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  • This was a rushed album, and it feels like one... Although I loved Heartbreaker and it's remix, and had BIG expectations for the album, it ended up being a mid point effort. I like many songs though, but coming right after Butterfly and #1s, this felt dissapointing.

    Anyway, the Heratbreak era was amazing. I loved the video and song, and for the first time I bought the single which was available in Argentina, something very rare here. It helped me reduce the tension while I awaited the album release. I think I bought the album the same day the album dropped. And while I listen and couldn't connect to almost any song, the booklet felt cheap too. I gave it a lot of tries and ended up liking some songs, in fact Petals and Against All Odds are amongst her best imo, but the whole thing was raw...

    The best thing ever about this era was that Mariah was dating Luis Miguel, and that he did a tour and that was the first and only time Mariah visited Argentina and I went to a record signing event and could look in her eyes and tell her I loved her. She was extremely beautiful, her super straight hair, her smile. Her voice saying "oh, thank you" still sounds in my head (and heart). Sadly she didn't do a show or anything, just a TV appearance, or a couple. But hey, I got Rainbow outographed and Mariah saw me in the eye, so this is the best era ever lol


    • The remixes for this album are epic. I think TGIFY remix is up there with her best.
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      • Butterfly
        Forever going to be my fav record of all time. back then, it was much easier to get immersed into a song or even an album without having to listen or read every one opinions and analyzes, as it happened since. I could actually form MY OWN opinion and feel like I was the only one in the world that a certain song or a lyric touched. I felt that way the most about Butterfly - first the song and quickly after about the whole album. It was that special to me (& only me). though now It feels like being 1 of the millions of lambs and regular listeners who loves it, I still have my own way of feeling about it that it's uniquely mine.

        Butterfly is the album that best stood the test of time and somehow manages to sound as current and exciting as ever. I have so many memoires, I honesty don't know where or how to begin... but, to make long story short, I love all the little details Mariah put on to this album, I know every single one. I love the lyrics and the melodies, the productions, the live performances, the videos, the interviews - everything.

        That era had so much more to expand in terms of releasing singles and promo - it was such a waste BUT we got The Roof & Breakdown videos and a couple of live performances for us to entertain and treasure for life.
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        • Rainbow: So after Butterfly (which was at the time my least favorite Mariah album) was her last full album and so I was really looking forward with what she would come up next. I bought the album on the day of release and was sooooooooo happy! It felt so much stronger than Butterfly to me even though she did use some rappers on Rainbow as well. Somehow I could connect to them more instantly and felt the Rainbow sound was more catchy overall. And I loved the colourful booklet!
          The tour was another thing to make me love this era. Like the Daydream Tour I went twice. She didn't come to the Netherlands, but she performed in Antwerp, Belgium, which is about as far a ride as when she would have performed in one of the big cities here. Then my friend (who sold me her brother's ticket so we could go to the Daydream concert together and who arranged for us to go to Paris to see a second Daydream concert) asked me to join her to London for a second Rainbow concert. I was in doubt as it would be a lot of money, ticket/travelling/hotel. But she arranged for us to stay at her grandmothers (who lived in London) and my husband urged me to go or I would regret it. So we went and it was just great to see Mariah twice again! At the first concert in Antwerp, Mariah let us wait a long time before she actually came onto the stage, but when she did, she gave us a two hour long show. Unfortunately there was a lot of negativity about the concert in the newspapers the next day. So when she performed in London, almost all videos with Bianca were gone. Yes, they were gringy sometimes, but I could see the fun of it. Luckily the one video with Bianca that was still in the show featured some Dutch fans I know, so that was nice. She also left out two songs to make the show shorter. One of them being Sweetheart which was one of my favorite Mariah songs (and a Top 40 hit here), so that was a bit of a disappointment, but I was glad I had at least heard her perform in Antwerp. I could understand the critism about the Bianca clips (you have to be a fan to understand the fun of it, I guess), but how could anyone say there were too many songs?!! I felt grateful I had seen the first show with everything like she had meant it to be.

