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  • Originally posted by zeus555 View Post
    With all the 'Doom & Gloom', that we now have, I thought that it would be cheerful, to re-show the
    'Waterloo' Clip, from the 1994 Australian Film, 'Muriel's Wedding'. It is a far, far better ABBA Tribute
    Film, than either 'Mamma Mia!' Film.The 2 Girls Win the Talent Contest, with this Performance.The
    Film also has more ABBA Songs in it, and many ABBA References. It is the best ABBA-related Film,
    that I've ever seen:

    'Waterloo' -- 'Muriel's Wedding' -- (1994)

    I agree, it's definitely the best ABBA-related film, I re-watched it last night and it's hilarious!
    My YouTube Channel - The best songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s


    • Residents in Madrid sing ABBA's Chiquitita on their balcons:

      My YouTube Channel - The best songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s


      • ​Happy birthday to Agnetha, she turns 70 today!

        My YouTube Channel - The best songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s


        • At last, there is some fresh ABBA News...

          Mark Levengood, (who knows ABBA), has heard some of their New Songs. Today, he was Interviewed
          by the Swedish Newspaper - 'Aftonbladet' - and he said this, about the New ABBA Songs:

          "They are fantastic, so much. I can say without saying too much,"

          I hadn't a clue who Mark Levengood is. I now see that he was born in the USA. He regards himself as being Finnish. He lives in Sweden and he is a TV Host there, as well as a Writer and a Journalist.

          So, it is certain, that there are at least 3 New ABBA Songs - not just the 2, that ABBA Recorded, in June 2017, and told us about in April 2018. Mr. Levengood phrases it, as if there are more than 3 New ABBA Songs, and he has heard 3 of them. I think that, because ABBA, have had ages, to work on them, that they have used the time, to get them as perfect as possible.

          It is just a matter of when 'The Fans' can hear, even just one of them, and when, (and how), they will be released. Some Fans, want them released, whilst 'The Virus' Crisis is sweeping the World. I'm not so sure. The Media and Humanity, is so focused, on 'The Virus', that ABBA's New Songs, could struggle to get any attention, at this awful time. Perhaps, we could have the New Songs, when it is over - as something to look forward to? Be they 3 to 5 New Songs, or an entire Album. As always, we ABBA Fans, will have differing views on this matter...

          If ABBA do release an entire New Studio Album, I think that it will be a bigger Global Hit, than their last
          one. 'The Visitors', was the World's 15th Best Selling Album, for 1981. Their biggest World Studio Album
          was 'Arrival' - 4th for 1976. 'ABBA Gold' was the World's 3rd Best Seller, for 1992...

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          • 'HuffPost', the American News & Opinion Website, has just done an On-Line Article - asking where the New ABBA Songs
            are and whether we will ever get them:





            • I don't listen to ABBA on a regular basis but once I hear one of their songs, I neeeeed to listen to a playlist with all of their songs for a few days non stop... Curious to listen what they're working on !
              If you have 5 minutes, please check out my song "Alibi" on YouTube.


              • I don't think that ABBA will now 'tie-in' The ABBAtars 'Shows' with the release of the New ABBA Music.

                I think that we will only see The ABBAtars in Promo Videos for the New Songs.

                Bjorn does not think that Theatre Venues will open again for: 'A long, long time'. He has just told
                that to the BBC, in a Video Interview.

                I guess that means Concert Venues & Cinema Venues too.

                I'm sure that all 4 of ABBA have discussed it, and have decided that The ABBAtars 'Show' cannot
                now go ahead. Not for the for-seeable future, anyhow. (Unless they feel that the New Music would
                not get much attention, at this time - due to the 'World Virus Crisis').

                Now, there is really nothing to hold back the release of New ABBA Music. ABBA will probably get
                at least 1 Promo Video done first - with The ABBAtars. They may have already created such a
                Video - maybe more.

                The Bjorn BBC Video Link is here:




                • EUROVISION - On Saturday Night, (16th May), both BBC 1 TV and BBC 2 TV are
                  hosting several Eurovision Themed Programs. One of the BBC 1 Shows, is a Poll,
                  to get the UK Viewers Voting for their 'All Time' Favourite Eurovision Song. A Panel
                  of 'Experts' will choose the List of which Songs the Public can Vote for. I'm pretty
                  sure that the 'Experts' will put ABBA on the List, and the Public will give them a
                  big Vote. However, since 2012, I've noticed a huge amount of support for that
                  Year's Winner - 'Euphoria', by Loreen. She Won for Sweden. So, that may well
                  get a lot of Votes too - if the 'Experts' put it on the List...

