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  • Judy Craymer has told the 'Daily Mail', that the 'Mamma Mia!' Films are meant to be a Trilogy.

    She hopes to use ABBA's '4 New Songs' in the 3rd Film. (If one is ever made!).


    One Day someone will make a fantastic Disney Cartoon Film, with the vocals
    and recordings of the 'Real' ABBA. Until then, Benny & Bjorn seem to think
    that the silly 'Mamma Mia!' Films are the best 'vehicle' for ABBA Songs - even
    though the Plots are weak and most of the Actors and Actresses cannot Sing...

    To my mind, Judy has an imagination that goes no higher than 5 or 6. She is
    given a reputation, befitting of a person, with a 10 out of 10 imagination...




      • A large Article about ABBA & their 1977 Tour in today's 'The Sun'.

        Its Heading:

        SUPER TROUPERS Abba were paralysed by nerves and critics loathed their ‘garbage’ songs at start of pop career

        Gareth Pearce

        21 Jun 2020, 23:37Updated: 21 Jun 2020, 23:37

        The Link - Below:


        There is still huge interest in ABBA in the UK - and elsewhere...

        The Article about ABBA's 1977 Tour, reminds me that they were not together for very long,
        after their 1st truly huge, (Global), Studio Album - 'Arrival'. That was the World's 4th Best
        Selling Album of 1976. 'ABBA' had been the World's 11th Best Selling Album of 1975. So, ABBA
        were only truly massive, from 'Arrival' to 'The Visitors'. That's from 1976 to 1981. As 'The Visitors'
        showed a decline in their popularity, we could say that ABBA were a massive Global success from
        the span of these 5 Studio Albums - 'Arrival', (4th for 1976), to 'Super Trouper', (10th for 1980).
        'The Visitors' was the World's 15th Best Seller of 1981. If we look at all of ABBA's Albums, then
        they were also 6th for 1976, with 'Greatest Hits'. That had its Sales lowered, by the fact, that it
        was released as 'The Best Of ABBA' in some Countries. That was the World's 26th Best Seller of
        1976. The 'Waterloo' Album was 'only' 46th for 1974. 'Greatest Hits Vol.2' was 22nd for 1979.
        'The Singles - The First Ten Years' did not make the World's Top 50 Albums of 1982. ABBA were
        also 10th for 1978 - 'The Album' and 13th for 1979 - 'Voulez-Vous'. Their biggest Global Album
        success, was in 1992, when 'ABBA Gold' was the World's 3rd Best Selling Album...


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      • Note -- I dislike the 'Mamma Mia!' Films, but if a 3rd one is to be made, I'd prefer it to be good rubbish,
        rather than bad rubbish!

        Amanda Seyfried, is now trying to talk, as if she is an 'Expert', on every Track ,that ABBA ever Recorded.
        She has now told the 'Daily Mail', that there are almost no ABBA Songs left, for a 3rd 'Mamma Mia!' Film.
        The 3rd Film, (if made), would need to re-use 'Super Trouper' and 'Mamma Mia'. Of course a 3rd Film would
        need to re-use 'Mamma Mia', as it would be stupid if the Title Track was not in the Film! Amanda has really
        no clue, as to how many ABBA Songs were not used in Films 1 & 2. I bet that she only knows ABBA's Singles,
        and that her only ABBA CD is 'Gold' - if she's even bothered to buy that! I get tired of People, who don't know
        what's on ABBA's Studio Albums, making out that there are hardly any un-used ABBA Songs left! At one stage,
        Bjorn was claiming, that there were no ABBA Songs, good enough, for Film 2! Does he even listen to old ABBA
        Studio Albums? Film 2 was made, despite Bjorn's doubts - and it made £316+ Million...(It is the UK's 17th
        'All Time' Biggest Film. The 1st 'Mamma Mia!' is the UK's 13th 'All Time' Film)...

        Amanda wants a 3rd Film to be made, but she thinks ABBA don't have enough Songs left, to go in it. She seems
        to suddenly be, the World's No.1 Expert, on ABBA's Songs!!! (Notice that 'Mamma Mia' is spelt wrongly in both the
        Headline and the Text. As is 'Super Trouper'). She, (and Judy Craymer), are perfect examples, of what happens when
        People, with hardly any imagination, start to talk about ABBA, to the Media. They show themselves to be ignorant...

        Amanda's 'Daily Mail' Article -- Link:


        Amanda's, 'hardly any ABBA Songs left', garbage, was repeated in today's 'The Sun'. So that spread her nonsense,
        to an even bigger readership...

        Another 'Expert', commented on Amanda's 'Daily Mail' Article, with the statement, that a 3rd Film would have to
        use ABBA Songs, at the bottom of the barrel! Many of the Songs, that are left would have been Hit Singles, had
        they not been left on their Studio Albums. There is this view, that ABBA released everything worthy to be a Single,
        off their Albums. That only rubbish was left. It is just not true. Then there are 'Fun' Singles, that would have People
        singing away to a 3rd Film - such as 'Ring Ring'. Many People, on YouTube, love that Track.