          Heartbreaker: I love the video and the album version. The no-rap version is also a favorite of mine of course, although I don't mind the Jay-Z rap at all. It fits the song and is fun, a nice addition. The remix is someting I usually skip though as there is way too much rap for my taste. The dance remixes on the other hand are just brilliant. They took a while to grow on me as I really love the added "If You Should Ever Be Lonely" part, but those versions are really long and I'm not always in the mood for those 10 minute versions. My favorite version is the live version where she combines the song with Love Hangover.

          Can't Take That Away: I was really happy for Mariah to work with one of my favorite songwriters: Diane Warren. And how I LOVE this song. I was going through some hard times and the lyrics of this song always gave me comfort.

          How Much: I loved this song a lot! The voice of Usher goes really well with Mariah and the sample is just perfect for this song. When Beyonce and Toni Braxton used the same sample I thought their songs were boring and couldn't stand in the shadow of what Mariah did with it.

          X-Girlfriend: Although I don't listen to this song that often anymore, at the time it was one of my very favorites of the album. It was one of my most played songs back then. I thought it was a lot of fun and hoped it would be a future single. I was really happy she performed this one during the Rainbow Tour. I always imagined Mariah on stage at Jerry Springer's in the video.

          Against All Odds: First time I heard it, I didn't like it at all. I really loved Phil Collins' version and this was so different. But it grew quickly on me and became one of my all time favorite covers. I loved to sing along to this one. I loved it when Westlife gave her another #1 in the UK. And here in the Netherlands it became a hit twice. First the solo version and just as it had left the Top 40, the new version entered the charts. Although neither version reached the Top 10, it is well remembered and often chosen at talent shows (especially the duet version).

          Crybaby: I thought this was just an "okay" song at first. But when it was released as a single and I saw the video, I really fell in love with it. And although I hardly ever drink alcohol, I just had to try Baileys (and it now is one of the very few alcoholic drinks I really like). I prefer the single version (with less rap), but I don't mind the rap too much here as it fits and flows really well with the song.

          Did I Do That?: I love the melody of this song and how catchy it is. The rappers are awful IMO, so much screaming, but even they can't make me hate on the song. Just too good.

          Petals: This is the Looking In, the Outside of this album. A personal, not-commercial, album track near the end of the album. I loved Looking In and although I love the Outside lyrics, I always felt it lacked in melody. But here was Petals, which was a lot longer than the other two and had such nice layers and sweet melody that I think this is the best one out of those three.

          Rainbow Interlude: Way too short, but a great interlude. She once said she was thinking of making it a longer song in the future, but I think we are passed that now, so I'm no longer hoping for a longer version and enjoy Rainbow for the beautiful interlude that it is.

          Thank God I Found You: This felt a lot like One Sweet Day part 2 IMO and I thought for that reason it would be a perfect future single. When it was released I especially enjoyed the StarGate Radio Edit. Such a way better intro than the album version. And although I am not really a fan of the Make It Last Remixes, I was grateful we got a re-sung remix, a bonus video and a no-rap version of that said remix. I also loved her singing the song with Trey Lorenz. I always prefer a duet to be sung with an actual present singer than the original singer on a screen (like she does when performing When You Believe).

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          • Rainbow
            By the time Rainbow was released, I was already a big fan, but still a new one. as I was "on my way" of getting to know her previous work, as the first new Mariah album for me, I had anxiously anticipated it to come out. Heartbreaker was already HUGE and everywhere, I used to play it all day long and watched the video 30 times a day on MTV/VH-1 (I remember waiting by the TV, switching between the two channels, just so I won't miss it lol) and absolutely loved everything about it!

            I think I managed to purchase the album the week it was released (also a first time for me). When I heard the album in full for the first time, I wasn't really impressed by it, I didn't get/like the sequencing of the songs and was constantly waiting to hear big vocal moments, which oddly I didn't dig on CTTA (but later learned to appreciate), so the first song to click familiar with me was Against All Odds and that is track #9, so I was a lil' underwhelmed but it was still good.

            Petals + Rainbow interlude, Crybaby & Bliss are the stand out songs for me and the remix of TGIFU is probably my fav of all time.

