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    Rumour has it that there will be a re-release of Out Of The Blue this year as it will celebrate its 30th anniversary.
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      That would be cool. Not my favorite album from her (Anything is Possible and Body Mind Soul are my personal faves), but the singles were really good.

      Foolish Beat >>>>>
      "Dion's voice glides effortlessly from deep whispers to dead-on high notes, a sweet siren that combines force with grace."
      - Time


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        Debbie will release a special box set this year to celebrate 30 years since her first album.

        It will include hard to find rare tracks and even new songs.
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          Shake Your Love>>>>


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            Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together Box set, Collector's Edition 13 Discs - October 20th :

            The definitive pop collection featuring 10CDs + 3DVDs, presented in a beautiful 12" x 12" coffee table book. This is Debbie's first-ever full career retrospective celebrating 30 years (1987-2017), and includes over 200 tracks.
            All the classic hits including Shake Your Love, Foolish Beat, Only In My Dreams, Electric Youth, You're The One That I Want, Lost In Your Eyes and many more...
            Eight classic albums - Out Of The Blue, Electric Youth, Anything Is Possible, Body Mind Soul plus the first-ever UK release of Think With Your Heart, Deborah, M.Y.O.B. and Ms. Vocalist
            Remixes CD - featuring classic 12-inch mixes from Shep Pettibone, Steve 'Silk' Hurley, Masters At Work, Harding/Curnow, Junior Vasquez and more...
            Stage, Screen & Beyond CD - featuring sought-after rarities from throughout Debbie's career plus exclusive, previously unheard new recordings!
            Classic videos and live concerts on DVD for the very first time plus exclusive bonus footage
            Lavish 12" x 12" book packaging with 32-page 'scrapbook' containing rare and unseen pictures personally chosen by Debbie
            Debbie's own in-depth commentary plus a brand new interview with producer Fred Zarr
            The Amazon Exclusive Edition comes with a 12" x 12" print signed by Debbie Gibson and is strictly limited to 750.

            Track Listings
            Disc: 1
            1. Out Of The Blue
            2. Staying Together
            3. Only In My Dreams
            4. Foolish Beat
            5. Red Hot
            6. Wake Up To Love
            7. Shake Your Love
            8. Fallen Angel
            9. Play The Field
            10. Between The Lines
            11. Only In My Dreams [Extended Club Mix]
            12. Shake Your Love [Club Mix]
            13. Out Of The Blue [Club Mix]
            14. Staying Together [Remix]
            15. Foolish Beat [Extended Mix]

            Disc: 2
            1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
            2. Lost In Your Eyes
            3. Love In Disguise
            4. Helplessly In Love
            5. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words)
            6. Should've Been The One
            7. Electric Youth
            8. No More Rhyme
            9. Over The Wall
            10. We Could Be Together
            11. Shades Of The Past
            12. Lost In Your Eyes [Piano & Vocal Mix]
            13. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) [Acoustic Mix]
            14. No More Rhyme [Acoustic Mix]
            15. We Could Be Together [Campfire Mix]
            16. Electric Youth [Latin Edit]
            17. Over The Wall [Dub Version]
            18. We Could Be Together [Extended Version]

            Disc: 3
            1. Another Brick Falls
            2. Anything Is Possible
            3. Reverse Psychology
            4. One Step Ahead
            5. Stand Your Ground
            6. Deep Down
            7. It Must've Been My Boy
            8. Lead Them Home My Dreams
            9. One Hand, One Heart
            10. Sure
            11. Negative Energy
            12. Mood Swings
            13. Try
            14. In His Mind
            15. Where Have You Been?
            16. This So - Called Miracle
            17. So Close To Forever
            18. The Most Beautiful Love Song

            Disc: 4
            1. Love Or Money
            2. Do You Have It In Your Heart?
            3. Free Me
            4. Shock Your Mama
            5. Losin' Myself
            6. How Can This Be?
            7. When I Say No
            8. Little Birdie
            9. Kisses 4 One
            10. Tear Down These Walls
            11. Goodbye
            12. Eyes Of The Child
            13. Love Or Lust
            14. Kisses 4 One (Percappella)
            15. Losin' Myself (T - Ray's Acoustic Mix)
            16. Free Me (Extended Mix)

            Disc: 5
            1. For Better Or Worse
            2. Didn't Have The Heart
            3. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
            4. Dancin' In My Mind
            5. Dontcha Want Me Now?
            6. Can't Do It Alone
            7. Think With Your Heart
            8. Too Fancy
            9. You Don't Have To See
            10. Two Young Kids
            11. Interlude / Tony's Rehearsal
            12. Let's Run Away

