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  • BoA

    Talk anything that's BoA right here!

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    OMG!!! Just discovered this chick! She's sooo amazing!! Hurricane Venus is EPIC!!


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      Love BoA! She was my favourite when I was like 13-14 and getting into my J/K-pop phase She still is one of my favourites! Her music is great, I love the new sound with the English album, Hurricane Venus & Identity. She suits it and it is hot! I heard there's going to be another English album in 2011... that'd be amazing!


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        High Cut Magazine Korea

        Stunning!! :heart: :heart:

        She also appears on the Korean drama show "Athena" (episode 8): ... 6273300437


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          She's so gorgeous, but the colour of her hair in those photos is too light, it's better darker.


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            BoA for Cosmopolitan magazine Korea

            Three days before BoA left Korea to begin preparations for her upcoming movie, “Cobu 3D,” the singer joined forces with “Cosmopolitan” for an eccentric make-up themed photoshoot.

            Using four key words -"unique," "energetic," "changeable," and "mature" – as the photoshoot’s themes, BoA teamed up with her long-time make-up artist Jung Saem Mool.

            BoA revealed, “Director Jung Saem Mool always tells me that I’ll always stick out in whatever situation I’m put in. She told me, There is not one person alike in this world. They could be wearing the same make-up and take the same pictures, but it’ll all come out different. Let’s express your uniqueness.

            Jung added, “BoA is young, but she’s a long-time friend of mine that knows how to express herself through colors and pictures. She has a soul full of creative freedom, more than we could ever imagine.”

            BoA’s full photoshoot will be revealed through the April edition of “Cosmopolitan.”
            credit: Allkpop + Koreaboo


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              FIERCE! Loving it! <3

              Really hope she releases another English album. Heck, maybe the lead single could be used in the movie?

              Just hope her English will improve a bit more... it's a shame they had to autotune BoA to death.

              Anyway, I'm still loving Hurricane Venus. One of the best releases of 2010 for me.


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                I'd be VERY shocked if BoA wasn't on the soundtrack for this new dance movie - I'm presuming it'll have a soundtrack à la Step Up and the like.

                Could you imagine if she did the movie theme song and the song - dare I say it - became a hit!


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                  Exactly, that was my point! This is just the kind of promotion she'd need.

                  Having said that, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. The movie might flop, people might hate her, they might not make a song, the album might still flop etc. etc.

                  Just sayin', if there ever was a time for her to try and make it in the US, this is it


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                    L’OCCITANE Korea D’ANGELIQUI line (makeup brand)

           ... dded#at=12
                    Q. “Do you have any tips for managing your skin?”

                    BoA: After I wash my face, I try to use the moisturizing products from the ‘Angelica’ line as quickly as possible.

                    Q. “What do you like about L’Occitane?”

                    BoA: L’Occitane uses natural plant extracts as the main ingredient, so I have a lot of trust in the brand.

                    Q. “What’s your favorite product from the ‘Angelica’ line?”

                    BoA: I love the milky lotion the best. It’s very moisturizing, light, and has a healthy scent to it.


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                      Flawless queen


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                        Originally posted by jamesssxD
                        Flawless queen


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                          "Cobu 3D" Behind The Scenes


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                            OHMO! Thank you for the pictures !!! Shes so perfect!

                            I love her so badly!! I can't wait to see the movie!!! Thiswoman needs to make it big in the USA or Europe! She's a fierce bitccch!


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                              BoA updated fans on her current whereabouts and shared a few photos.

                              On October 13th, BoA tweeted, “I want to congratulate Audio Technica on their 50th anniversary. I was nervous about my new song ‘Milestone’ but I enjoyed myself. It’s an emotional song.”

                              She also uploaded another photo with Crystal Kay, a famous singer-songwriter in Japan whom BoA has collaborated with in the past.

                              Netizens commented, “You definitely look like an actress, ” “The sophisticated and glamorous vibe of the photo is daebak!”, “You look pretty even in just a tshirt,” and “I want to listen to your new song soon.”

                              BoA is currently in the midst of promotions in Japan for her newly released DVD single “Milestone” to celebrate her 10th anniversary in Japan.


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                                She's never looked better!
                                I love BoA.

                                I think last year was her best year too. "Hurricane Venus" and "Identity" were two incredible albums that showed so much growth, all down to BoA too - as she produced, wrote and was clearly heavily involved in both albums.

                                I can't wait for BoA's 2012, considering 2011 has been relatively quiet for her. Cobu3D and new music!


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                                  BoA looks amazing, I am a little worried about her waning popularity in Japan, but she has so many opportunities so everything should turn out fine. Plus she has an amazing amount of talent. She is the original Korean act, before all these numerous ones now


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                                    COBU 3D Trailer (premiered @ SMTown New York)

                                    Her dancing....


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                                      When is her new Japanese single out?

                                      I guess we'll get a new Japanese album soon! Yay!

                                      And 2012 will be a big year for BoA! "Cobu3D" coming out - can't wait to see it.


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                                        Is she releasing new music? god, it's been such a long time :S !!!


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                                          Here's the video for her Japanese single, "Milestone"
                                 ... aAENRkde0#!


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                                            Christmas photo


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                                              Harper's Bazaar Korea


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                                                As always, BoA looking flawless.


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                                                  High Cut Magazine Korea