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  • McFly

    McFly - 6th Studio Album and Book

    So the boys are currently on tour with album number 6 almost complete. It is said to have an Autumn release alongside with the release of their autobiographical book.

    The boys have premiered 3 brand new tracks on tour, that are more mature and have a similar sound to Radio:ACTIVE.

    Touch The Rain (Very Coldplay sounding, would be a great single):
    Red (Similar to Corrupted mixed with Party Girl):
    Do What You Want (Apparently written about Frankie): ... GRAQU2WuX4

    Sounds really great, I sense another great album and with none of this free album business, it should chart better this time!

    McFly's Danny Jones keen on Jessie J collaboration

    The boys plan to return to the studio later this year, after drummer Harry Judd and bassist Dougie Poynter helped to put them back in the spotlight by winning Strictly Come Dancing and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

    Danny is set to produce the record and wants some big names to work with the group as they record it.
    'I know what the boys want, and everything we're doing is sounding right and the songs are there,' he told the Daily Star.
    'Once we get everything ready we'd love to get anybody who'd like to collaborate on it.

    'When we were recording the last album with Dallas Austin, Jessie popped in and cooked us a bit of dinner, so it would be cool to get her.'
    Work on McFly's sixth album will not start until Harry has finished the Strictly live tour, but the band hope to release it before the end of the year.

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    Never really thought I'd post in the McFly artist thread. I was on YouTube and saw Tom's wedding speech video on the front page here. It actually really moved me, brilliant wedding speech.


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      Yes, what a speech! 8m views, too
      I'm the terminator, bitch talk slick, I'm a have to terminate her \_(?)_/


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        I recently discovered iF U C Kate and I think it is a pretty cool track

        I have their Memory Lane collection and their RADIO:ACTIVE album.


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          Transylvania is their best track by far.


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            Originally posted by Spartan
            Transylvania is their best track by far.
            Also my favourite. I am still their big fan and I love their chemistry and friendship.
            Waffles are checked cookies


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              Wonderland and Motion In the Ocean are my favourite McFly records.


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                Just announced their comeback in a refreshingly honest interview.

                Basically said that they were buzzing with their new album but when James and Matt joined it changed the dynamic so when they left the relationship they had left for the previous ten years had changed and not for the better.

                They are performing their scrapped sixth album and hits at The O2 November 20th and releasing a track a week from the album in the lead up then seeing where it goes.
                Uk the only way