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  • I watched his interview on Lorraine and frankly, he made it sound like Benny asked him to breakfast for reasons other than to do an interview.

    It wasn’t an interview and my guess is Benny thought (rightly) he was speaking off the record. Even if he is writing new songs, they aren’t ABBA songs until the girls record them.


    • On Wednesday, (13th March), Bjorn was interviewed at the South by Southwest, (SXSW),
      Conference in Texas. He discusses the 2 New Songs in the first half of the Interview. He
      is only asked about those 2, which is probably why he gives no indication of any more than
      that. He also discusses The ABBAtars. It looks like The ABBAtars will be entirely CGI in any
      Videos that ABBA use to promote the New Songs. However, they will not be entirely CGI
      on Stage. There will be 4 'Real Humans' on Stage - 'Body Doubles' of ABBA. Over their
      faces/heads will be CGI, to make them look exactly like ABBA in 1979. So, The ABBAtars
      on Stage will only be CGI/Holograms from the neck upwards. A Live Band will be with them
      on Stage...



      • Sound a bit crap don’t they?


        • If I've understood things correctly, it looks as though The ABBAtars, on Stage, will only
          be partly CGI - their heads. However, any Promo Videos, for the New ABBA Songs, will be
          100% CGI - there will be no 'Real' ABBA in them - or any other Human Beings.

          A few Days ago, Bjorn gave an Interview to a Danish News Paper. He said that the delays,
          over releasing the New ABBA Songs, had gone on for 'too long'. That a Video, for one of them
          is currently being made, but the CGI is taking ages to get right.

          He added that we should get at least 1 of the New ABBA Songs, 'in September or October'.

          We will see...



          • Well let’s hope there’s a secret album to go with it


            • Bjorn has given a big Interview to Dan Wootton, in today's 'The Sun'. (Saturday 6th April).

              In it he confirms that there will not be an ABBA Biopic Film. Not while he's alive, anyhow.

              He also seems to confirm that we are to get an entire New ABBA Album - not just a few New Songs...

              I'm still unclear, if The ABBAtars are to only be CGI, (ABBA as in 1979), from the neck up, and 'Body Doubles'
              from the neck down, or if they are to be entirely CGI...


              I always find 'The Sun' Site to be rather slow...


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              • ^call me crazy but I feel they're still working it out (the CGI thing I mean)

                as for the full new album I couldn't be happier


                • Sounds like the ABBAtars will be full holograms, as he said they were creating everything including a body. How they’ll then interact with the audience I’ve no idea, but it sounds interesting.

                  Something like this I do think will be the future of concert going - I really do think holograms are going to end up re-staging iconic tours from people no longer able.


                  • It looks like the 'Deluxe' Voulez-vous' Album will have 7 Twelve Inch Singles released with it.
                    The Singles will come in a Box - or you can buy them individually.

                    They are:

                    1)... Summer Night City / Medley

                    2)... Chiquitita / Lovelight

                    3)... Does Your Mother Know / Kisses Of Fire

                    4)... Voulez-Vous / Angel Eyes

                    5)... Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) / The King Has Lost His Crown

                    6)... I Have A Dream / Take A Chance On Me (Live)

                    7)... Voulez-Vous (Extended Dance Remix) / If It Wasn't For The Nights



                    • Today The OCC published 2 Articles about ABBA's Best Selling UK Singles and Albums.

                      Here is their Article about ABBA's Best Selling UK Singles:


                      (Only 'ABBA Gold' is mentioned, regarding ABBA Compilation Albums. However, we must
                      not forget that 'Greatest Hits', (1976), has outsold all of ABBA's UK Studio Albums, with
                      over 2,600,000 Sales. Beaten only by 'ABBA Gold').

                      The OCC give 5,580,000 Sales to 'ABBA Gold' - the most that they have ever given it.

                      Here is The OCC Article about ABBA's UK Albums:


                      If anyone wants to listen to today's UK - BBC Radio 2 - ABBA Special, it is here:


                      I'm not sure if 'Over-Seas' people can listen to it, but UK listeners can. You have to just Register a BBC Account.
                      It is fast and easy to do.

