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  • Been waiting for so damn long for Kellz to finally change her sound, it's been long overdue.


    • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
      I hate Mariah & Whitney I'm thinking I'd rather her usual basic pop/rock right now
      Whitney Houston


      • Here is a new interview

        Kelly Clarkson talks about her 'most beautiful' 'Hamilton' song, Mike Pence

        Kelly Clarkson remembers exactly where she was the first time she heard It's Quiet Uptown.

        "It was 3 in the morning and I was bawling in my closet," she says of the gut-wrenching song, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda for his Broadway phenomenon Hamilton. The singer covers the number on the Tony Award-winning musical's star-studded companion album, The Hamilton Mixtape (out Friday).

        Uptown is sung late in the founding fathers "hip-hopera" as Alexander and Eliza Hamilton (spoiler alert!) grieve the loss of their son. Understandably, it struck an emotional chord for Clarkson, 34, who is a new mom to son Remington (7 months) and daughter River (2).

        She tells USA TODAY about her spin on the fan favorite and what she makes of Vice President-elect Mike Pence's recent trip to the sold-out smash:

        Q: So when did you see Hamilton?

        A: I actually saw it after I recorded the song. I was literally only two weeks from giving birth when I recorded it and I was like, "Oh, my gosh, this is the most beautiful thing ever." But I was sobbing, because I was pregnant with my son. I knew there was a loss of a son in the musical, so I took that pretty hard.

        Q: How did you set out to make It's Quiet Uptown your own?

        A: (In the musical), there's three singers on it. So when (Miranda) sent it to me, I was like, "Great, who am I? ... Let me try to do it as a solo and see how it plays out."

        (Atlantic Records chairman Craig Kallman) basically said, "What would your play be on it if you did something a little more pop, but it still had that theatrical edge to it?" ... We kept saying, "Think black and white, walking around the city on the saddest day ever, but maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel." So you're kind of going off all these poetic things.

        Q: If you could have recorded any other song from Hamilton, what would it have been?

        A: I secretly love rapping, because I just love the tongue-twister aspect of it. So I would've loved to have sang ó for fun, not for real ó My Shot. That's such a cool song. I love Burn, too. Andra Day did such a great job with that (on the mixtape). It is frickin' ridiculous, it's so perfect for her voice.

        Q: What did you make of the cast's speech to Mike Pence and Donald Trump's demand for an apology?

        A: Here's the thing: That's the great thing about our country. I watched (the speech) and thought they did it in a tasteful way. That's what the musical's about ó you can't come to a political musical and not expect some reaction. (In the 1700s), the country was divided and the country is divided now, so there are a lot of parallels.

        I'm not a supporter by any means of Mike Pence, but I did think he handled that well (when he) said, "Hey, that's what freedom sounds like." I'm not a Pence fan, but I'm a fan of that. ... /94566640/
        Whitney Houston


        • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
          I hate Mariah & Whitney I'm thinking I'd rather her usual basic pop/rock right now
          Let's wait before judging

          Definitely not here for All I Ever Wanted part 46854677


          • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
            Originally posted by theArmy
            Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
            I hate Mariah & Whitney I'm thinking I'd rather her usual basic pop/rock right now
            Let's wait before judging

            Definitely not here for All I Ever Wanted part 46854677
            Stronger and Wrapped in Red certainly aren't AIEW rehashes.

            I think I'd rather be pessimistic and eat humble pie if KC7 turns out to be really good then allow my usual high and be massively disappointed tho :cry:
            That's 100% me , I always rather hold my high exceptations waiting to be positively surprised than except who knows what.

            We will probably see next year.
            Whitney Houston


            • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
              I hate Mariah & Whitney I'm thinking I'd rather her usual basic pop/rock right now
              I'm with you on this, actually. I'd say she's the best current pop-rock female in modern times. It suits her voice and I've always believed Thankful was her weakest effort. She sounded forced in the "soul" numbers. It just did nothing for me.

