E.U. Remix and MAYBE the #B Remix if we're very lucky (tho idk if this last one was finished).


                                    • Originally posted by LambChild View Post
                                      The only remaining things I’m desperate for from an MC30 return are: HATEU So So Def Remix, #B Dance Remix, and any leftover remix we might’ve not heard from the Caution era.

                                      Songs like Hypnotized, There For Me etc would come with another Rarities I think.
                                      Yep, exactly.
                                      Tho I don't think she has anything finished from the Caution Era and she's already moved on years ago, LOL.

                                      I'm totally here for The Rarities 2.0, I prefer that over MC30.
                                      I'm sure she has more gems in her vault.


                                      • Mariah Carey - Make It Look Good Stems DIY

                                        I NEED these vocal stems!!!


                                        • Exactly.


                                          • Originally posted by mm2912 View Post
                                            I’m pretty sure 100% of all that won’t ever happen
                                            I know but never say never she was the first artist to use internet for streaming, connecting with fans, digital marketing back in the days she was so a pioneer ahead of her time... so Let me dream !


                                            • Gawd, this VOL performance at Taipei was a total serve.

                                              Unpopular opinion, but VOL performances from Butterfly Tour at Sydney & Taipei were better than the Daydream ones. Way more interesting vocally. Tone was also richer and she was even more agile.

                                              Brisbane was so good!

                                              Perth was amazing too!

                                              1998 is an underrated year vocally.

                                              IMO it's part of her first vocal prime.

                                              Her rendition of the song at Sydney '98 is my favorite EVER.


                                              • Da Brat Tells What Mariah Carey Was Going Through When They Recorded The "Always Be My Baby" Remix


                                                OMG I can't believe that this actually happened
                                                Now I kinda see it like a spin-off or something of that nature, like a parallel universe-ish thing

                                                News Report - Mariah Carey, Melbourne 2015 Concert

                                                P.S. she looked amazing here tho.


                                                • If the teases are true, she’s re-recorded

                                                  The Roof +

                                                  One Sweet Day
                                                  My All

                                                  Of course they could just be random

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                                                  • ---

                                                    She looks so cute here