                      'Dancing Queen' is on 1,550,000 UK Sales. Two other ABBA Hits are not far off a UK Million. 'Super Trouper'
                      has 978,000 and 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' has 973,000.



                      • I've just noticed that The OCC's ABBA Album's Article calls Benny - 'Jenny'!!!

                        'Agnetha, Björn, Jenny, and Frida'.



                        • You can see the various 'Voulez Vous' Singles releases here:

                          You can buy them all - with the Half-Speed Album - for 220 Euro's...


                          I've long since stopped buying such ABBA releases. I'm interested in New ABBA Music and nothing else...



                          • Thank you Zeus555 that Frida pic on the link is hilarious, love it


                            • IN TODAY's 'THE SUN' NEWSPAPER...

                              Buried, (small article), halfway down Page 11 was this:

                              Here we go again

                              A THIRD Mamma Mia! Film could be on the way, says ABBA legend Bjorn Ulvaeus.
                              He also revealed the band have finished new songs but he won't say when they
                              will be out.
                              Bjorn told Magic Radio's Richard Allinson: "If someone comes up with an idea for
                              Mamma Mia! 3 you know I'll have a look at it".
                              He added: "There will be a couple of new songs released eventually".

                              Interview is on Magic Radio on Sunday 9th June after 7pm - 105.4 FM.


                              AN ABBA ALBUM - I think that most ABBA Fans would far rather have a New Album from
                              ABBA than a 3rd 'Mamma Mia! Film! Bjorn seems to be far more proud of the Films than
                              he is in what ABBA could achieve or create...(I mean most of the people in the Films can't
                              even Sing. Yet, Benny & Bjorn seem proud to let them loose on ABBA Songs. It is as if they
                              are making fun of the very Music that they created for ABBA. It seems so wrong)...

                              So, we are now back to us 'only' getting 2 New Songs. ABBA could have recorded an entire
                              Album for us, in the 14 Months since they announced the 2 New Songs. (April 2018).



                              • Well - Here we go again. Exciting claims about an ABBA Album and we don't know whether to get excited,
                                or to dismiss it as 'Nonsense'. I really hate not knowing what is the truth...



                                According to the UK News Paper 'The Express' - ABBA have already recorded 5 Tracks for a New Album!

                                At present - No other Media outlet has this 'Story'. The 'Paper is calling it an 'Exclusive'...

                                We are told that Benny & Bjorn have already written 8 Songs for that alleged Album.

                                The News Paper says that 'A Source' tells them that the recorded Songs sound fantastic - just
                                like the 'old' ABBA days...

                                Can this really be true? Is this the real reason for the delays in releasing the '2 New Songs'?

                                We are 'fed' so many different versions and claims about ABBA's 'Plans', that we end up praying
                                that we are being told the truth and that we are not being mislead, or even lied to by the Media.
                                The Press etc. do like to exaggerate a lot.

                                Apparently, the Video for one of the Songs has cost a great deal of money, due to the CGI in it. Of
                                course ABBA, will also want Videos making for some of the other Songs too - to Promote them around
                                the World.

                                We are told, (in the Article), that Benny and Bjorn are being very careful with the New Songs, as they
                                don't want to 'tarnish' ABBA's Legacy. They should just have confidence in what they can do with ABBA.
                                After all, if ABBA's Legacy can survive 2 quite awful 'Mamma Mia!' Films, I doubt if New ABBA Songs
                                can do any harm at all!



                                • Benny has given an Interview, to Alex Hartelius, from the Swedish News Paper 'Aftonbladet'.

                                  In it he totally denies 'The Express' claims. He says that we will get 2 New ABBA Songs only.

                                  However, part of the reasons for the 'New Album' rumours, are Benny & Bjorn themselves. I've
                                  seen them say that we will get 3 New ABBA Songs. I've also seen Bjorn say that it could be
                                  4 - or more. With the delays also, it is no wonder that rumours appear about ABBA 'secretly'
                                  recording an entire New Album.

                                  Here is a Translation of Benny's 'Aftonbladet' Interview. I've used Google Translate on it, which
                                  is why it reads rather oddly, in English, but you can see that he is saying that 'The Express'
                                  claims are nonsense...