            Rainbow was a changing period in both Mariah's music and personal life, and as time pasted, it became more evident of that, as it can be spotted all over the record and her appearances during that era.
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            • Album Title: Glitter
              Release Date: September 11th 2001 by Virgin

              General Info: Mariah signed an unprecedented $100 million, five-album recording contract with Virgin Records (EMI Records) in April 2001. Glitter was a complete musical departure from any of her previous releases, focusing heavily on recreating a 1980s post-disco era to accompany the film, set in 1983, and she was given full conceptual and creative control over the project.
              On July 26 2001, Mariah was hospitalized citing "extreme exhaustion" and a "physical and emotional breakdown." She was admitted to an undisclosed hospital in Connecticut, and remained under doctor's care for two weeks, followed by an extended absence from the public. Virgin Records and 20th Century Fox delayed the release of both Glitter, as well as its soundtrack of the same name. Mariah later credited the project's poor performance on her state of mind during the time of its release, its postponement, as well as the soundtrack having been released on September 11. Mariah's record deal with Virgin Records was bought out for $28 million. Years later she described her time at Virgin "a complete and total stress-fest [...] I made a total snap decision which was based on money and I never make decisions based on money. I learned a big lesson from that."
              Originally, Mariah had sampled the melody and hook from the 1978 Yellow Magic Orchestra song "Firecracker", using an interpolation of it throughout the chorus and introduction. As Mariah had ended her contract with Columbia Records, Jennifer Lopez was signed by Tommy Mottola, and had begun recording material for her album, J.Lo (2001). According to record producer Irv Gotti, Mottola knew of Carey's usage of the "Firecracker" sample, and attempted to have Lopez use the same sample before her. When the music publishers for "Firecracker" were questioned, they admitted Carey had licensed usage of the sample first (and was in fact the first artist to ever request a license for a sample of that song), and Lopez had signed for it over one month later, under Mottola's arrangement. Ultimately Carey was not able to use the original sample, as Lopez's album was to be released far earlier than Glitter. She subsequently changed the composition of "Loverboy", and incorporated a new sample, "Candy" by Cameo. The "Firecracker" sample was eventually used by Lopez on her song "I'm Real" and according to Gotti, Mottola contacted him with instructions to create the Murder Remix of "I'm Real" to sound exactly like another Glitter track he produced, titled "If We" featuring rappers Ja Rule and Nate Dogg.

              Reviews: Upon release, both the album and its accompanying film were met with generally negative reviews from critics, who felt it failed in trying to capture a genuine 1980s theme, and there were too many guest appearances. Retrospective reviews, however, have been largely positive, with many saying the album was unfairly maligned.

              Commercial performance: While it debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200, it was Carey's lowest first-week sales of any album she had ever released. Internationally, it peaked outside the top ten in many countries, but topped the charts in Japan. Glitter became Carey's least successful album at the time, selling two million copies worldwide.


              US UK AUS CAN FRA GER
              Loverboy (feat. Cameo) 2 12 7 3 54 57
              Reflections (Care Enough) - - - - - -
              Never Too Far - 32 36 - - 97
              Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica) (feat. Mystikal) - - - - - -
              Never Too Far/Hero Medley 81 - - - - -

              Accolades: -

              YouTube: Views belong to the official video as of March 8th 2021


              Songs listed in the ballot:
              Didn't Mean to Turn You On
              Don't Stop Funkin' 4 Jaimaica) [ft. Mystikal]
              All My Life
              Reflections (Care Enough)
              Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (ft. Busta Rhymes, Fabolous & DJ Clue)
              Want You (ft. Eric Benét)
              Never Too Far
              Loverboy (ft. Cameo)
              Never Too Far/Hero Medley
              Loverboy (Club of Love Remix)
              If We
              Lead The Way
              Loverboy Remix (ft. Da Brat, Lundacris, Twenty II & Shawna)
              Source: wikipedia Mariah Carey & Glitter album.
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              • Some videos but not in any official form:
                Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jaimaica) with the heaven trinity that would later on cover her album Memoirs...
                Loverboy (feat. Cameo) I think I saw this video in MTV LA more than any other of her previous ones... I must say the Firecracker version is better imo and that could have had a better video (although I enjoy this one)
                Loverboy Remix does not add too much to the song
                Never Too Far oscar worthy
                Lead The Way I was addicted to Ally McBeal at that time
                Last Night A DJ nice one
                Refelctions: she hit that piano with such an attitude...

