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General Artists Discussion: Rules & Guidelines

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  • General Artists Discussion: Rules & Guidelines

    Welcome to the UKMIX General Artists Discussion, a forum to allow discussion of artists during and between releases. The purpose of these forums is to allow for interesting and open discussion of the artists in question, strengths and weaknesses. The purpose is not to become "exclusive clubs" or fan rooms like a fansite would be. That is, no one "owns" the forum or has the right to determine who does or does not have a right to post in the thread. People should feel free to be critical of an artist without fear of attack by an individual or group of individuals. People should feel free to praise an artist without fear of being mocked by trolls or fans of other artists. With these facts in mind, here are a few general forum rules, in the spirit of the general site rules.

    1. As always, with any thread on UKMIX, personal attacks against other users will not be tolerated. Such attacks will result in the proper warnings and/or bans per the UKMIX rules. Personal attacks include comments like "You are not welcome in this forum. Please go away."

    2. Entering an artist's forum with the purpose to mock and/or humiliate the fans of the artist (i.e. trolling) will also not be tolerated and result in the same kind of warnings/ bans as in rule #1. Such conduct, when it happens, should be reported to a Mod or Admin for action, not handled in the forum itself. Fights often escalate due to the back and forth between fans and trolls.

    3. Comments critical of an artist are not necessarily trolling. It is fine to say "This song by XXXX is a disappointment" or "I wish XXXX had handled the single release differently." The line between criticism and trolling is a fine one, yes, and it is the job of the Mods to discern between the two.

    4. If problems continue to arise along the lines of #1-3, there is discussion in Moderation circles that this forum should not be on UKMIX. I asked to be added to this forum as a Mod to try to save it. We need you to help us make this forum a more friendly place, a place people feel welcome and not in need of being accepted by a clique, UKMIX is NOT a fan site. If people want such a forum, visit other places.

    As always, feedback is welcome. Feel free to PM me or any other Mods with questions and/or concerns.
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    In light of recent events in the General Artists Discussion forum, the moderating team has taken the decision to revisit and remind posters of the rules [mainly the rules outlined below] that not only govern the section but also the site at large.
    • i. The General Artists Discussion forum was set up as a discussion forum for non-current album/chart specific discussions [i.e. old albums/singles are fine to be discussed in the relevant GAD topics] - so in essence, anything that doesn't already have its own discussion topic can be discussed within the GAD forum, providing its within UKMIX rules [i.e. NSFW discussions are not tolerated] and relates to the artist in question. Sometimes the lines can get blurred, and it is up to the moderators to then discern what is right and wrong. But generally speaking, it will usually be quite evident. So for e.g. discussion on the new Mariah Carey album must take place in the relevant genre topic and not in the GAD topic or the chart topic [unless it relates to charts]. However, discussion on the rumoured upcoming Madonna album must take place in the GAD topic as no current topic for the rumoured album exists. If you're ever in doubt over what should be discussed where, ask yourself this question - does a topic already exist for the matter I want to discuss? If it does, you shouldn't be using the GAD topic.
    • ii. In line with the general UKMIX rules, any form of trolling will be dealt with immediately - it will result in an immediate ban. Equally, any form of stanning will also result in an immediate ban [exact details of the UKMIX ban policy will be confirmed soon].

    You can view the GAD rules here & the main site rules here.

    If anybody feels that they cannot comply with the above and with UKMIX's general rules, then you probably shouldn't be posting here. We are not trying to stifle discussion, we are merely trying to direct posters to the relevant topics and forums.