                                  BENNY'S 'AFTONBLADET' INTERVIEW:

                                  Benny Andersson denies the new ABBA rumors

                                  "It's completely wrong"

                                  It has previously been reported that ABBA will release two new songs.

                                  But according to the site Express, it should in fact be about an entire album.

                                  Something that Benny Andersson denies.

                                  - It is completely wrong, you can write it, he says to Nöjesbladet.

                                  Last year, the news came that the ABBA members were reunited to record two new songs,
                                  "Don't shut me down" and "I still have faith in you".

                                  The plan was to release them from the beginning in 2018, but since then the launch has been postponed twice.

                                  - The songs will definitely not be released before the summer, possibly after, said ABBA's manager
                                  Görel Hanser to the Daily Star in January.

                                  Source: Brand new album

                                  But according to the site Express, it should not just be two new songs, but a completely new album.

                                  - Benny has written eight new songs, so far. Five of them are pre-recorded, say a source to the site and continue:

                                  - The two B's (Benny and Björn red's note) have been careful with their official statements so
                                  far. But this and more is what happens behind the scene. Benny is a bit paranoid and does not
                                  want to destroy the group's musical heritage. But he has nothing to be afraid of, it's absolutely
                                  amazing songs.

                                  Benny Andersson denies

                                  But that there would be a brand new album with ABBA songs is something that is denied by
                                  Benny Andersson.

                                  - It is completely wrong, you can write it, he says to Nöjesbladet.

                                  So that's not true?

                                  - No, it does not. Hello Hello.




                                  • Yes, the New ABBA Songs, (however many there are), are now delayed until November. We have to be
                                    patient, as we have no power or control over these matters. Getting angry or upset helps no-one. We
                                    have to be positive...

                                    However, it really is Benny & Bjorn's fault, that there is so much confusion, as to how many New Songs
                                    we are getting. In Interviews, I've seen them saying that we are to definitely get a 3rd New ABBA Song.
                                    In another Interview, Bjorn said that it could be '4 or more'. It is no wonder that we've ended up with
                                    speculation that we are to get an entire Album, and that just 2 New Songs somehow seems not enough,
                                    after all the 'teasing' and the forever changing release Months...

                                    Here is a 'Metro' Article confirming the 'new' delay:


                                    In the meantime 'Radio Times' has done a 'Feature' where they look for 'evidence' and 'clues' that there
                                    may be a 3rd 'Mamma Mia!' Film. For some reason 'Mamma Mia!' now seems to over-shadow everything
                                    to do with ABBA. It is as if ABBA Songs were only 'lent' to ABBA, and they really 'belong' to the 'Mamma Mia!'
                                    Films - and the several Actors who cannot even sing! (I'm not saying that none of the Actors, in the Films can
                                    Sing, but a good many of them can't). The 1st Film made over $600 Million and Film 2 made just under $400
                                    Million. We will see how much Film 3 makes. If it is ever made...

                                    (Bjorn says that there will not be a 3rd Film).




                                    • I'm so confused at this's like I've been hearing about new music for more than a year now. They should just get over it and release what they have or forget about it altogether.
                                      "Lift up your head
                                      Lift up your heart..."



                                      • Hejira -- You have been hearing about New ABBA Music 'for more than a year now'. ABBA told us about
                                        the 2 New Songs in April 2018. That's 14 Months ago. They recorded the 2 New Songs 2 Years ago - in
                                        June 2017. We have yet to hear the New Songs, but they must seem rather stale to ABBA, as they've
                                        heard the recordings for 2 Years.

                                        There is nothing to get 'confused' about. Bjorn says that we now can't have the New Songs until November.
                                        by which time it will be almost 2.5 Years since ABBA recorded them. Which is a quarter of a Decade! The only
                                        matter that is 'confusing' is how many New Songs we will finally get. Even Benny & Bjorn seem to have no
                                        idea. We never get to hear what Agnetha and Frida think about it all...



                                        • Although 'Voulez-Vous' is not in the new UK Top 100, it is in the Sales only Chart - No.54,
                                          and in the Physical Chart - No.52.