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                • Loverboy, for some very strange reason, was almost everywhere in Argentina back in 2001. The single was available in record stores, the video was in very heavy rotation on MTV and MuchMusic. But to be honest, I was not in love with the project. I found the song strange and I did not clicked with it. Still, as a lamb, I was supportive and bought the record as soon as it was available.

                  On first listen I had mixed emotions with the album. I liked it overall: If We was great but she felt as a feat artist in her own song (something similar to FUnkin' for Jamica), the more 80s tracks were good (Didn't Mean To... and Last Night A DJ...) but they lacked a little soul imo and DJ was extremely long for me, the ballads were beautiful (LEad The Way led the pack by a mile). So it was "this is good but..." all through the album.

                  I come and go with this album. Critics were too harsh, but it's not a misunderstood masterpiece imo...

                  I don't remember how and when I watched the movie. Of course I enjoyed it, but I must admit her acting was weak. I enjoyed other roles from her much more (Wise Girls and PRecious). I am glad anyway we have this movie, as a lmab is a guilty pleasure.
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                  • Glitter: I was thrilled there was a movie to go with it. Especially since Mariah was to play a singer. However, it took some time before I finally saw the movie as there was no theater in my area that played the movie. Once I did see it, I wasn't taken too much by Mariah as an actress, but I liked the storyline and seeing the songs come to life. Bit disappointed how short some songs were featured, especially Loverboy as it was a very important song for Billie in the movie.

                    Although I love Lead The Way and Never Too Far, they don't compare to other ballads from earlier albums IMO.

                    I was thrilled she would do 80s music, but felt some songs didn't feel 80s at all as there were hardly rap features in those days and here Mariah had some heavy rap features on songs like Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, If We and Don't Stop.
                    Still, If We is so catchy, I can't help but enjoy it a lot and don't mind the rap that much.
                    I have a hate/love relationship with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. I love that song, but the rap is way too much and the song drags on too long. I was so looking forward to a single release, hoping it would have a no-rap version and a short Radio Edit. I'm hoping some never before released versions will be released to digital platforms this year as part of her #MC30 celebrations.

                    As for the videos, Loverboy was all over various music channels, but I wasn't really taken by them. I love a more classy Mariah and this was just not it for me. I do like the song, but not as much as previous lead singles. I did feel Loverboy was in the vein of Dreamlover/Fantasy/Honey/Sweetheart/Heartbreaker, but way less strong. My favorite version is the one with Cameo. The remix version is too heavy on non-likeable rap IMO. The cd-single did feature some great remixes.

                    The video I liked best is Don't Stop, but the song is one of my least favorite Mariah songs ever. The song gives her a great vocal moment in the movie, but I can't enjoy the rap parts, which is way too much in this song.
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                    • It’s been a while since I visited the forum, been busy so only catching up now.
                      Daydream; definitely one of my favourites. I remember hearing Fantasy on the radio for the first time. The reception wasn’t very good and I thought she was singing ‘Free free fantasy baby.’ Lol. Anyway it wasn’t long til I realised that wasn’t the lyric. I remember reading an article before the single came out and it said Mariah had collaborated with a rapper, ODB. I have to admit I hadn’t heard of him at that point, I didn’t really know many rap artists. However when I bought the single and heard the remix, I knew something had changed, her sound had changed. I absolutely loved the remix and still enjoy it. I was only 15 when DD was released and it was a good time in my life so I’ve a lot of happy memories listening to Daydream. After doing my scores for this countdown, Daydream is my third highest scoring album.