              Stronger and Wrapped in Red were both equally strong albums and I never thought they were AIEW rehash. And I've always preferred S than AIEW. It's her greatest work, IMO.
              "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
              - Time


              • I didn't mean that all the albums after AIEW were rehashes, but sonically it's all the same. It's time to change, it's time to progress artistically.
                She doesn't need to be a massive seller anymore, she's been there, she's done that. I want to love an album of hers again like I did w/ Breakaway & Stronger.


                • My feels.....

                  Happy endings are just stories that haven't finished yet...


                  • Woooo, what an amazing performance!! I teared up


                    • Don't really like that song from Hamilton tbh.


                      • Originally posted by Storyteller
                        Don't really like that song from Hamilton tbh.
                        Me too. But Kelly took the song to a whole new level. It really suits her vocals.

                        And not that I care for her weight too much, but I'm happy that it looks like she's losing some (good for her!). And I love her hair
                        "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
                        - Time


                        • i've just bought wrapped in red today via amazon (CD)... and just for now is slaying my life right now.

                          that's one of the best songs she's ever done and it's not really a christmas song. should have been on a regular album and be a #1 song for her.
                          My Chart


                          • Wrapped in Red is def one of the best holiday albums ever, and one of the best in her catalogue.

                            I admit I was kind of skeptical when she first announced that she was making a Christmas album cause I always thought her voice doesn't sit well with holiday tunes. But I was (gladly) proven wrong when she released UTT. Such a classic holiday bop. Don't care if it's just an All I Want for Christmas Is You rehash. It's a great tune.
                            "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
                            - Time


                            • Kelly Clarkson on Covering a ĎHamiltoní Song While Pregnant

                              The song she covered - "It's Quiet Uptown" - is about the death of a child; recording it was an emotional experience for the expecting mother.

                              How did you get involved in recording a song from Hamilton?

                              Craig Kallman [CEO of] Atlantic Records and [Hamilton director/star/producer] Lin-Manuel Miranda discussed my doing ďItís Quiet Uptown.Ē The song was described to me; Iíd never seen the musical because I was pregnant.

                              But anyway, I finally get this song, and I listen to it at like one in the morning, bawling, because itís about a son dying, and Iím pregnant with my son. Like this is the worst song ever to send to someone thatís pregnant!

                              I thought it was beautiful. Obviously, everybodyís taken aback by it, because he did a stunning job with the musical as a whole and just this story and the arc and everything. This is one of the songs in the musical where itís like that moment where thereís three people singing, itís tortured, itís just so sad, and thereís no positive moment in this song.

                              So I recorded it while I was pregnant. It was the hardest thing Iíve ever done, because I just couldnít get through it. My producer, Jason Albert, was like ďWow.Ē He was tearing up. But it was exciting that we hadnít seen the musical yet, because there was no intimidation factor going on. Because I can guarantee you, if I had seen that musical Iíd have been like, ďI donít know about having to rework a song from it,Ē because itís so just astonishing, itís so great. Itís beyond magical when you sit there [and watch it]. People were telling me itís [based on] history, and thereís rap, and I was like, ďThis sounds super odd.Ē And then you go see it and youíre like, ďWow. Thatís what everybodyís talking about.Ē

                              But because I was pregnant with my son, I felt the depth of that song like no other. And it came through I think as a powerful performance because of that. I hate singing it live. Not that itís hard to sing, itís just hard emotionally to sing. And it was interesting to rework a song thatís sang with three people in the musical and making it a solo.

                              Last time we spoke with you, we discussed if youíd ever do BroadwayÖ

                              Yeah, itís not an ďif,Ē itís a ďwhen.Ē I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I really want the right character. Iím by no means saying Iím some amazing actress, so Iíd like something that I feel like was in my wheelhouse already that I could really nail. I think you should know your strengths.

                              Of course, that would require you moving to New York for a while.