                                          It is not in the Vinyl Album Chart, but 'Gold' is a Re-Entry at No.18.

                                          The 'Voulez-Vous' Singles - 6 of them! - are in the UK Vinyl Singles Chart.



                                          'Voulez-Vous' is at No.1.

                                          'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)' is at No.4.

                                          'I Have a Dream' is at No.5.

                                          'Summer Night City' is at No.6.

                                          'Chiquitita' is at No.7.

                                          'Does Your Mother Know' is at No.8.

                                          The Official Charts Company have used the Sleeve of the UK 'Angel Eyes'/Voulez Vous', for the
                                          No.1 Single, in the Vinyl Chart. There is no sign of the Extended 'Voulez Vous', with 'If It Wasn't
                                          For The Nights' on the 'B' Side. I'd have thought that it would have outsold the other 6 Singles.

                                          I'm wondering if it has confused The OCC and they have just combined the Sales of the 2 'Voulez Vous' Singles?



                                          • In Germany, the 7 Inch Singles 'Voulez-Vous' Box Set is a New Entry at No.63. In at No.65 is
                                            the 'Voulez-Vous' Album.

                                            'ABBA Gold' is down to No.95.



                                            • The Soundtrack to the 2nd 'Mamma Mia!' Film has sold 463,000 UK copies - so far. Of which
                                              around 88,500 have been in 2019. It has sold around 1,400,000 to 1,500,000 Worldwide.

                                              These Sales are no-where near what the Soundtrack to 'Mamma Mia! 1 sold. That is on over
                                              1,500,000 UK Sales and well over 5,000,000 Worldwide Sales.

                                              However, the DVD of 'Mamma Mia!' 1 has sold over 5 Million in the UK alone, and about 12 Million
                                              to 15 Million Globally. The DVD to Film 2 is on just over a Million UK Sales and about 3 to 4 Million Globally...

                                              'ABBA Gold' has now 'Officially' sold over 5,600,000 UK copies, and over 30 Million Worldwide. Its 2019
                                              UK Sales - so far - are just over 70,000...

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                                              • Until today I was unaware that Tim Rice had asked Benny and Bjorn to help him write
                                                the Songs for the 1994 Disney Cartoon Film of 'The Lion King'. However, they were
                                                working on the 'Kristina' Musical, and had to turn him down.

                                                So he worked with Elton John instead and the Film and the Songs were Globally huge.

                                                I think that 'Kristina' is far stronger than 'Chess', but its story is too narrow to ever have
                                                caught the imagination of the World outside Scandinavia, (and Finland). Which is why it
                                                never ended up on the West End in London, or on Broadway in New York. (By 'too narrow',
                                                I mean that it is really a long 'Epic', about 19th Century Scandinavian Settlers in the USA.
                                                It is focused on those Settlers, without really having a great deal in the story to attract
                                                people from the rest of the World. 'The Lion King' has something in it for everyone).

                                                Most people have never heard of 'Kristina' at all, and certainly not the Songs from it.

                                                So, Benny & Bjorn gave up the chance to write Songs for a Global smash - 'The Lion King'
                                                - to work on a Musical that is no-where near as big or well known. I regard that as a pretty
                                                big mistake...

                                                In the meantime, the 2019 Film of 'The Lion King' is huge all over the World and getting its
                                                Songs known all over again...





                                                • In the New UK Album Chart -- W/E 8th August 2019 -- 'ABBA Gold' becomes the first Album to
                                                  reach 900 Weeks in the Top 100.

                                                  ALBUMS WITH THE MOST WEEKS IN THE UK TOP 100

                                                  01)... ABBA Gold -- ABBA -- (1992) -- (No.1 Album - 8 Weeks) -- 900 Weeks

                                                  02)... Legend -- Bob Marley & The Wailers -- (1984) -- (No.1 Album - 12 Weeks) -- 888 Weeks

                                                  03)... Greatest Hits (One) -- Queen -- (1981) -- (No.1 Album - 4 Weeks) -- 867 Weeks

                                                  04)... Rumours -- Fleetwood Mac -- (1977) -- (No.1 Album - 1 Week) -- 795 Weeks

                                                  05)... The Dark Side of The Moon -- Pink Floyd -- (1973) -- (No.2 Album) -- 534 Weeks