                      Butterfly; Honey hit hard and that sexy music video was a huge shift in image and sound, it was hinted at during Daydream, especially the remixes but this was something new. I remember listening to Butterfly for the first time and I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t belting every song like on her previous albums. On first listen, I was slightly disappointed I have to admit. I didn’t see (or hear) the beauty in the harmonies, background vocals and runs. As I got older that changed massively and I adore those aspects now, I think it’s why I love her as much as I do. The intricacies in her voice, in my opinion, were on full display on this album. So many standout tracks, basically no skips but for me, Close my Eyes is the one that means most. After doing the scores for this countdown, Butterfly is my highest scoring album.

                      Rainbow; my obsession continued. I loved everything about this era. Heartbreaker had a great video that even my non-fan friends liked. The Divas performance of HB/Love Hangover was fire. I actually came out a week before Rainbow was released and I remember going to the record store to buy the album and there she was with a rainbow. The internet was still very much in its infancy so I hadn’t seen the album cover until then. Although I don’t think it’s one of her best, it has a special place in my heart. Petals is one of her most outstanding songs imo. It was also my first time seeing her in concert; Wembley February 2000, I’ll never forget it. After doing the scores, Rainbow was my 11th highest scoring album.
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                      • I had to cast some votes in here. Not for every last song, but there's a fair amount I know - singles plus "Rainbow" largely.


                        • Just 9 days left to vote folks!
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                          • Leo RayRay what were y’all thinking during the breakdown? Were y’all concerned about Kween’s welfare? Did that saga get any significant press where you were?
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                            • Originally posted by Goldmoney View Post
                              Leo RayRay what were y’all thinking during the breakdown? Were y’all concerned about Kween’s welfare? Did that saga get any significant press where you were?
                              I wasn't too concerned. It did get press, but back then news was much slower. So by the time I read about it, I guess I also read Mariah saying she was just tired. Don't remember feeling concerned about her welfare. More like: "Oh, the press is going overboard again. Mariah is just working too much, just tired. She's gonna be alright soon."
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                              • Glitter

                                Love the soundtrack!!! the movie is a guilty pleasure for me...

                                I had great a great time blasting the album, singing and dancing to it, It was a really fun project and I'm glad it got it's glory moment(s) with the #JusticeforGlitter movement!

                                Lead the Way, Reflections, Never Too Far & All My Life were always my fav from the album. Loverboy is pure fun and cute.
                                #mariahcarey #lambforlife


                                • Originally posted by Goldmoney View Post
                                  Leo RayRay what were y’all thinking during the breakdown? Were y’all concerned about Kween’s welfare? Did that saga get any significant press where you were?
                                  I remember feeling sad that she was going through rough times. I felt she was suffering and she didn't deserve such attacks. I remember seeing the media and, although in small doses, they were kind of mocking her situatioo, like "MAriah is having a tantrum because her new project sucks".I feel that in general people love to see artist climb only to see then later on falling down down down, and she was unfortunately in her low times. But I didn't get an impression of it being a big dangerous stage of her life as I think now it was.

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                                  • I've sent my votes. She has such a big catalogue, it's more impressive when you think that she's heavily involved in songwriting process. Legend.
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                                    • Album Title: Charmbracelet
                                      Release Date: December 3rd 2002 by Island

                                      General Info: According to Carey, love is the album's main theme, and the songs combine introspective and personal themes with celebration and fun. The album contains a mixture of R&B beats, and the songs incorporate elements of other genres, such as gospel and soul. Compared to Glitter, which featured a variety of sampled melodies from the 1980s, Charmbracelet has a softer hip hop and R&B sound to it. Cam'ron, Jay-Z and Freeway also appear on the album. Mariah started writing songs for the album in early 2002, before she signed the record deal. She decided to rest, traveled to Capri and moved into a recording studio where she could focus on writing and recording without distractions. Most of the album was recorded in Capri, although she traveled to Atlanta, New York and Philadelphia to record some tracks.

                                      Reviews: Critics described Charmbracelet as one of her most personal records, following 1997's Butterfly. Critics both praised and criticized the condition of Carey's voice on the album; many called the songs average, and felt that most lacked sufficient hooks.

                                      Commercial performance: Charmbracelet debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 chart, and sold 241,000 copies in its first week. The album peaked within the top 40 in seven countries, including top ten positions in Japan and Switzerland, and sold an estimated three million copies worldwide.


