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    How did this happen??

    She was supposed to be a one hit wonder on paper, but she's gone from being a bit of a joke to one of the worlds favourite current pop artists. 2 brilliant singles so far from the album, haven't heard the album yet but I'm hearing good things about it.

    Best Perry moment so far though...

    Yes, of course!
    No, definitely not!
    It won't do anything for her but I don't really care.
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    I feel that she's been taking her time to record her sophomore album and that she really thought about the concept. I remember an interview from a couple of months ago (when she started recording the album) that she had a clear sound in mind: The Cardigans' 'LoveFool' meets Madonna's 'Into The Groove'. A fun and catchy pop record.

    She's also been working with amazing people. Dr. Luke is a fantastic producer, especially for poppy songs for the likes of Katy and Ke$ha. She also woked with Benny Blanco and Tricky. Plus, her good friend Bonnie McKee helped writing for the album. She's a genius. I love her way of writing: it's clever, funny and cute. She (co)wrote 'Teenage Dream' and 'Last Friday Night' for example.

    Her image is also something that speaks to people. While being very girly girly (with all the pink and candy etc.) she also comes accross as a tough chick with loads of humor. She's spontanious, outgoing and fun. I think all of this has helped making her so succesful.


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      Yes, everyone definitely thought she would be a one hit wonder. We all thought that "I Kissed A Girl" was just a novelty fluke hit but then she came out with the 100% more amazing "Hot N Cold".
      I don't know why we didn't learn from the whole Rihanna being a 1 hit wonder situation!

      Her debut was decent but I wasn't a massive fan. I however love her new album and I always enjoy her interviews.
      She seems to be a really fun girl and she doesn't appear to take herself too seriously which is great!
      and she has a hot fiancee!


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        Yes, it's definitely an interesting situation - you never know who's going to be the next big thing e.g. when Iyaz and Jason DeRulo both appeared at the same time, we had suspicions that one would go on to be much more successful than the other, we just didn't know which one at the time

        I wasn't ever worried that she'd be a one-hit wonder, because I had heard her material early on and knew there was multiple hits to be had in that era. However, I did have some fear that she'd be a one-album wonder.

        Luckily though, she's now more massive than ever and I believe that record companies are putting a lot more thought into follow-up albums/singles these days, where-as, say back in the early 00s, I think they just rolled through artists and were happy to toss them once they become one-hit wonders.
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          Originally posted by JimJim

          Luckily though, she's now more massive than ever and I believe that record companies are putting a lot more thought into follow-up albums/singles these days, where-as, say back in the early 00s, I think they just rolled through artists and were happy to toss them once they become one-hit wonders.
          That's an interesting thought and I think you're right. I feel labels kind of have to put more thought and effort into follow-up albums, as the market has changed so much in the 'iTunes era'. Everything goes so fast with downloads, that you have to stay relevant. A lot of artists don't take the 'standard' 4 years to write, record and release an album anymore. (few exceptions there). Good example is Rihanna, who released her first album in 2005, her sophomore in 2006 and her third album in 2007 (and she's still releasing albums fast after each other). Katy only took two years to come up with 'Teenage Dream', and in the meantime she was featured on 3OH3's 'Starstruck' and Timbaland's 'If We Ever Meet Again'. She never really dissapeared from the charts and that seems the only way nowadays to build a name for yourself. I bet that if she would've waited another year (and a half), she wouldn't have had as much success. I'm glad artists and labels seem to realise more and more that they don't have time anymore, especially artists who just come out. They can't take their time anymore, because it seems like if they take a long time, they'll be forgotten. (Take note Christina!)


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            I use to really really REALLY dislike her for years but after awhile she grew on me like a baby dark n lovely perm, she's really has a pleasent singing voice; she just sometimes make weird noises when she sings like when she was singing mtv unpluggg which I've really enjoyed, her hummour really made me adore her. I think she maybe the next pop queen well atleast to me! I love me some katy now!

            On a sidenote, I agree with everything Banzai have said in this thread.