                  Saturday 16th May

                  BBC 1

                  6.25 pm - Eurovision Come Together - Vote For Your All Time Favourite Eurovision Song

                  8.00 pm - 2020 Eurovision Song Contest - All 41 2020 Entries will be shown

                  BBC 2

                  10.00 pm - The A-Z Of Eurovision

                  11.00 pm - TOP2 (Top Of The Pops 2) - A Special Eurovision Songs Edition


                  2 ABBA Fans have contacted me today, to suggest that we many now get
                  any New ABBA Songs at all.

                  This is because ABBA only recorded the New Songs to add to The ABBAtars Show
                  - to give those 'Digital Copies' something New to Sing.

                  If The ABBAtars are now postponed indefinitely - or cancelled forever - ABBA may
                  decide not to release the New Songs at all. Which would be a huge shock to their
                  Fans, after over 2 Years of waiting for them...

                  In the meantime, Universal are releasing ABBA's 8 Studio Albums, in 8 different Vinyl
                  colours, on Friday 3rd July.




                  • I'll believe it when I see it (or listen to them more like it)


                    • I see that Amazon UK are now Selling the ABBA Coloured Vinyl Box Set - for £145.99.

                      It is currently at No.7 in their CD's & Vinyl Top 100.

                      Imagine how well, ABBA would do, if they actually released some New Music?!...



                      • Only 1 ABBA in the world!!! Best pop music band of history.


                        • From facts page: "By the end of 1975, ABBA had released its Greatest Hits.The band released this greatest hits compilation after only three albums."
                          Only three? What a speed!

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                          • I've added a Eurovision Facts & Feats Post, to the ABBA Chat Site. It includes the 19 ESC Songs, that 'The Public' can
                            Vote for, in tonight's 'Eurovision : Come Together' TV 'Show.'. (BBC 1 6.25 pm to 8 pm).



                            Today, (Saturday 16th May), there are some 'ABBA Rumours' going around The Internet.

                            An ABBA Fan, (Dutch, I presume), has Posted the 'ABBA Rumours', on the ABBA Chat Site. His Post is below.

                            The rumours are regarding the 'Europe Shine A Light' Eurovision TV 'Show, which will be Broadcast between 8 pm and 10 pm,
                            tonight. In the UK, it is on BBC 1.

                            It could be that ABBA plan to 'Launch' at least 1 New Song on it. Or, it just might be much less exciting, than that. and we will just
                            see various Acts Singing a few of ABBA's Old Hits. Or just 1 Old ABBA Hit.

                            Below is what the Dutch ABBA Fan Posted. I've removed the Links from it, as they just took you to Dutch Sites, where everything
                            was in that Language...


                            It is reported in several Dutch media. In the second link the reporter says at the end that he has heard through
                            the grapevine that It is almost certain that ABBA is going to do something and that they are trying to find out
                            exactly what.

                            Today there are strong rumors that ABBA will also be featured in the show. The group, a comeback of which was
                            announced less than two years ago, won the Song Festival in Brighton in 1974. The comeback would be accompanied
                            by the release of two new singles: "I Still Have Faith In You" and "Don`t Shut Me Down". Is it possible that ABBA will
                            use the stage of the big Eurovision show (May 16) too play these songs? The winning 'Waterloo' from 1974 still counts
                            as the most popular song of the Eurovision Song Contest and also leads the Eurovision Top 100 All Time edition of 2020.

                            Yesterday it was announced in RTL Boulevard that there might also be a role for the Swedish pop group ABBA tonight.

                            ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with the song Waterloo and is one of the most successful pop groups
                            in the world with over 200 million albums sold.

                            In Good Morning Netherlands at NPO 1, main producer Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Sietse Bakker was asked if
                            the rumors are correct Bakker remained secretive and said: "I know the answer to that, but I'm not going to give it."

                            Later in the broadcast Bakker gave away a bit more information: “The Eurovision Song Contest would not be the
                            Eurovision Song Contest without a touch of ABBA, so we made sure of that. In what shape? You really have to
                            watch tonight for that.”




                            • The World's Top 3 Best Selling Eurovision Winning Songs are:

                              1)... Save Your Kisses For Me -- Brotherhood Of Man -- (UK -- 1976) -- Around 6 Million

                              2)... Waterloo -- ABBA -- (Sweden -- 1974) -- 5.5 Million

                              3)... Puppet On A String -- Sandie Shaw -- (UK -- 1967) -- Over 4 Million


                              The 1958 Italian Entry - 'Del Blu Dipinto Di Blu', ('In The Blue That Is Painted Blue'), by
                              Domenico Modugno, only came 3rd in the Contest, but it was huge around the World,
                              and the USA's Best Selling Single of 1958. It was No.1, for 5 Weeks there. It is said to be
                              The Contest's Best Selling Entry Song, with at least 10 Million Global Sales. Covers of it,
                              (mainly as 'Volare', ('To Fly), are said to be 12 Million. Bringing the 1958 Tune to over 22
                              Million World Sales...


