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What do you think of the 45 Cat websites?

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  • What do you think of the 45 Cat websites?

    For those that don't know what the 45 Cat site is, they are a collection of items (mostly records) upload to the site in a catalogue format. So you can search for records etc from all over the world, find out the detailed information that appears on the label, plus when a record came out. You can also upload pictures of the labels in your own collection and talk about labels and records to others.

    Too me it would be a great site and a valuable resource for anyone doing any research for whatever purpose relating to the music industry.
    However in that last six months or so, in my view, the site has gone down the hill.
    When they first started the site the number of records was small and so system could easily cope with the need to set limits. But with now loads of records the search became bad. In 2019 you could search for records, but were limited to 100 results. I posted on the forum about the need to expand this and several others also said that it needed expanding. For example it wasn't till about 1963 that records in the UK were issued weekly. Prior to that they were issued once a month. By 1960 loads of records were issued every month, far more than 100. So with the limit it was impossible to see the full months supply. As you can imagine the 1955 to 1960 was a great time for the industry, so it was a major problem seeing only 100 records.
    Then this year without telling anyone the reduced the limit to only 50 results. For a time this was only in place on the 45 Cat side. Then this week, the also rolled out the 50 limit on the 45 Worlds site, meaning that all 78 records were limited to 50 result. The 100 result limit was not to bad when it came to before 1955, with a monthly search producing 80 to 90 results. But even that is useless with the 50 limit.

    I tried telling them about it, but got nowhere. I even argued that if it was something to do with money then as long as it wasn't a profit site they could get funds from charities and the like to get money to do what it wanted.
    I even tried to find out who owns the sites. To see if they could get the money. But I got nowhere again with that. With the thread turning into a debate on copyright.

    Can you imagine if UKMIX operated in the same way? Not knowing who owns the site. Not listening to user comments and withdrawing features without telling anyone!

    Telling them about it produces this result - From a moderator!!!
    This is a wonderful site, with an extremely user friendly search facility.

    Why don't you relocate over to Discogs?
    Meanwhile they have introduced a valuation section which users report as fuelling over priced records on E-Bay.
    Also features of the site are not available on all parts. For example the "most collected" which gives an idea of popularity is not on the 78 section. Nevertheless the do have the valuation section search there!
    Education for anyone aged 12 to 16 has made a mess of the world!

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    I've found it an extremely useful source for finding information on old records, label scans etc. And the same applies to 45worlds for shellac records (for newer releases, I tend to use Discogs).

    As for which one I prefer out of 45cat and Discogs, that's hard to say... Both have some releases listed (and scans available) that can't be found on the other site. One thing that I think Discogs does better is that they list every label variant and such separately, 45cat even lumps together releases from different decades if they have the same release number (as you can see here). But one area where 45cat wins is if you want to look at releases by an artist or label in a single country. You'll get them sorted nicely (like this), on Discogs it isn't as convenient as you have to use the search (which works decently for artists but is very inconvenient for labels).


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      If you try the second link on my first post it will say NOT FOUND
      That shows you how undemocratic the site is. There was no warning it was being removed and the moderators can e-mail you. So they deleted the whole thread. Nobody was being offensive to anyone and it broke no rules.
      One Moderator (when pressed) just said "It's a Fun site".

      If you ask them anything about changes to the site. Then either you get no replies or somebody saying (trying to be helpful) of a way to do it, which of course doesn't work or that you have already tried. If you press them on it, the moderators say your being rude to members or them. And explaining that your not, results in the removal of the thread. As above.

      I actually think lots of people doing research use the site, so to them it's not just for fun. I have several times made a list of new release records using the site's search system, for several years in the 1960's. These are still available on my blog site. That was hours or research it wasn't fun at all. It just needed to be done. That was only possible because the search results were set at 100 results. Even then I had to use a combination of the search options to get some of the records to appear, due to the 100 limit. With the new 50 limit doing that now, well I don't think you could.

      45 Cat is number ONE

      For this years award for the biggest bunch of idiots that run a site.
      Education for anyone aged 12 to 16 has made a mess of the world!