            Disc: 6
            1. Prelude
            2. Ode To A Would - Be Lover
            3. Moonchild
            4. Only Words
            5. Naturally
            6. Nobody's You
            7. Cry Tonight
            8. Where I Wanna Be
            9. Butterflies Are Free
            10. Give Me Your Love
            11. Just Wasn't Love
            12. I Can't
            13. People
            14. Don't Rain On My Parade
            15. I Will Let You Go
            16. My Boyfriend's Girlfriend [Maxi - Pop]
            17. You Belong To Me
            18. Only In My Dreams [1997 Dance Edit]
            19. Only Words [Dance Edit]
            20. My Boyfriend's Girlfriend [Unplugged]

            Disc: 7
            1. M.Y.O.B.
            2. Your Secret
            3. What You Want
            4. Down That Road
            5. The One
            6. Wishing You Were Here
            7. What Part Of No
            8. In Blue
            9. Jaded
            10. Knock Three Times with Tony Orlando
            11. Light The World with Peabo Bryson
            12. Comes Right Back [Campfire Mix]
            13. M.Y.O.B. [Dance Mix]
            14. Your Secret [Hot Vocal Radio Mix]

            Disc: 8
            1. Tsunami
            2. Say Yes
            3. I Love You
            4. Roman Hiko
            5. Suddenly - Love Story wa Totsuzen ni
            6. True Love
            7. Hitomi o Tojite
            8. Sakurazaka
            9. However
            10. Robinson
            11. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 [English Version]
            12. Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto (with Eric Martin)
            13. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 [Japanese Version]

            Disc: 9
            1. Electric Youth [Deep House Mix]
            2. We Could Be Together [House Mix]
            3. Anything Is Possible [12 - Inch Remix]
            4. One Step Ahead [Club Mix]
            5. Losin' Myself [12 - Inch Masters At Work]
            6. Free Me [Smoove Free Club Mix]
            7. Only Words [Arena Club Vocal Mix]
            8. Only In My Dreams '98 [Club Mix]
            9. Your Secret [Secret Party Mix]
            10. Medley [Debbie Gibson Mega Mix]

            Disc: 10
            1. In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember)
            2. Come Home (Wonder Years)
            3. Without You
            4. Someday with Chris Cuevas
            5. Hopelessly Devoted To You
            6. You're The One That I Want with Craig McLachlan
            7. With All My Heart
            8. Someone You Love with The O'Neill Brothers
            9. Sounds Like Love
            10. Say Goodbye with Jordan Knight
            11. Naked
            12. Already Gone
            13. Rise
            14. Promises
            15. Wonderland [Cutting Room Floor Mix]
            16. Snake Charmer
            17. Famous
            18. RCVR with Big Black Delta
            19. Rise [Revolution Mix]
            20. Dance Dance
            21. Cougar
            22. Pop Circus
            23. Only In My Dreams 2016 [Acoustic Version]

            Disc: 11
            1. Only In My Dreams
            2. Shake Your Love
            3. Out Of The Blue
            4. Foolish Beat
            5. Staying Together
            6. Lost In Your Eyes
            7. Electric Youth
            8. No More Rhyme
            9. We Could Be Together
            10. Anything Is Possible
            11. This So - Called Miracle
            12. One Hand, One Heart
            13. Someday with Chris Cuevas
            14. Losin' Myself
            15. Shock Your Mama
            16. You're The One That I Want with Craig McLachlan
            17. For Better Or Worse
            18. Didn't Have The Heart
            19. Only Words
            20. What You Want
            21. Already Gone
            22. I Love You
            23. Shake Your Love [12 - Inch Version]
            24. Out Of The Blue [12 - Inch Version]
            25. Electric Youth [Long Version]
            26. We Could Be Together [Long Version]
            27. Anything Is Possible [UK Version]
            28. Only Words [Dance Version]
            29. Electric Youth Reloaded with Jace Hall

            Disc: 12
            1. Staying Together
            2. Foolish Beat
            3. Shake Your Love
            4. In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember)
            5. Lost In Your Eyes
            6. Should've Been The One
            7. Out Of The Blue
            8. Only In My Dreams
            9. We Could Be Together
            10. Crocodile Rock
            11. Who Loves Ya Baby?
            12. Over The Wall
            13. Lost In Your Eyes
            14. Don't Flirt With Me
            15. Dance To The Music
            16. Love Under My Pillow
            17. Should've Been The One
            18. We Could Be Together
            19. No More Rhyme
            20. Electric Youth

            Disc: 13
            1. For Better Or Worse
            2. Didn't Have The Heart
            3. Your Love Amazes Me
            4. Too Fancy
            5. Lost In Your Eyes
            6. Let's Run Away
            7. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
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              That is the best fan service treatment ever!


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                Holy Moly that's a great set!


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                  I was just checking her, Taylor Dayne and Tiffany's discographies recently, it's great that we're getting remastered versions of all her songs!