                              Yeah, thatís the catch too. See, I married a cowboy, and heís not too keen on living in New York. But I could probably convince him to do it long enough for me to do theater. There are ways that women have.

                              Youíve been teasing your next album a bit; what can you tell me about it?

                              Iíve always wanted to make more of an R&B, soulful pop record, and thatís what Iím doing now with Atlantic Records. Itís taken 15 years, but Iím doing it.

                              Will you have any collaborations?

                              Yeah, Iím excited to possibly have one or two collaborations, just things that people donít expect. Iíve been in the business for years now, and everybody kind of knows what to expect when you get a Kelly Clarkson record. So they wonít with this one, and I like that. I like that itís something different.

                              Itís very much a singerís record, and itís just more an R&B, soulful vibe. I think you just gotta change it up, because then it just gets stale and repetitive and monotonous, and then Iím onstage, and Iím like, ďBlah, blah, blah.Ē

                              You had some well-publicized problems with your former label, RCA, and now youíre at Atlantic.

                              The team I ended with at RCA was spectacular. But that was the fourth or fifth team that Iíd had, so it was kind of up and down. And also RCA didnít pick me. American Idol, millions of people did [American Idol winners would automatically be signed to RCA at that time], but not the label. They got stuck with me in the beginning, and it just happened to work out well for them.

                              Atlantic Records was the first label I signed with where I had people wanting to work with me, and I wanted to work with them. It was like the first date Iíd ever been on, musically speaking. And it was exciting, and thatís why I feel like a brand new artist.

                              Everybody is excited, because in the beginning, people werenít. Nobody knew what Idol was; it was the first one. They werenít super stoked to work with me, because they thought itíd be like, oh, we might get one single and make some money. Nobody knew, so in their defense, they didnít pick me, and I didnít get to pick them.

                              It was a very successful arranged marriage. But it was battle after battle. And by the time I got to this last team at RCA, who I actually loved, I was just worn out. I was like, I just wanna start fresh with a team that I picked that is excited about me and wants to make this specific record with me and doesnít mind if I wanna do something country either; theyíre into it.

                              I remember you actually argued with Clive Davis in the press.

                              Oh, he hates me. Itís no secret. And he told me, ďYouíre the next Whitney Houston.Ē I was like, ďHmmÖ no, Iím not.Ē

                              I love Whitney Houston. Iím not even gonna aim for that. Iím just saying, Iím just not her. Thereís so many more elements to me, I just donít think he knew me very well. I know he didnít. He saw me like five times total when we worked together. Thatís not a lot of investment.

                              So tell me about the next album.

                              Weíre making my best record, according to my friends and mother. My mother was literally like, ďfinallyĒ after she heard some of the songs, because she likes the bluesy, soulful side of me, because thatís what I grew up singing, whether that was pop, soul, or gospel or whatever. So my mother said, after I played her six songs from this new album, she was like, ďfinally.Ē

                              I was like, ďOkay, well. I mean the last 15 years wasnít too shabby.Ē But she was like, ďNo, no, no, itís good, itís just not you. This is really you, like from childhood.Ē I used to sing this in the shower.

                              Millions of albums and tickets sold, and finally youíve managed to impress your mom!

                              Yeah. It takes a lot to impress my mother. But I think thatís honestly, itís why Iím so successful, because she did raise me to be super independent. She was pretty hard, but I think sheís like every teacher, or the good ones. Sheís a teacher, so I think all my favorite teachers were the ones that pushed me and never let me settle for less than they knew I could do. And sheís wears an apple vest, with numbers on it, like a lot of teachers.

                              Who are you working with on the new album?

                              Some are the same collaborators from before, but also some new ones. Monarch is new, Audra Mae is a great writer Iíve been writing with. Nick Ruth, Greg Kurstin, Jesse Shatkin, Jason Albert again.

