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  • Janet said many times that she always has a recorder with her in case some melody comes up in her mind and that she often dream her music, wake up to record that melody, and then back to sleep. No wonder many of her songs sound so dreamy. Yukimi, from the Swedish band Little Dragon, described it the best: "When you put some of Janet's really slow stuff on you feel like you're floating. That feeling really influenced me and maybe that's why there are quite a lot of slow jams on the record."

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    • Originally posted by BlueScorpion View Post
      Re: Janet Jackson

      Today in 1996, Janet Jackson became the highest paid artist in history when she signed an $80 million deal with Virgin Records.
      $40 ($75) million for one album in 1991 (widely considered to be the shrewdest deal ever negotiated)
      $80 ($130) million for four albums in 1996

      In just five years, Janet signed two record deals worth $205 million adjusted to 2020 dollars to release five albums, which includes a 24 percent royalty on the retail price of each copy sold, and seven years after the contract ends, the masters belong to Janet.

      The contract ended in 2006. She sold around 33 million albums for Virgin and got additional $120 to $150 million from those sales, without adjustment to 2020 dollars.

      This won't be repeated. 100% queen.

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