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    Aimée Proal is a singer-songwriter. She was the singer of the band Gone ‘Til November ( between 2005 and 2008)

    Aimée has been and is vigorously pursuing her career in music. Working in LA and New York with a number of different writers and producers including (but not limited to) Ron Aniello (Lifehouse), Dave Hodges (Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson), Ryan Tedder (One Republic, Leona Lewis), Claude Kelly (Britney Spears, Akon), RedOne (Lady Gaga), Shelly Peiken (Natasha Bedingfield), and many more. She’s written well over 60 songs during the past couple years on her own, with other writers and producers mentioned, and then some. One song out of the bunch in particular, appears on the new Kelly Clarkson Album “All I Ever Wanted”. A song titled “Save You” written with Ryan Tedder of One Republic. This is Aimée’s first major release as a song-writer.


    SIMILAR ARTISTS: Michelle Branch, The Veronicas (old songs), Avril Lavigne, Marion Raven, Paramore, One Republic, Amy Lee, Kelly Clarkson, Snow Patrol

    a few songs:



    CALIFORNIA: ... re=related


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  • #2 ... 009/03/29/

    A Hardwick songwriter has gotten a taste of the big time, after a tune she penned appeared on the latest Kelly Clarkson CD, "All I Ever Wanted."

    Aimee Proal, 19, who was born and raised in Worcester, said she didn't intentionally write the song, "Save You," for Clarkson, but was thrilled when the mega pop star showed interest in the tune.

    Proal has been working at writing songs and singing professionally for about three years. She had been developing her song writing and went out to Los Angeles a couple of times to try to market herself. On one such trip, she got her big break.

    "I wrote this one song, called 'Save You," Proal said. "Ryan Tedder (songwriter and singer for the band OneRepublic) got it over to (producer) Clive Davis, who works with Kelly Clarkson. She heard it and wanted to sing it, and well, I just couldn't say no."

    Proal said the song was written for one of her close friends.

    "She unfortunately lost her mother and I kind of wrote that as an apology because I wasn't around - I was in L.A.," she said. "I just wanted her to know that I was still thinking about her."

    Clarkson's "All I Ever Wanted" debuted on the top of the pop charts. The album from the first winner of the hit TV show "American Idol" is receiving positive reviews from critics. Her last album, 2007's "My December," received a lackluster response.

    Proal said she's been pitching her songs to other popular pop and R&B artists as well. She has written songs for Leona Lewis and Rihanna. Only time will tell if any of those songs will get picked up.

    "You write for them and then sent it in to their A&R (artists and repertoire)," Proal said. "They probably have 300 songs they're looking at for their next record."

    Proal said while she definitely got lucky with "Save You," she's also worked hard for her achievements.

    "I built a lot of connections when I was going through my development deal," she said. "I just kind of kept close with all those people and met other people and it just kind of snowballed. It's really just taking what you have and running with it."

    Proal has had a couple of other songs recently recorded by other artists. Pop singer Celina Gomez and Axiz, a duo consisting of 15-year-old twins, have both picked up Proal songs.

    "(Axiz) recorded one of my songs," Proal said. "We'll see if it will make their record, but usually when they record one of your songs, it's a good sign."

    Proal said her songwriting ranges from pop and R&B to alternative. "The song that I did for Kelly, it's got more of like a Coldplay type of vibe," she said.

    Proal said she hopes her songwriting talents help advance her singing career.

    "I see the songwriting more as a door opener, and I want to continue doing that," she said. "Ryan Tedder started out as a songwriter, and now is the lead singer for OneRepublic. I plan on following in his footsteps."

    And while she hasn't turned into a mega star just yet, she sees bright things in her future.

    "Record companies are taking notice and are trying to get a hold of me," she said. "We'll se how far it takes me in my artist career - it's really starting to give me a buzz."

    More information on Proal, including demos of her songs and upcoming gigs, can be found at
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      Hey guys!

      Just wanted to give you all a quick update! LA has been great to me so far...
      My next song placement comes out next Tuesday December 1st where ever music is sold on Allison Iraheta's debut album Just Like You. Please pick up a copy if you can! It's going to be great! Or, you can also purchase Trouble Is individually on I Tunes if you like. I know I'm getting the whole album though

      The sound of my own album is really starting to come together and I can't wait to show you guys the work I've been putting in! Thank you so much for all of your patience, you guys are great!

      And lastly, I have another song placement I just learned about, but I am choosing to keep it a secret for now. I will be announcing closer to the release date!

      Thanks so much everyone!


      ps- If you want to keep updated on who I'm working with everyday and what I'm doing you can follow my twitter at
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        Is there any news on Aimée?


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          CHB, are you Aimee herself?
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            Originally posted by riker5589
            Is there any news on Aimée?
            RyanAndSmitty wrote on Twitter: Just finishing up two new records with
            @aimeeproal... Things are looking good in 2010!

            @Cactuar: no just a fan ;)
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              I'm looking forward to this album


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                Hurra Aimee Proal signed a major label.
                "Emblem/Primary Wave Publishing"

                I cant believe it. thats awesome!

                new songs



                "panic attack"
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                  Aimee Proal is the feat. of "I Dont Wanna Dance" (Hey Monday) She sings the backing vocals.

                  3. I Don't Wanna Dance - (featuring Aimee Proal/Chris DeStefano)

         ... =39&loc=01

                  and she wrote JOE COCKER - "The Fall". This song is on the new Cocker album
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                    Cheryl Cole - Waiting

                    Backing Vocals - Aimee Proal !!!!!!!!!!!
                    Engineer [Assistant] - Tim Roberts
                    Engineer [Mix] - John Hanes
                    Mixed By - Serban Ghenea
                    Producer - Free School
                    Producer [Vocals] - Priscilla Renea
                    Recorded By - Isha Erskine
                    Written-By - Jean-Baptiste (2) , Kelis Rogers , Michael McHenry , Nick Marsh , Ryan Buendia
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                      New feat Song for Proal:

                      Jesse McCartney feat. Aimée Proal - I Think She Likes Me

                      prod. by Kevin Rudolf

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                        Today... she is working with Max Martin
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                          new song:



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                            good news!

                            Aim wrote @ facebook:

                            "another placement this week ... 2012 is lining up pretty well I must say, more to be revealed closer to the release dates!"

                            the album is coming
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                              FINALLY !!!!! YEAH !!!!

                              thats amazing! wow! Today Aimee Proal signed @ ColumbiaRecords!

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                                She sounds like Rihanna!
                                My tits are made of silicone, just like the Earth and sea...


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                                  Seeing as there is no album title and the rules have changed since this thread was opened in 2009 - I've renamed the thread and am moving this to General Artists.
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