                                      US UK AUS CAN FRA GER
                                      Through The Rain 81 8 15 5 22 36
                                      Boy (I Need You) (feat. Cam'ron) - 17 29 32 51 73
                                      Bringin' On the Heartbreak - - - - - -

                                      Accolades: -

                                      YouTube: Views belong to the official video as of March 11th 2021

                                      Through The Rain Official Video - 58.482.076 views
                                      Boy (I Need You) Official Video feat. Cam'ron - 5.456.316 views
                                      Bringin' on The Heartbreak Official Video - 2.562.305 views

                                      Songs listed in the ballot:

                                      Through the Rain
                                      Boy (I Need You) [ft. Cam'Ron]
                                      The One
                                      You Got Me (ft. Jay-Z & Freeway)
                                      I Only Wanted
                                      My Saving Grace
                                      You Had Your Chance
                                      Irresistible (West Side Connection)
                                      Subtle Invitation
                                      Bringin' On the Heartbreak
                                      Sunflowers for Alfred Roy
                                      Through the Rain (Remix) [ft. Joe & Kelly Price]
                                      Boy (I Need You) Copenhaniacs Remix (feat. Cam'ron)
                                      Boy (I Need You) Remix by The Duke & MVP from Disco Montego
                                      Boy (I Need You) Street Remix (feat. Cam'ron, Juelz Santana, Jimmy Jones & Freeway)
                                      Boy (I Need You) Topnotch TOX Mix (feat. Cam'ron, DJ Olabean, Theeyasan & P.L.)
                                      The One (ft. Bone Crusher) [So So Def Remix]
                                      Source: wikipedia Mariah Carey & Charmbracelet album.
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                                      • I think it's impossible for me to dislike anything Mariah does, specially as she really puts her herat into her projects, but this can be the closest thing to "i hate it" i experienced...

                                        Those were the days, if i am not mistaken, that mariahdaily was the mariah place t be, or was it already over? What I remember is that this was the first era I really tracked through internet, visitng sites to know about news. So I was really anticipating her return, although it felt too soon after Glitter. TTR was cute but I was not in love with it. Still, a good and different first single. Then I bought it the very same day the album was out, got home, put play and, as far as i can remember, I fell asleep. IT felt boring. It still feels boring. Then I listen to it many times so I ended up liking some songs, Subtle Invitation, Irresistible, BOTH. But her whisper registered is overused, nothing new here.

                                        It's probably my least fav album by her, but still I find it a good one.

                                        Boy (I Need You) is such a rare thing in her discography for me. It can be the only 0 for me... I think it's attrocious. But then I am addicted to it... scpecially the remixes Street Remix but specially the HOT AS FIRE Topnotch TOX Mix

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                                        • Glitter; a worrying era. There have been low points since, the New Year’s Eve fiasco and the tree lighting ceremony but none match the Glitter era, thankfully.
                                          It started out ok, Loverboy was ok, it did miss out on that no.1 spot in America and missed out top 10 in UK. It was a long time since that happened. However everything got crazy after that. There were reports of attempted suicide, a mental breakdown and the fact that Loverboy hadn’t done as well as previous lead singles. Mariah was everywhere but not in a good way, the media mocked and laughed at her, they even mocked at her apparent breakdown. It made front page new and they talked about this being the end of her career.
                                          Much was made of her record-breaking deal with Virgin and the fact that they then dumped her. Glitter the movie was released and the critics trashed her and the movie. TRL happened and the voice messages on her web page, it seemed like she was unraveling. As a fan, I was really worried the worst might happen. It just felt like the world was against her. Thankfully brighter days were ahead.
                                          As for the album, it’s not one of my faves but there’s a few good songs, LTW being the highlight for me. On a side note, NTF/Hero medley is great and the original Loverboy which we got in the Rarities is now one of my favourite songs. After the scores, Glitter is my 12th favourite album.
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                                          • Charmbracelet; damage control. I remember thinking at the time that Through the Rain was the perfect lead single, it had Mariah back singing an inspirational ballad. The video was great and it seemed to send the message that ‘I’m ok’ imo. On first listen, I couldn’t quite understand all the whispering and sure enough the media (at least here in the UK) were suggesting she had lost her voice. Some of my friends were also saying that.
                                            Throughout this era she and/or the record label understandably wanted to rebuild her image. She seemed to tone down the Diva thing and she looked so beautiful during this era. On a whole I do think it worked. The tour that followed was also a great move, she was out there reminding people of what she could do: sing! CB tour was the second time I seen her in concert, Wembley, London again. Vocals were amazing.
                                            As for the album, I liked it but I couldn’t ignore the whispering and it still makes me wonder why she did it in practically the whole album. She was on fire lyric-wise though imo. I only Wanted is the highlight for me. After the scoring, CB is 13th on my album list.