                              But the hardest thing has been when you have a career of hits, so people are like ďThis is whatís successful with her.Ē They all wanna write those kind of songs. So it was hard in the beginning to switch gears with everyone and go, ďThis is amazing, but thatís not what weíre doing this time.Ē

                              And also for me as a writer as well, Iíve kinda had to prioritize my time, because I have four kids, and then I had a book release and a new deal learning all the new people at Atlantic and all this kind of stuff, and now the Hamilton thing.

                              Have you written songs for the album?

                              Iíve only written a bit on the album. Atlantic was like, ďLetís get you writing things.Ē Iím like, ďHonestly, I just wanna make sure I have a record that I wanna sing the crap out of, a record that not everybody could sing, a record that theyíre like, ĎDamn, she sang on that record.íĒ

                              I donít care who writes it; I donít care if I write it. Iíve written some that arenít on the album, but I donít have to write them all. I just want something that I can really emote, and when I get offstage Iím exhausted because it was so amazing and fun and different. I think itís time for something creatively different. So once we geared everybody that way, itís shaping this amazing album.

                              So this is like a classic R&B album, with horns and stuff?

                              Yeah, thereís hornsÖ itís like a fresh, urban take on í90s R&B pop. Iím not doing an Amy Winehouse record, by any means. Itís not gonna sound like Etta James or anything, though I love her. Itís gonna be definitely fresh and more contemporary, but itís got these influences and elements from my love of Annie Lennox and Whitney Houston and En Vogue and TLC and Prince. Thereís one thatís kind of a little Tina Turner.

                              You referenced Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and En Vogue in your tweets recently, referring to the new albumÖ

                              I did. Itís like all these elements, itís all those people. And thatís the thing, Iíve worked with people that have wanted me to make Whitney records or Celine records or whatever. ďOh, youíre like a new Pat Benatar.Ē

                              And Iím like, I donít have to be one of those. I like all of them. I love rock elements in things; I love R&B. I think even when you merge country and blues, we have a song on the record thatís like that, and itís beautiful and sexy. And then we have some stuff thatís more like dance, hip hop, kind of R&B. Iím trying to think of different songs and what their elements are.

                              But itís just kind of all over the place, but yet cohesive, because I think what I naturally gravitate towards will all end up being cohesive, because thatís what Iím into. But itís so good. Iím just excited for everybody to hear it, but I just have to wait until May at least.

                              How far along are you?

                              Weíre not done, but we have a pretty solid three-fourths of it done. Yeah, we have a good portion of it done.

                              Are you doing any covers on the album?

                              No. You know what, people want me to do a cover, because Iím known for covering songs. But I think thereís so much pressure on that. So it would have to be the perfect song to do that with. I cover songs the last Friday of every month right now on Facebook Live, so itís like itís not that special. So I would definitely want it to be something spectacular if we were gonna do it [on the album].

                              Will you do another country album, or is that off the table for now?

                              I never wanna take anything off the table. Especially when people are like, ďOh, I thought youíd make a country album by now.Ē Well, itís not that I donít wanna make a country album, but if Iím gonna make one, itís gotta be at the right time. And you know what? I was thinking of doing that one for this first release, and then I just naturally started gravitating towards all the R&B, bluesy stuff, the vibe that was what I was feeling.

                              And if you do a country project, you really have to do it; you definitely have to do a lot of things that the country industry wants you to do for it to get any traction.

                              I married into the country music industry with my husband. Theyíre welcoming, but they definitely want you to play their shows. Like when I did the duet with Jason [Aldean], or even with Reba [McEntire], or I had a single out, and they want you to come to their stuff. But whatís great about me is, I love coming to play. So I donít ever mind doing interviews. I love talking; obviously, I never shut up, and I love singing. So I donít really mind it.

                              And the fun thing for me too is whenever I go and do something in country music, itís fun because itís fresh. Itís new people. Itís nice; itís a change of pace.

                              Culturally, do you feel more comfortable in country or pop?

