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  • R.E.M.

    R.E.M. Stock ‘Monster’ Reissue With Demos, 1995 Concert, ‘2019 Remix’

    R.E.M. will mark the 25th anniversary of their 1994 LP Monster with a deluxe six-disc reissue that boasts unreleased demos, a 1995 concert recording and a “2019 remix” of the original album.

    Due out November 1st and available to pre-order now, the Monster reissue boasts 15 unheard demo recordings as well as producer Scott Litt’s new remix of the album, which scales back the guitar sound to focus on Michael Stipe’s vocals; hear the “2019 remix” version of “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” below:

    “The original 1994 version was dense in guitars and feedback with the vocals mixed within the sonic wall, but on this alternative version the guitars are pulled back and the vocals pushed forward to create a more open sound and showcase often-revealing lyrics,” a statement read. Litt, who produced Monster, was never satisfied with the original mix. “I think as [Litt] listened to it over the years, he began to hear a different way to realize those songs,” Mike Mills said of the new remix.

    R.E.M.’s June 3rd, 1995 concert – a 25-song gig recorded in Chicago in the midst of the Monster Tour – will also be included in the set, while a Blu-ray will contain Monster’s music videos, the “Road Movie” concert film, a 5.1 mix of the LP and more.

    The Monster reissue also features new interviews with each member of R.E.M. and new “reimagined” artwork from the album’s original cover artist Chris Bilheimer. A double-vinyl version of the reissue – featuring both the original LP and Litt’s 2019 remix – will also arrive November 1st.

    Monster 25th Anniversary Reissue Track List

    Disc 1: Original Album
    1. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”
    2. “Crush With Eyeliner”
    3. “King of Comedy”
    4. “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream”
    5. “Star 69”
    6. “Strange Currencies”
    7. “Tongue”
    8. “Bang and Blame”
    9. “I Took Your Name”
    10. “Let Me In”
    11. “Circus Envy”
    12. “You”

    Disc 2: Unreleased Demos
    1. “Pete’s Hit”
    2. “Uptempo Mo Distortion”
    3. “Uptempo Ricky”
    4. “Harlan County with Whistling”
    5. “Lost Song”
    6. “AM Boo”
    7. “Mike’s Gtr”
    8. “Sputnik 1 Remix”
    9. “Black Sky 4-14”
    10. “Revolution 4-21”
    11. “Rocker with vocal”
    12. “Time Is On Mike’s Side”
    13. “1Experiment 4-28 no vocal”
    14. “Highland Fling 4-29”
    15. “Cranky 4-29”

    Disc 3: Scott Litt’s 2019 Remix
    1. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”
    2. “Crush With Eyeliner”
    3. “King Of Comedy”
    4. “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream”
    5. “Star 69”
    6. “Strange Currencies”
    7. “Tongue”
    8. “Bang And Blame”
    9. “I Took Your Name”
    10. “Let Me In”
    11. “Circus Envy”
    12. “You”

    Disc 4: Live in Chicago — June 3, 1995 (Part 1)
    1. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?”
    2. “Circus Envy”
    3. “Crush With Eyeliner”
    4. “Near Wild Heaven”
    5. “Welcome To The Occupation”
    6. “Undertow”
    7. “I Took Your Name”
    8. “Strange Currencies”
    9. “Me In Honey”
    10. “Revolution”
    11. “Tongue”
    12. “Man On The Moon”
    13. “Country Feedback”
    14. “Monty Got A Raw Deal”

    Disc 5: Live in Chicago — June 3, 1995 (Part 2)
    1. “Losing My Religion”
    2. “You”
    3. “Departure”
    4. “Orange Crush”
    5. “Get Up”
    6. “Star 69”
    7. “Let Me In”
    8. “Everybody Hurts”
    9. “So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”
    10. “Pop Song 89”
    11. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

    Disc 6: Blu-ray
    1. ‘Monster’ (5.1 Surround Sound)
    2. ‘Monster’ (Hi-Resolution Audio)
    3. “Road Movie” (Concert film)
    4. “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” (Music video)
    5. “Crush With Eyeliner” (Music video)
    6. “Star 69” (Music video)
    7. “Strange Currencies” (Music video)
    8. “Tongue” (Music video)
    9. “Bang and Blame” (Music video)
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    Bill Rieflin, Ex-R.E.M. and Ministry Drummer, Dies at 59

    Bill Rieflin, the drummer for bands like R.E.M. and Ministry, has died at the age of 59 after an eight-year battle with cancer, SPIN has confirmed.

    Rieflin is known for being one of the defining drummers in industrial music. He was well-respected and the ultimate hired gun. In addition to Ministry, he played on tracks and albums from Nine Inch Nails, Revolting Cocks, KMFDM and Swans among many.

    In 2003, Rieflin joined R.E.M. as a touring member. Recently, Rieflin was one of three drummers performing with King Crimson, having joined the prog-rock legends in 2013. He took a hiatus from the band in 2019.
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