                                            I hope these long posts are ok
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                                            • Charmbracelet: First album I tend to skip a lot of the songs. It's not that I hate them, but I find some songs sort of boring. There is no other album where I tend to skip that many songs. On the other hand, it does have some of my very favorite songs ever like Bringin' On The Heartbreak and Through The Rain. I was grateful for I Know What You Want, because although it was mostly a rap record, I really love that song and made the era more enjoyable. And of course her coming to Europe for her World Tour was something I really looked forward to. I still remember sitting on the concrete floor outside of the concert hall, stuck underneath a bit of plastic to shelter me from the rain. I went with my same friend who joined me on the previous tours. I hurt so much after sitting on the concrete for hours, that I promised myself to go for seats (with a number) from now on, so I wouldn't have to go through this ever again.

                                              Through The Rain: It took me some getting used to the way she uses her voice here. I loved the lyrics and video from day one. Her inspirational songs usually are among my favorite ones on an album. And while (surprisingly) it didn't go Top 10 in the US, it did do so here. It was great to see her back high up in the charts here (it was her biggest hit here since Heartbreaker).

                                              Bringin' On The Heartbreak: Probably my favorite song on the album. One of her best covers. Great video, great vocals, great interpretation. Just love everything about it. Could have been a hit, had it been released world wide with some tv-appearances across the world.

                                              You Got Me/The One/Boy (I Need You): Sound a bit the same to me. I prefered You Got Me. I think it's the most catchy one of the three and I liked the rap the most. It was only when Boy was released as a single and we got the no-rap version, it became my new favorite of those three.

                                              Yours: Although I like it, it fails in comparison with her older sisters Underneath The Stars and Fourth of July.

                                              I Only Wanted: Another song that I like, but this one also fails in comparison with her older sisters I Don't Wanna Cry, My All and even when compared to After Tonight.

                                              My Saving Grace: I appreciated it more at the time than I do know. This one fails in comparison with her younger sister Fly Like A Bird.

                                              Clown/You Had Your Chance/Lullaby/Irresistible/Subtle Invation/Sunflowers for Alfred Roy/Through The Rain-remix: Those seven songs sound too boring. I do play them from time to time, but I don't like listening to those as part of the album as I get bored. I need to hear a great up-tempo or big ballad in between.
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                                                  • Album Title: The Emancipation of Mimi
                                                    Release Date: April 12th 2005 by Island

                                                    General Info: After enduring three years of "carping" from critics, Carey planned her return to music. On November 18, 2004, she revealed on her website that the name of the album would be The Emancipation of Mimi. While Carey was recording the album, Island Records executive L.A. Reid had learned that close friends referred to the singer as "Mimi". He had told Carey, "I feel your spirit on this record. You should use that name in the title, because that's the fun side of you that people don't get to see – the side that can laugh at the diva jokes, laugh at the breakdown jokes, laugh at whatever they want to say about you and just live life and enjoy it." Carey explained that Mimi is a "very personal nickname" only used by those in her inner circle, and thus the title meant she was letting her guard down and inviting her fans to be that much closer to her. She thought that naming her album The Emancipation of Mariah Carey would be "obnoxious".
                                                    Although it has similar vocal production to her previous works and an inclination towards her signature ballads, the album encompasses dance-oriented and uptempo styles in keeping with its celebratory motif. Critics noted the theme of independence and lack of restraint, dubbing the album a "party" record. According to Reid, Carey intended for the album to feature a more unpolished sound than her previous releases. The singer had been frustrated with the overproduction on many of her previous records, due to the inclusion of what she considered unnecessary "bells and whistles". She opted to record the majority of The Emancipation of Mimi live, alongside the band. Reid agreed with this decision and felt that the live vocals made the album sound more authentic.