                              I will say my personality is way more a country artist, like I get along way more with country artists than I do pop. Maybe thatís because Iíve lived in Nashville for a decade, and Iím from Texas, and Iím just kind of low key. But I also think itís, just because Iím not ó and I think everyone would agree ó Iím not like your normal pop star. Iíve never been, which a lot of people have not liked, and a lot of others have.

                              I think thatís why I like to float to different worlds and do different things. I had John Legend, we did a song on my last album. It was awesome; I love his soulful voice. It was nice to have that on a record and then sing with Jason Aldean on something before, and even this Hamilton project. I like being in different places, because I think things get stale and boring if you donít. Itís like an actor. You donít wanna do the same role over and over.

                              I wanted to ask you about Maren Morris, because she co-wrote ďSecond Wind,Ē a Piece By Piece bonus track, and she later released it on her album Hero.

                              I donít know Maren that well. She is friends with, and writes a lot with Shane McAnally, who I do know very well, So, he sent me that song, and I was like, ďWhoíd you write that with? Whoís singing on the demo? Who is this?Ē And I was like, ďThis song is dope! Iíll do this song.Ē

                              And she hadnít cut it at that point. Which Iím glad she cut it; itís a great song. She can sing her butt off, and being a woman in country music itís hard to get played, comparatively speaking with men. I donít exactly know why that is, because Iím not in country music hardcore like all those girls are.

                              I feel like thatís changing a bit; it seems like thereís a lot of great female country singers getting traction these days.

                              Thereís Carrie [Underwood} and Miranda [Lambert] and Maren and Kelsea Ballerini and Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves. Thereís a lot of girls out there. I just donít think they get as much radio play as a lot of the guys. But honestly, thatís just what Iíve heard. I donít experience that, obviously, because Iím not a country artist on the regular. Iím just the girl who shows up and like, ďIíll sing with you. I love singing.Ē

                              I grew up in the í80s and í90s, it was all women. It was like Martina [McBride], Trisha [Yearwood], Faith [Hill], Reba, Patty Loveless, Jo Dee [Messina], there were so many women in country music when I was a kid. It is kind of odd to me. My children are growing up with just a generation of a ton of men. But thereís some good, good men in there.

                              One big difference between you and most country singers is that you seem comfortable talking about politics; youíve said positive things about Ron Paul and Barack Obama; youíve also had things to say about Trump.

                              I think itís funny when youíre in the industry or youíre in the public eye. For instance, I went to go vote this year. And they have these signs, youíre not supposed to ask people who theyíre voting for; youíre not supposed to talk or whatever.

                              But this girl in front of me, weíd had such a lovely conversation about kids, the whole time; we had to wait like two hours. Finally, right before I go in to vote, sheís like, ďI have a question. I just have to ask. What do you think about celebrities being able to say who theyíre gonna vote for?Ē

                              I said, ďSo, thatís a real question?Ē Then, I was like, ďI am an American citizen, so when people ask me, and they always do, I will say who Iím voting for.Ē

                              Iím not trying to push my idea on someone, but if you donít like my opinion, OK, cool, Iím curious why. Why are you not for this person? Maybe I donít know something. Maybe you can teach me something, or maybe I could teach you something of why this person might be a good candidate for you.

                              I think itís just become this angry thing, like, ďHow dare you!Ē And Iíll be like, ďI donít say negative things about people, I just say who Iím for, and I say it because Iím asked [in interviews].Ē

                              And she says, ďI just think when artists come out and say ĎIím for this person,í itís an unfair advantage.Ē Well, obviously not, because Hillary didnít win. Obviously, thereís no advantage!

                              But I guess my point is I just find it silly that someone thinks just because Iím famous or in the public eye, my opinion doesnít matter. I said, ďYou basically just turned around and asked me if my voice mattered.Ē Everyoneís voice matters; thatís the sound of freedom.