        I've added Comments of my own, as I cannot just let these People get away with it. If you talk to them directly, you
        often find that most of them, only know ABBA Songs that were Singles and on 'ABBA Gold'. They are clueless,
        as to what the Tracks, on the Studio Albums sound like. But, they spout nonsense about ,'Almost Zero', ABBA Songs,
        being left, to put in a 3rd 'Mamma Mia!' Film...



        • NEW ABBA SONGS (5!) DELAYED UNTIL 2021

          UK DJ Geoff Lloyd revealed this on Saturday - 19th July. He's just Interviewed Bjorn:

          Bjorn has told UK DJ Geoff Lloyd, that there are 5 New ABBA Songs, but we may have to wait until 2021
          to hear any of them. So, the idea, of us getting any of them, in September is now gone. (It seems).

          The Members of ABBA won't be around forever. If the very worst happens, then that may delay the New
          Songs forever. Time is not on Agnetha's, Frida's, Benny's, or Bjorn's side. I'm not being horrible. I'm just
          being realistic. I've seen other ABBA Fans saying the same thing...

          It has already been picked up by Noise11. (No doubt other Media 'Outlets' will Report it too).



          • I sent the latest ABBA 'News' to my 4 'Contacts' at The Official UK Charts Company.

            To my surprise, they've turned it into an Article! I only sent the 'News' in just over
            an Hour ago! This is about the 3rd Article, that they've done about the New Songs,
            and the 1st in many Months. I think that they were, very unsure, about whether the
            New Songs were really going to be released - ever.

            Anyhow, it is good, that they've started to take ABBA's 'Plans' seriously, again.





            • On Wednesday 22nd July, Gorel Hanser, ABBA's Friend & Spokesperson, discussed the '5' New ABBA Songs, with 2
              Swedish News Papers. She would not confirm that there are more than the 2, that we were told about in April 2018.
              However, as the New Songs are 'tied' to their ABBAtars 'Project', she may not be able to reveal too much, for Legal
              reasons. It may be, that Bjorn is saying ore than he should).

              Aftonbladet published: Görel Hanser couldn´t confirm that five new songs were coming out.
              She stands by what they said earlier.

              "I can confirm that two songs will be released, but we don´t know more right now", she says to Aftonbladet.

     Published- Abba has recorded a total of five new songs, according to the British newspaper The Independent.
              The information comes from the podcast profile Geoff Lloyd who claims to have done a long interview with Björn Ulvaeus
              via the app Zoom.

              But Görel said today: "There are two songs that are relevant at the moment and I don´t know when they will be released,
              there is no date set. Probably next year but it is related to the avatar project which has been delayed due to corona
              and so on. There is no date set and there is nothing more than talking about two songs."

              In the meantime, here is Bjorn's Interview with UK I.T.V. News, from September 2019.
              From 1.40 on-wards, he is asked if ABBA have 'recently' been into the Studio. He admits
              that they have. That he can't say too much, as Benny, Agnetha & Frida, don't want him to
              reveal too much. He's clearly not referring to the 2 Songs, that ABBA Recorded, in June
              2017. He's talking about 2019 ABBA Recording Sessions...



              • so are they releasing 5 songs or 2 songs? it seems they said they recorded 5 and wanted to release 2 but now it feels like they've recorded 5 and then they'll see what they'll (eventually) do about the lot , all in all, we´ll still have to wait for a lot of nothin'
                maybe they're trying to figure out the release schedule and/or promo given the pandemic situation and that's alright I guess


                • Originally posted by AndiIversen View Post
                  so are they releasing 5 songs or 2 songs? it seems they said they recorded 5 and wanted to release 2 but now it feels like they've recorded 5 and then they'll see what they'll (eventually) do about the lot , all in all, we´ll still have to wait for a lot of nothin'
                  maybe they're trying to figure out the release schedule and/or promo given the pandemic situation and that's alright I guess
                  I believe they originally recorded two, it went well and they ended up recording some more. I’ve heard talk that they have another three songs lined up to be recorded, so we might be looking at 8 songs - 2 more and then there’s enough or an album. I still have faith in them
                  Queuing for Girls Aloud reunion tickets since 2013



                  • Details of ABBA's Super Trouper' Box Set have now emerged. It will be released on Friday October 30th. There will also be 3 Singles
                    released with it. 'Happy New Year' is not one of them. That Single was released in some Countries, but it has been decided not to make
                    it a 4th Single, from the 'Super Trouper' Box Set.

                    Full Details are at this Link:




                    • Any updates on the two new songs they recorded and planned to release before this pandemic hit?