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  • FINALLY got my ticket for the second Montreal show (can't make it to opening night). I'm about to pee my pants


    • ... _hero_tony
      The last days of Madonna "Rebel ? Heart" tour rehearsals. Things are "moving" so fast now I don't have time to update. Tomorrow the latest and some personal feelings about the rehearsal period coming to an end . (New Apple Watch courtesy of my friend Arianne Phillips?) complete with a pulsing REBEL Heart feature as a "tap". Less than a week now. What would YOU like to know?


      • ... _hero_tony
        super_hero_tonyI couldn't have said it better myself. ... nephillips
        ariannephillipscalm before the storm . This is where the rebel?? wardrobe road crew do their magic .
        Taking care to dress all the dancers in this sacred space where adrenaline runs high everyone is focused , and in performer mode.Costume changes are choreographed , the performers and wardrobe crew practice and work hard to make it all seamless . No other artist I have ever come across cares as much about the dancers costumes as her own. No expense is spared , no corners cut , no idea too big , no fabric too expensive . The Costumes for The Rebel Heart tour are bigger , better , than ever before AND We have more costume changes than ever before .#wegohardorwegohome#rebelhearttour #rehearsals #rebel??#rebelheartcostumes#dancersquickchange @madonna


        • Originally posted by madgikman
          I'm almost at a loss for words. Absolutely dying here. FREAKING AMAZING. I'm completely stunned.


          • Q & A with Tony Villanueva on IG

   ... _hero_tony
            ... What would YOU like to know?

            luissolano Can't wait for the tour to start! Are you guys having a full dress rehearsal?
            super_hero_tony Every single day until the show. Sometimes 2.

            smreczko I'd like to know what her first look of the tour is going to be
            super_hero_tony@smreczko you will appreciate that with your own eyes more than me telling you.

            thechrissutton Vitamins and water! Xx good lucky tony
            super_hero_tony@thechrissutton and Cookies!

            brunodalecio Rehearsels are over ?
            super_hero_tony@brunodalecio rehearsal is never over, even on tour. It just takes on a different life.

            carwyn_2904@super_hero_tony will you tell her I love her? from Wales??? xx
            super_hero_tony@carwyn_2904 I will, but she knows!

            vazquezs25 Will you guys be doing a show for friends and family? Good luck! can't wait to see the show! I know it will be amazing!
            super_hero_tony@vazquezs25 - you are the friends and family.

            petrstan Is it better than MDNA tour?
            super_hero_tony@petrstan my favorite since Drowned World. Thank You Jamie King and Tif-Dog!

            mizikonline What has been your average daily working time these past three months? you guys seem to give 200% of yourselves to it
            super_hero_tony@mizikonline - well, I got back to the hotel last night at the time I USED come home from the Club, but the sun wasn't up yet.

            deancroatia76@super_hero_tony I hope you are aware how much fans appreciate your notes and replies. When you think about M fans the 1st thing is ...
            super_hero_tony I represent Madonna. I am grateful for the people that appreciate her. Without them we have nothing.
            super_hero_tony...and I do now.

            deancroatia76@super_hero_tony What amazes you the most when you watch Madonna performing?
            super_hero_tony@deancroatia76 what a great mother she is and HOW she makes the time to do that. I can hardly take care of just me!

            jennyiconHey @super_hero_tony How is Madonna feeling now opening night is so close? My butterflies are turning into small birds now
            super_hero_tony@jennyicon she is always a Rock. Calm like a cruise ship gliding through the ocean ( at least on the surface).

            mirkommotion@super_hero_tony Who's the designer who realized your fav costume for this tour? Only ONE name!
            super_hero_tony@mirkommotion - Arianne.

            crodz83@super_hero_tony When it comes to mood/theme/visual to what other M tour is the #RebelHeartTour closest to?
            super_hero_tony@crodz83 Production value/creativity "Drowned World"


            • 4 days




                • Rehearsal till 4:30am???