                              The Vote's 19 Eurovision Songs were chosen by a 'Panel Of Experts'. They did not have to just choose
                              Winning Songs. They chose several Entries that came 2nd - Ukraine, (2007), Australia, (2016), Cyprus,
                              (2018) and Italy, (2019). They also chose the 3rd placed Italian Entry, from 1958, and the 4th placed
                              Belgian Entry, from 2016. They chose 3 UK Winning Songs, but also Gina G's 1996 UK Entry, which was
                              8th. So, 7 of 'The Panel's' 19 Choices did not actually Win The Eurovision Song Contest.

                              As as you can see, all 4 of the chosen UK Entries, were Voted into 'The Public' Top 10.
                              7 of the 19 'Chosen' Songs did not Win the Contest.

                              The only Non-Winners, to get Voted into the Final Ten Songs, are the 2007 Ukrainian Entry
                              - No.7 and the UK's 1996 Entry, by Gina G - No.10.


                              01)... Waterloo - ABBA - (Sweden) - 1974

                              02)... Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst - (Austria) - 2014

                              03)... Euphoria - Loreen - (Sweden) – 2012

                              04)... Love Shine A Light - Katrina & The Waves - (UK) - 1997

                              05)... Heroes - Måns Zelmerlöw - (Sweden) - 2015

                              06)... Fairytale - Alexander Rybak - (Norway) - 2009

                              07)... Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka - (Ukraine) - 2007

                              08)... Making Your Mind Up - Bucks Fizz - (UK) - 1981

                              09)... Save Your Kisses for Me - Brotherhood of Man - (UK) - 1976

                              10)... Ooh…Aah…Just A Little Bit - Gina G - (UK) - 1996



                              • As has been Posted elsewhere, Bjorn is now the President of CISAC.

                                Its name is actually in French, so they stand for: Confédération Internationale
                                des Sociétés d'Auteurs et Compositeurs. If it were named in English it would be:
                                International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers or ICSAC.

                                Bjorn has given several Interviews about his new Role. However, most do not
                                contain ABBA information. His Interview with 'Billboard' Magazine does. Here
                                is the part, that you mayfind the most interesting:

                                In 2016, ABBA announced a reunion of sorts, in the form of a virtual tour with “ABBAtars,”
                                as well as a television special and new songs. The special isn’t happening and the tour has
                                been postponed, but the group recorded four songs that “are very much ABBA,” Ulvaeus says,
                                and they all got along well.

                                A Link To The Entire Interview:



                                So that Paragraph was by the Interviewer - Robert Levine. The Question is - did he get the
                                information off Bjorn, or was he just mentioning 'ABBA News', that he's heard from other
                                sources. It's just that, I've heard that there could be 2 New Songs. Or 3. Or 5. Or an Album.
                                It is the 1st time that 4 Songs has been mentioned. So - has Bjorn told him this?



                                • Judy Craymer has told the 'Daily Mail', that the 'Mamma Mia!' Films are meant to be a Trilogy.

                                  She hopes to use ABBA's '4 New Songs' in the 3rd Film. (If one is ever made!).



                                  One Day someone will make a fantastic Disney Cartoon Film, with the vocals
                                  and recordings of the 'Real' ABBA. Until then, Benny & Bjorn seem to think
                                  that the silly 'Mamma Mia!' Films are the best 'vehicle' for ABBA Songs - even
                                  though the Plots are weak and most of the Actors and Actresses cannot Sing...

                                  To my mind, Judy has an imagination that goes no higher than 5 or 6. She is
                                  given a reputation, befitting of a person, with a 10 out of 10 imagination...




                                    • A large Article about ABBA & their 1977 Tour in today's 'The Sun'.

                                      Its Heading:

                                      SUPER TROUPERS Abba were paralysed by nerves and critics loathed their ‘garbage’ songs at start of pop career

                                      Gareth Pearce

                                      21 Jun 2020, 23:37Updated: 21 Jun 2020, 23:37

                                      The Link - Below:


                                      There is still huge interest in ABBA in the UK - and elsewhere...

