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    Rina Sawayama is a Japanese singer-songwriter and model. She was born in Japan, and is based in London. Her debut mini-album, Rina, was released in 2017. Rina Sawayama was born on the 8th of August, 1990 in Niigata, Japan. She lived there until the age of five when her family decided to move to London, England, where she was raised and currently lives. While studying politics, psychology and sociology at the University of Cambridge, she decided to pursue music and modeling. During her time at university, she was in a hip hop group called Lazy Lion with Theo Ellis from the indie rock band Wolf Alice. She graduated from the university with a degree in politics.
    I-D video introduction

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    During her mini gigs, she premiered two new songs

    How We Were Then



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      Vinyl is here ... lbum-vinyl


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        In the studio


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          RINA TV Ep. 1


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            RINA TV Ep:2


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              EP. 3


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                EP. 4


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                  I just discovered "Take Me As I Am" through Spotify and I'm so shocked at how good her music is
                  2019 Year End Charts: The 20/20 Experience


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                    EP. 5

                    Met Utada Hikaru

                    Got signed to Dirty Hit


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                      Rina was a force when I saw her supporting Charli in Glasgow.

                      Love that she got to meet Utada since she's posted a lot about how much she's inspired her. Bring on the album.


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                        Announced as one of VOGUE JAPAN's Women of the Year 2019

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                          New RINA TV


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                            W Magazine Freestyle


                            You released a debut EP back in 2017 addressing issues of family, race, and identity. Your debut full-length album, Sawayama, out this year, reprises those themes. How do you identify yourself?

                            I am a queer recording artist based in London and born in Japan. I moved to England when I was five and have lived here ever since. I make alternative pop music.

                            How did you experience gay culture in London?

                            Growing up, my queer friends were gay men, and the confidence I got from gay men really helped me. I’ve always wanted to explore the idea that confidence is gendered.

                            What’s the difference between fashion and costume?

                            When you go down the costume route in pop music, you always end up in the same structured leotard look because it accentuates the female form!

                            What first got you interested in fashion?

                            The “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” videos by Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti. I remember my mind was blown by all the work they did together. I didn’t know who Alexander McQueen was until I saw that video. It really captured this incredible intersection between fashion and music. Fashion changes faster than music, so it can help keep music fresh!

                            Who is your style icon?

                            Lady Gaga really opened my eyes to queer issues in the United States. She has been a very strong advocate, and I feel her references are very underground New York—both gritty and super high fashion.
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