         ... 6503852032
                  Kevin Antunes
                  4:30am - We are All In! #RebelHeartTour #RebelHeartBand


                  • Those comments made by her team indicating she is quite calm is pure nonsense. ... after MDNA she confessed how much she was tired/sick sometimes and she even used to cry before the beginning of some shows due to the chronic exhaustion. Nevertheless her performance was throughout the MDNA tour was absolutely flawless.
                    Been reading UkMix everyday for well more than a decade now, and Here I am posting


                    • ^ That was during the tour. They are talking pre-tour right now. But she'll get nervous opening night. She always does.
                      Madonna, The Holy Queen of Music!
             ... ing-artist


                      • More from Q & A with Tony Villanueva
               ... _hero_tony

                        pili_october u have proved that u are really worth your efforts. Do not know how much u are paid but the feelings u give us are worth so much more. U are unique
                        @super_hero_tony THANK YOU for being like that
                        super_hero_tony@super_hero_tony@pili_October I heard once that if you enjoy what you do you will never work a day in your life. I think that applies.

                        josh_jbp@super_hero_tony Since you get to see a much more personal side of Madonna... I've often wondered if Madonna gets more enjoyment being able to be in a position to create this "art" and present it to audiences around the World & witness the wonder in all of us or does she enjoy the more typical "famous celebrity" side of being Madonna.
                        super_hero_tony@josh_jbp my personal feeling is that she loves being able to express herself artistically via the medium of live performance. I don't know that she is even aware of the impact she has during the creative meetings. It has been one of the behind the scenes moments I enjoyed most.

                        kroywen79@super_hero_tony M is a visionary and her tours are always the best because she works with the best.... people like you who share her dreams and aren't satisfied til everything is perfect If you could sum up this tour in a word what would it be?
                        super_hero_tony@kroywen79 - Accomplished.

                        zubenko.anastasia1@super_hero_tony For all years of work with the Queen, what can you say? Is Madonna always a BOSS?
                        super_hero_tony@zubenko.anastasia1 The only One.

                        luvmrclDoes the stage feature something brilliant like the screen cubes on MDNA? I mean an unexpected technical aspect no music concert ever had before?
                        super_hero_tony@luvmrcl Yes, it's a Madonna Tour.

                        konradmetamorphosisartistry Why do you think this is her best show since the "Drowned World Tour"? What specifically makes this tour stand out more than the beautiful "confessions" or the majestic "MDNA" @super_hero_tony ?
                        super_hero_tony@konradmetamorphosisartistry Practice.

                        low_track@colhes1 wonderful but I must confess that I wish to see her Hair like in the last Versace campaign who knows what @super_hero_tony will answer to us... i'm pretty sure he can't say a word ;)
                        super_hero_tony@low_track Haha, don't be so sure.! I think they are still sorting hair looks at this point.

                        madonnainspiration@super_hero_tony thank you for this oportunity, please can you can you com to africa ,please tell her that we love her, and i love her
                        super_hero_tony@madonnainspiration I have been to Africa many times on other tours. Cape Town Table Mountain is beautiful. It would be fun to visit Africa on this tour I will let her k is she has fans there

                        maxoni333@super_hero_tony when she is angry does she scream or just explains what she wants calm ?
                        super_hero_tony@maxoni333 like all artist she is passionate.


                        • Are You Ready?


                          • The Queen @ work!!!


                            • Originally posted by oaknuys
                              Those comments made by her team indicating she is quite calm is pure nonsense. ... after MDNA she confessed how much she was tired/sick sometimes and she even used to cry before the beginning of some shows due to the chronic exhaustion. Nevertheless her performance was throughout the MDNA tour was absolutely flawless.
                              What makes you think that several days before the first concert she's running around like crazy and crying? What's use of that? She's well aware that she, her band, dancers and whole crew need to function as one so their hard work could be presented in the best possible way. Even if she cries, I'm sure she does that in her own room.
                              When we lose what we love
                              Don't think anything will ever taste the same
                              When we lose what we love
                              Don't think anything will ever feel as good again


                              • Originally posted by madgikman
                                This looks amazing. So excited for this tour!
                                "You know I got the sauce, you know I'm saucy"


                                • RHT wardrobe road crew:

                         ... yevioletta
                                  lillyevioletta#Regram @ariannephillips - this where the rebel ?? wardrobe road crew and @super_hero_tony do their magic! PROUD of @lillyevioletta to be part of this amazing group of #rebelheartfamily designers that are costuming @madonna in her worldwide #rebelhearttour - 1 day to go to opening in Montreal!!! #rebelhearttour #rebelheartfamily #rebel?? #luxury #madonna #madonnatour


                                  • ... amorgan999
                                    lauramorgan999#loadout Montreal here we come #rebelheart #rebelhearttour #rebelheartcostumes #nosleeptilthisshowsontheroad



                                      4 more days! R U with Me!?? #rebelhearttour

                                      Madonna, The Holy Queen of Music!
                             ... ing-artist


                                      • Originally posted by floridagrl

                                        4 more days! R U with Me!?? #rebelhearttour

                               ... 2043294402

                                        This RH workshop video is truly AMAZING> I wonder if it for a documentary of the tour ?