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                    Coming from Wounded Bird a month before the Debbie Gibson Boxset is a 2 CD Compilation titled 'The Singles - As & Bs' on September 26th :

                    Disc: 1
                    1. Only in My Dreams (Vocal)
                    2. Only in My Dreams (Dub)
                    3. Wake Up to Love
                    4. Shake Your Love (Vocal)
                    5. Shake Your Love (Bad Dub Version)
                    6. Red Hot (Vocal/LP Version)
                    7. Out of the Blue
                    8. Out of the Blue (Edited Dub)
                    9. Fallen Angel
                    10. Foolish Beat
                    11. Staying Together (Vocal)
                    12. Staying Together (Dub Edit)
                    13. No More Rhyme
                    14. Over the Wall (Dub Version)
                    15. Lost in Your Eyes
                    16. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix)
                    17. Lost in Your Eyes (Piano & Vocal Mix)

                    Disc: 2
                    1. We Could Be Together
                    2. No More Rhyme (Acoustic Version)
                    3. Electric Youth
                    4. One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix)
                    5. One Step Ahead (LP Version)
                    6. Anything Is Possible
                    7. So Close to Forever
                    8. One Hand, One Heart
                    9. The Most Beautiful Love Song
                    10. Without You
                    11. This So-Called Miracle (Edited Version)
                    12. (This So-Called Miracle (Full Version)
                    13. Shock Your Mama ((The London Apprentice Edit)
                    14. Love or Lust
                    15. In His Mind
                    16. Eyes of the Child
                    17. Love or Money
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                      The We Could Be Together box set is going to be even more fabulous!

                      Two remixes have been added to disc 9.

                      And a sixteen song 1991 concert has been added to disc 13 (dvd),

                      Even more excited now!!!

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                        A look at the box set.

                        Debbie was also doing Dancing With The Stars this season... but she got voted off already. :(
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                          Can't wait for the box set!!!!!

                          Just listen to this remix of Electric Youth!

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                            YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received the box set yesterday.

                            And it's even more fabulous than I expected.
                            Disc 5 has two bonus tracks that were not listed in advance.

                            And... my name is in the shout outs to her fans in the book!
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                              Only In My Dreams <3
                              Originally posted by beredy
                              When people see your post this is what they see:



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                                  Her ballads are soooo good
                                  Foolish beat, Lost in your eyes and No more rhyme!


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                                    Originally posted by red3269
                                    Her ballads are soooo good
                                    Foolish beat, Lost in your eyes and No more rhyme!
                                    So true. Other ballads I really love:

                                    In His Mind
                                    Where Have You Been
                                    Between The Lines
                                    Cry Tonight

                                    Actually, to many to name.
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                                      Originally posted by GetBack
                                      That is the best fan service treatment ever!
                                      I know. Wish there were more singers out there that gave us a box set like this.
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                                        Great to see Debbie getting some love on this forum in other threads for Butterflies Are Free and Anything Is Possible.
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                                          For the week ending March 4, 1989, Lost In Your Eyes hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
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                                            Great post on: ... otb30.html

                                            The #OOTB30 Project:
                                            Debbie Gibson's debut album, Out Of The Blue, turned thirty years old last year (2017). Not only did it mark the start of a diverse, enduring career for the person who would quickly become (and remain) my favourite singer, it gave me an album that has accompanied me on my life's journey. I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion - thus launched my own #OutOfTheBlue30 retrospective celebration. Starting with the week Only In My Dreams debuted on the Billboard 100, each subsequent single (as well as the parent album) will be reviewed and remembered on the 30th anniversary of its USA release date (as here in my native England, we often had to wait a few weeks for the same release). It is a project that will take just over a year to complete - I hope you'll join me as we pay tribute to one of my favourite pop albums of all time. Oh, and do feel free to leave your own thoughts/memories in the comments box. I'd love to hear them.

                                            Foolish Beat:

                                            From the moment I popped the cassette album of Out Of The Blue into my mum's in-car stereo, she was an ardent fan and supporter of my fandom for Debbie Gibson. She helped me budget my pocket money so that I would have enough to buy the music of my idols, she encouraged me to learn pop songs as part of my piano lessons and she was fervent in her belief that learning the dance moves from videos was as valid an exercise as any! Most importantly, she knew how to spot a hit. As soon as she heard what would eventually become Debbie's fourth single, Foolish Beat, she proclaimed it a number one smash (slightly unrelated sidebar, your honour - she would do the same a year later with The Bangles' Eternal Flame). As history shows, she wasn't wrong. It was her favourite song on the album - and one, despite advancing dementia, that she still recalls to this day (and one of several select songs that seem to help her emerge from her reverie). For those who had not dabbled in the singer's debut album, Foolish Beat represented quite a change of pace, her first ballad after a stream of pop-dance smashes. Even the cover art seemed to showcase a different side of Debbie - she certainly looked her most grown up yet, with a pensive, yearning gaze that matched the melancholy of the song's narrative. It was also the song that felt most inspired by her idol, George Michael (who debuted the same week with his own aching ballad, One More Try). He had written, arranged, sung and produced A Different Corner which topped the UK charts (only the second solo credits song to do so, after Stevie Wonder's I Just Called To Say I Love You). Debbie was about to set her own records with the similarly dreamy Foolish Beat...