                              I think Mike Pence said that at Hamilton [when he was called out from the stage by the cast], and I was like, ďThatís a perfect response.í Iím not a supporter of him, but I thought it was a very well-put statement of ďHey, weíre all not gonna agree, but thatís where we live, and weíre lucky.Ē

                              I think a lot of these people that get so carried away on the internet, theyíve never even traveled to other countries. And itís like okay, well, there are other opinions; there are other things out there. I can only vote based on my experience in life, and you vote on yours.

                              And everyoneís voice matters. No matter what your walk of life is, poor, rich, black, white, Mexican, whatever you are, it matters. Weíre lucky that it matters.

                              The situation just killed me because it was like I thought we had so much in common, this girl and I in this line, and then right there at the end I was like, ďDid you just ask me if my voice mattered?Ē And then she was like, ďWell, I just think itís unfair,Ē and Iím like, ďWell then donít follow people. I didnít sign you up to follow me on Twitter. It was your choice.Ē

                              I donít get irate about how other people vote. Most elections my husband and I are a house divided ó this time we werenít ó so Iím used to having different opinions.

                              But I think thatís whatís great about a democracy is you get to talk about that. Why are you for this person? What are the policies that interest you with this person? Why donít you like this personís policies? Iíd rather have an open discussion, open the floor for everybody to have a conversation about it than just be like juvenile teenagers stomping your feet like, ďWell, I donít like them because blah, blah, blah,Ē and itís like a dumb reason. Or ďI donít like this person because this famous person likes him.Ē

                              And then this girl was like, ďOh, this one celebrityĒ óI wonít say the name, but she told me about a celebrity that went to a college and knocked on doors trying to get people to vote for Hillary Clinton. I was like, ďWell I guess thatís just her right to do that.Ē And she was like, ďYeah, but then youíre getting all these college kids that donít know any better.Ē

                              And I said, ďWhoa. Iím gonna stop you right there. If they donít know any better, thatís their own fault.Ē If youíre gonna vote for someone because your favorite singer votes for them, donít vote. Because thatís a dumb reason to vote.Ē
                     ... et-uptown/
                              Whitney Houston


                              • [youtube:xwqalady]MdBws54ZHyY[/youtube:xwqalady]

                                I loved this song right on first listen. But it has grown even more on me.
                                One of the best songs she's ever recorded. I get goose bumps all over.
                                Just so beautiful. LOVE it.
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                                • [youtube:2i3n8mar]MmElKP3pR7E[/youtube:2i3n8mar]

                                  ďCanít. Stop. Crying,Ē the pop-rocker wrote. ďHer vulnerability and her story Ö.just wow. Steph, I hope ur parents open their hearts 2 the beautiful person u r!Ē

                         ... -by-piece/
                                  Whitney Houston


                                  • The new era kicks off

                                    "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
                                    - Time


                                    • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
                                      I hate Mariah & Whitney I'm thinking I'd rather her usual basic pop/rock right now
                                      Looks at avatar*

                                      Anyway, Im ready for some soulful vocals.
                                      Me. I am Itsawrap.


                                      • Originally posted by dhenapie
                                        The new era kicks off

                                        | Ciara | Beyoncť | Janet | Toni | Kelly R | Leona | Tinashe | Whitney | Brandy | Monica | Tevin | Mariah | Britney | Tamia |


                                        • ^ That's the new display picture of her FB page. She changed it yesterday and everyone already speculated it was her way to kick off the new era. And I haven't seen that photo before.

                                          But it can't be the cover of KC7 for sure. It's too 25. I could've sworn it was 25 if I didn't see her name on it while scrolling on my news feed.
                                          "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
                                          - Time


                                          • Her next album is still supposed to be more "soulful", right? Or has she changed her mind


                                            • Originally posted by thankfulforkelly
                                              oh yeah, just saw I'm pretty sure it's an old photo though ... she has her lil shaved bit from 2015 in that photo, I think it's an outtake from the PxP single photoshoot
                                              It is indeed
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                                              • Yeah that's deffo old.


                                                • Remy's 1st Birthday

                                                  "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
                                                  - Time


                                                  • Her kids are so cute
                                                    Floped and localed