                                        • madonna4 more days! R U with Me!??#rebelhearttour
                                          Video Clip @

                                          madonna Our sugar is RAW............ 4. more days!!!!!??#rebelhearttour

                                          madonna Everybody in this party shining like Illuminati. 4 more days!!!! ??#rebelhearttour


                                          • Yay! Moment Factory is back!

                                   ... 8/TextView
                                            [Google Translated]
                                            It's at the Bell Centre that Madonna will kick off its 10th tour, Rebel Heart Wednesday. A tour of 62 dates ending in March 2016 in Australia. Look on the show, clips and looks of the star.

                                            The Presse 5 September 2015 ÉMILIE SIDE
                                            Due to a delay in rehearsals, it is ultimately at the Bell Centre on Wednesday and Thursday that Madonna will launch her world tour Rebel Heart.

                                            "The show has to be perfect," said Madonna in May, after taking the decision to postpone the premiere of his show.
                                            "International journalists will be in Montreal to cover the North American premiere of" informed
                                            Press Christine Montreuil, evenko. "It's good for the reputation of the Bell Centre and our team," adds her colleague Caroline Audet.
                                            Madonna, who has just turned 57, will also produce the new Videotron Centre of Quebec, September 21.

                                            For the third time, the star has teamed up with the Montreal box Moment Factory to create visual content for its tour. To which song? Which picture? It's still a secret. But certainly Madonna invests heavily in all stages of the creation of his show. This is the DJ Diplo and songwriter who will do the first part.

                                            Otherwise, here is what we can expect.

                                            Designer clothes
                                            Madonna commissioned the designers Jeremy Scott (Moschino) and Alessandro Michele (Gucci) to create her stage costumes in collaboration with her stylist Arianne Phillips long. It will also cover parts of signed Alexander Wang, Fausto Puglisi, Miu Miu, Prada and Swarovski.

                                            Exit Giorgio Armani. Looks like Madonna does not want to repeat the embarrassing scene of the BRIT Awards, where she stumbled because of a cape designed by Armani.

                                            A film by Mike Tyson
                                            Mike Tyson confirmed filming a video for the new Madonna tour. Recall that the voice of the boxer is heard on the Iconic song (as well as that of Chance the Rapper), which is on his album Rebel Heart.

                                            In an interview with TV Line, Tyson told to have turned an intense scene where he is locked naked in a cage like a wild beast.
                                            Madonna admires Mike Tyson. She had to explain why she had appealed to the boxer who has been in prison following a conviction for rape. According to the star, Tyson is no party hero who regrets his bad behavior.

                                            Rumors that Madonna wants interpreter for the first time in Performing his hit ballad Take A Bow from 1994.

                                            In recent months, Madonna also gave clues about Instagram on the list of his songs. At the Bell Centre, it could construed
                                            Ter Dress You Up, True Blue, Deeper and Deeper, Who's That Girl, Body Shop, Love Do not Live Here Anymore, Heart Break City, Justify My Love, Devil Pray, La Isla Bonita, Into The Groove, Like A Virgin, Bitch unapologetic, Holy Water, SEX and Iconic. A picture with Édith Piaf gives hope (why not dream?) A cover of La Vie en Rose, played by Madonna in a private party at Cannes last year. It could also resume Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin does one breath.

                                            Tickets are selling well
                                            The Rebel Heart tour includes about 70 shows in four stops: North America, Europe, Oceania and the Philippines, where the star will perform for the first time.

                                            Madonna holds the record for the most lucrative tour for a female artist with the Sticky & amp; Sweet Tour (2008 and 2009). His previous tour, MDNA, collected revenues of 305 million (2.2 million tickets sold for a total of 88 performances). According to Forbes, the business is relatively well for the Rebel tour Heart, though album sales were disappointing.

                                            At the Bell Centre on 9 and 10 September.


                                            • "I can teach you all the things you don't know"
                                              ?#?holywater? ?#?RebelHeartTour?
                                     ... 8114601055


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                                                Kevin Antunes
                                                Load'em up. Roll'em out!!! #RebelHeartTour


                                                • 3 daysss



                                                    Madonna arrives in Montreal this Sunday!
                                                    Rehearsals start monday