                                            George Michael dedicated A Different Corner to a memory. Foolish Beat would go on to become the soundtrack to every fractured relationship you ever had - a musical memory that lives through the ages. There was no need at all to change it from the album version for the single release because it was/is perfect as it was/is. From that sumptuous sax intro and the elegiac piano that dances like raindrops running down a window pane, the scene is set for self-reflection and regret. Debbie is an elegant, wistful raconteur, breathing life into poetic lyrics that gave voice to emotions I all too often in my life didn't know how to verbalise. With beautifully textured verses, a sing-along chorus and a middle 8 which heightened the sense of loss and despair, everything about this song coalesces to be as earnest and honest a portrayal of the end of love as the Out Of The Blue song is for the start of a new romance. You get the impression she sings not to make it better, but because it is just too painful to keep it all in. In that sense, Foolish Beat is a cathartic release of feelings that will surely lead to a better tomorrow (and hey, her next single, Staying Together, showed she was determined to get her man)! Like OOTB, it was the hot shot debut at number 57, shimmying its way up the hot 100 (and adult contemporary charts) until it became her first number one single. While the song is widely known as STILL holding the record for Debbie being the youngest person to write, produce and perform a number one hit, it also established another record - she became the first teen singer to have four top five hits before her 18th birthday (previous record holder? Stevie Wonder who managed two). In the UK, it was released two weeks after she topped the charts stateside, meaning that Foolish Beat - US NUMBER ONE adverts dominated the teen beat magazines of the day. It would go on to become her second top ten in the UK and spurred the parent album to its highest position yet.

                                            It is worth noting that, just because this was a ballad, Atlantic didn't skimp on the 12" package. Whilst the 7" was backed with a gorgeous instrumental version (where the song got a jazz-lite makeover, with the sax taking on the melody), the 12" got a lovely, languorous extended version which really let the emotions of the music breathe. Peppered with extended sax solos and moments of sparse percussion, rarely has heartache sounded so graceful. Debbie sold consistently well on the 12" club charts so fans and DJs were also rewarded with some new uptempo magic - there was a decadent ten minute Dream House mix of Only In My Dreams (which started with the words "foolish beat" over the throbbing beats and sizzling rhythm). House piano chords and vocal interpolations enlivened this-by-now-familiar track all over again (and is the main mix of OIMD that I find myself returning to). In addition, there was a megamix of her first three singles, blended together with mellifluous skill to take you on a whirling, swirling journey backwards from Out Of The Blue via Shake Your Love to OIMD. Magical.
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                                              New single out now via her website:

                                              Your Forever Girl
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                                                Re: Debbie Gibson

                                                Losing mysef was such a gem
                                                YOU cant blame nobody but YOU


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                                                  YOUR FOREVER GIRL

                                                  On our wedding day
                                                  You will hear me say "I love you"
                                                  And, I will forever
                                                  With this sacred vow
                                                  We both should take a bow
                                                  Cuz our love is stronger than ever

                                                  You can tell me that the weather's gonna change
                                                  My darlin' we will always stay the same
                                                  Our love it will remain forever

                                                  I do and you do too
                                                  It's like a summer dream come true
                                                  And, you.... I give you my world
                                                  Oooh Oooh
                                                  I will and I will forever more
                                                  Promise to honor and adore
                                                  Cuz I'm yours
                                                  Your forever girl

                                                  Never saw myself in the nest
                                                  White picket fence and a wedding dress
                                                  But, you saved me from the fear of forever
                                                  You can take your lights and your neon signs
                                                  Nothing shines brighter than your heart and mine
                                                  And, you know.... you are my one man show

                                                  Baby baby now my life is one hit song
                                                  Number one and always goin' strong
                                                  The one I've been singing all along

                                                  I do and you do too
                                                  It's like a summer dream come true
                                                  And, you.... I give you my world
                                                  Oooh Oooh
                                                  I will and I will forever more
                                                  Promise to honor and adore
                                                  Cuz I'm yours
                                                  Your forever

                                                  Oooh baby now my life is one hit song
                                                  Number one and always goin' strong
                                                  The one I've been singing all along

                                                  I will ... forever more
                                                  Promise to honor oh
                                                  Cuz I'm yours
                                                  Your forever girl
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