                                      The Article about ABBA's 1977 Tour, reminds me that they were not together for very long,
                                      after their 1st truly huge, (Global), Studio Album - 'Arrival'. That was the World's 4th Best
                                      Selling Album of 1976. 'ABBA' had been the World's 11th Best Selling Album of 1975. So, ABBA
                                      were only truly massive, from 'Arrival' to 'The Visitors'. That's from 1976 to 1981. As 'The Visitors'
                                      showed a decline in their popularity, we could say that ABBA were a massive Global success from
                                      the span of these 5 Studio Albums - 'Arrival', (4th for 1976), to 'Super Trouper', (10th for 1980).
                                      'The Visitors' was the World's 15th Best Seller of 1981. If we look at all of ABBA's Albums, then
                                      they were also 6th for 1976, with 'Greatest Hits'. That had its Sales lowered, by the fact, that it
                                      was released as 'The Best Of ABBA' in some Countries. That was the World's 26th Best Seller of
                                      1976. The 'Waterloo' Album was 'only' 46th for 1974. 'Greatest Hits Vol.2' was 22nd for 1979.
                                      'The Singles - The First Ten Years' did not make the World's Top 50 Albums of 1982. ABBA were
                                      also 10th for 1978 - 'The Album' and 13th for 1979 - 'Voulez-Vous'. Their biggest Global Album
                                      success, was in 1992, when 'ABBA Gold' was the World's 3rd Best Selling Album...


                                    Previous 1 85 135 175 182 183 184 185


                                    • Note -- I dislike the 'Mamma Mia!' Films, but if a 3rd one is to be made, I'd prefer it to be good rubbish,
                                      rather than bad rubbish!

                                      Amanda Seyfried, is now trying to talk, as if she is an 'Expert', on every Track ,that ABBA ever Recorded.
                                      She has now told the 'Daily Mail', that there are almost no ABBA Songs left, for a 3rd 'Mamma Mia!' Film.
                                      The 3rd Film, (if made), would need to re-use 'Super Trouper' and 'Mamma Mia'. Of course a 3rd Film would
                                      need to re-use 'Mamma Mia', as it would be stupid if the Title Track was not in the Film! Amanda has really
                                      no clue, as to how many ABBA Songs were not used in Films 1 & 2. I bet that she only knows ABBA's Singles,
                                      and that her only ABBA CD is 'Gold' - if she's even bothered to buy that! I get tired of People, who don't know
                                      what's on ABBA's Studio Albums, making out that there are hardly any un-used ABBA Songs left! At one stage,
                                      Bjorn was claiming, that there were no ABBA Songs, good enough, for Film 2! Does he even listen to old ABBA
                                      Studio Albums? Film 2 was made, despite Bjorn's doubts - and it made £316+ Million...(It is the UK's 17th
                                      'All Time' Biggest Film. The 1st 'Mamma Mia!' is the UK's 13th 'All Time' Film)...

                                      Amanda wants a 3rd Film to be made, but she thinks ABBA don't have enough Songs left, to go in it. She seems
                                      to suddenly be, the World's No.1 Expert, on ABBA's Songs!!! (Notice that 'Mamma Mia' is spelt wrongly in both the
                                      Headline and the Text. As is 'Super Trouper'). She, (and Judy Craymer), are perfect examples, of what happens when
                                      People, with hardly any imagination, start to talk about ABBA, to the Media. They show themselves to be ignorant...

                                      Amanda's 'Daily Mail' Article -- Link:


                                      Amanda's, 'hardly any ABBA Songs left', garbage, was repeated in today's 'The Sun'. So that spread her nonsense,
                                      to an even bigger readership...

                                      Another 'Expert', commented on Amanda's 'Daily Mail' Article, with the statement, that a 3rd Film would have to
                                      use ABBA Songs, at the bottom of the barrel! Many of the Songs, that are left would have been Hit Singles, had
                                      they not been left on their Studio Albums. There is this view, that ABBA released everything worthy to be a Single,
                                      off their Albums. That only rubbish was left. It is just not true. Then there are 'Fun' Singles, that would have People
                                      singing away to a 3rd Film - such as 'Ring Ring'. Many People, on YouTube, love that Track.

                                      I've added Comments of my own, as I cannot just let these People get away with it. If you talk to them directly, you
                                      often find that most of them, only know ABBA Songs that were Singles and on 'ABBA Gold'. They are clueless,
                                      as to what the Tracks, on the Studio Albums sound like. But, they spout nonsense about ,'Almost Zero', ABBA Songs,
                                      being left, to put in a 3rd 'Mamma Mia!' Film...