                                                  06)... Bat Out Of Hell -- Meat Loaf -- (1977) -- (No.9 Album) -- 522 Weeks

                                                  07)... Number Ones -- Michael Jackson -- (2003) -- (No.1 Album - 2 Weeks) -- 406 Weeks

                                                  08)... (What's The Story) Morning Glory? -- Oasis -- (1995) -- (No.1 Album - 10 Weeks) -- 395 Weeks

                                                  09)... + -- Ed Sheeran -- (2011) -- (No.1 Album - 3 Weeks) -- 380 Weeks

                                                  10)... The Sound Of Music (OST) -- Various Artists -- (1965) -- (No.1 Album - 70 Weeks) -- 374 Weeks

                                                  11)... Curtain Call - The Hits -- Eminem -- (2005) -- (No.1 Album - 5 Weeks) -- 368 Weeks

                                                  12)... The Very Best Of -- Fleetwood Mac -- (2002) -- (No.6 Album) -- 360 Weeks

                                                  13)... Back To Black -- Amy Winehouse -- (2006) -- (No.1 Album - 6 Weeks) -- 343 Weeks -- @@@

                                                  14)... The Immaculate Collection -- Madonna -- (1990) -- (No.1 Album - 9 Weeks) -- 341 Weeks

                                                  15)... Greatest Hits -- Simon & Garfunkel -- (1972) -- (No.2 Album) -- 332 Weeks

                                                  16)... Nevermind -- Nirvana -- (1991) -- (No.5 Album) -- 331 Weeks

                                                  17)... Bridge Over Troubled Water -- Simon & Garfunkel -- (1970) -- (No.1 Album - 33 Weeks) -- 329 Weeks

                                                  @@@ = Excluding the 1 No.1 Week and 55 Top 100 Weeks of the 2007 'Deluxe' Edition.

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                                                  • More 'delays' for ABBA's New Songs, I'm afraid:

                                                    Benny's Aftonbladet Interview - Friday 2nd August

                                                    I've used Google Translate, to show what Benny said about the New Songs and The ABBAtars,
                                                    in last Friday's Aftonbladet Interview, with Jens Peterson. (Friday 2nd August).

                                                    Note -- When Benny says, 'If it gets lost', (referring to The ABBAtars Project), he obviously means 'If it goes ahead'.
                                                    When he says 'I can't tell you that much', he means 'too much'.

                                                    The Relevant Parts of The Interview:

                                                    Now an upcoming tour is being prepared. There are digital copies that will look like Agneta, Frida,
                                                    Björn and Benny did in 1979.

                                                    The Avatar project takes almost all the time. If it gets lost, it will premiere in 2021, says Benny Andersson.

                                                    What jobs are waiting after the summer holidays?

                                                    "The Avatar Project. It takes almost all the time now. There are so many people involved and a lot
                                                    to come together".

                                                    The news of an ABBA tour, where digital versions of you four are touring with live musicians on stage,
                                                    came in October 2016. Then the premiere was scheduled for this year.

                                                    What is the plan now?

                                                    "If it gets lost, it will sometime be 2021. The conditions have changed. I can't tell you that much".

                                                    You have recorded two new ABBA songs. Do you wait to release them until then?

                                                    "Well. In some way, we should make it come together. We may release the songs when we know
                                                    the premiere date for the avatar tour and can sell tickets. We haven't decided. The new songs are
                                                    pretty good".

                                                    You have to be passionate about publishing "Don't Shut Me Down" and "I Still Have Faith In You".
                                                    Are the songs completely finished?

                                                    "No, they're not mixed. We have made some rough mixes but it is not so crazy to have it almost ready.
                                                    Then you hear details that can be improved in the final mix. But everything is recorded, that's it".

                                                    What's next for the avatars?

                                                    "We have to make a setlist, which songs will be included in the concerts. So they can be recorded with
                                                    our double occupants. How long should the songs be? Are they the same versions, or any acoustic? It's
                                                    a pretty fun job. I've been doing recycling for a long time now".