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              A dark & lovely perm

              I used to really like Katy during her first album... (at one stage I almost bought it ), but now all her latest music sounds like nobody's put in any effort, even to make half-decent pop music.

              'California Gurls' & 'Teenage Dream' both have really annoying choruses - the whole pause-mid-vocal thing grates on me.

              I wish she'd do another 'Thinking Of You' or 'Waking Up In Vegas'
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                Wow, I am surprised the Nazis on AfterElton are still condemning her over "Ur So Gay". I didn't even know the song existed until several GAY men raved about it. So I don't get why she is treated as some sort of anti-gay bigot when 90% of the people I know who actually like her are gay men.

                Or do they automatically hate anyone who isn't 100% gay ala Cyndi Lauper, Margaret Cho and Lady Gaga? After all, this same board had people give me a hard way to go awhile back for saying Madonna was "our Elvis" and why I can understand why more people would buy tickets to see her in concert than they would St. Cyndi, the matron of all that is pride. I remember the "who gives a **** that Madonna's touring when Cyndi Lauper's also going on the road?" in summer 2008.

                With her first album I could see the dislike, she came off as a novelty artist, but with this album and "California Gurls" especially, she has proven herself to be an actual star and the only gay men I know who have an axe to grind with her are posters on that blog. Plus, obviously enough homos like her if she hit #1 on the dance (aka gay) chart. That chart is 100% gay.
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                  She was amazing on the Grammys.


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                    ^ She was. Her vocals were on point.

                    3 #1 multi platinum singles.
                    #1 platinum album
                    3 million WW
                    Album Of The Year nom.

                    Amazing. Katy is on fire this era!


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                      Katy is one of my favorite pop artists!


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                        David LaChapelle photoshoot


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                          Originally posted by BanZai

                          David LaChapelle photoshoot
                          Holy crap these shouldve been included in the album! Theyre so gorgeous. Im not the hugest Perry fan (LOVED her debut and her second CD is just not my cup of tea but I think ET is her best song to date.)

                          Wow so stunning.
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                            My god those photos are stunning


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                              Holly shit! Those are gorgeous. The 2nd photo is everything!


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                                The lighting in the second picture is just perfect!


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                                  Russell is the luckiest man on earth, next to Jay-Z.


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                                    She's SO fine
                                    On the other hand, I don't get why they have to put on public displays of affection on the red carpet :-?



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                                      Cos if they didn't, magazines like Heat and OK! would say that they were "on the rocks" again. Fair play to them, if they are happy then I don't see why they shouldn't show it.

                                      I love them both, I think as individuals they are amazing, and such a good couple!

                                      I've loved Katy from day 1 and I'm glad she's been so successful with this album, it's all been amazing.
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                                        I hate her husband! So disgusting, Katy looks so fine here


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                                          Originally posted by jpguy
                                          I hate her husband! So disgusting, Katy looks so fine here
                                          IMO he's hot!
                                          Haven't been early since '88


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                                            girl singing Firework at Czechoslovak Superstar (PopIdol)

                                            much better then Katy live
                                   - follow me


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                                              Love this!
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                                              Originally posted by Merci
                                              Poszilicious, pussy served delicious!


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                                                Can Katy Perry pull off another hit as blockbuster as 2010's Teenage Dream?
                                                We'll find out very soon since the Perry has returned to the studio with uber-producer
                                                Dr. Luke to put final touches on her new EP album.
                                                ASCAP 2010 Songwriter of the Year caught up with EW to discuss his newest projects but he was most excited about new Katy Perry project.

                                                According to Luke "California Dreams" is the name of the new Katy Perry release that is set for November 2011 release.Famous producer says they've been working on it since November 2010 and it will contain 9 new tracks including 3 new "Luke produced" songs, as well as production from StarGate,Tricky Stewart and Fernando Garibay.

                                                "We've just finished first single in February and it's a super-collabo but that's all I'm going to say.(Laughs) Expect it late August.

                                                Don't forget to check the full Dr.Luke interview in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.


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                                                  This sure must be some sort of re-release?