                                                    Reviews: The Emancipation of Mimi received a 64 out of 100 (indicating "generally positive reviews") on Metacritic, a website that averages professional reviews from critics into a numerical score. In the updated edition for the The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time published in 2020 by American magazine Rolling Stone, the album ranked at number 389.

                                                    Commercial performance: It became her first album since Butterfly (1997) to debut at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling over 404,000 copies in its first week and becoming the country's best-selling album of 2005. Internationally, it entered in the top five on the albums charts in Canada, Denmark, France, and Japan, and was the world's second best-selling album of the year. The Emancipation of Mimi has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.


                                                    US UK AUS CAN FRA GER
                                                    It's Like That 16 4 9 - 16 14
                                                    We Belong Together 1 2 1 - 12 11
                                                    Shake It Off 2 9 6 - - -
                                                    Get Your Number (feat. Jermaine Dupri) - - 19 - - 27
                                                    Don't Forget About Us 1 11 12 - - 41
                                                    Fly Like a Bird - - - - - -
                                                    Say Somethin' (feat. Snoop Dogg) 79 27 26 - - 63

                                                    Accolades: It earned ten Grammy Award nominations in 2006–07: eight in 2006 for the original release (the most received by Carey in a single year), and two in 2007 for the Ultra Platinum Edition. In 2006, Carey won Best Contemporary R&B Album for The Emancipation of Mimi, as well as Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song for "We Belong Together". Carey was nominated for, but did not win, Album of the Year (The Emancipation of Mimi), Record of the Year ("We Belong Together"), Song of the Year ("We Belong Together"), Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("It's Like That"), and Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance ("Mine Again").
                                                    The Emancipation of Mimi won the 2005 Soul Train Awards for Best R&B/Soul Album and Best Female R&B/Soul Album, and the 2005 Vibe Award for Album of the Year. Rolling Stone ranked the album at number 43 on its 2005 list of the year's best albums, and Entertainment Weekly ranked it at number 21 on their list of the "Top 100 Best Albums of the past 25 years". "We Belong Together" won a Teen Choice Award, a World Music Award, five Billboard Music Awards, four Radio Music Awards, and three Bambi Awards. "Shake It Off" and "Don't Forget About Us" won two additional Bambis.

                                                    YouTube: Views belong to the official video as of March 15th 2021

                                                    It's Like That Official Video feat. Jermaine Dupri & Fatman Scoop - 47.136.469 views
                                                    It's Like That Live - 413.685 views
                                                    We Belong Together Official Video - 452.916.239 views
                                                    We Belong Together (Mimi's Late Night Valentine's Mix) - 2.225.169 views
                                                    Shake It Off Official Video - 57.008.294 views
                                                    Get Your Number Official Video - 9.206.834 views
                                                    Get You Number Live - 388.001 views
                                                    Get Your Number Live II - 442.388 views
                                                    Don't Forget About Us Official Video - 69.887.596 views
                                                    Say Somethin' Official Video feat. Snoop Dogg - 12.508.986 views

                                                    Songs listed in the ballot:

                                                    It's Like That
                                                    We Belong Together
                                                    Shake It Off
                                                    Mine Again
                                                    Say Somethin' (ft. Snoop Dogg)
                                                    Stay the Night
                                                    Get Your Number (ft. Jermaine Dupri)
                                                    One and Only (ft. Twista)
                                                    Your Girl
                                                    I Wish You Knew
                                                    To the Floor (ft. Nelly)
                                                    Joy Ride
                                                    Fly Like a Bird
                                                    Secret Love
                                                    Don't Forget About Us
                                                    So Lonely (One and Only Pt. II) [with Twista]
                                                    Makin' It Last All Night (What It Do) [ft. Jermaine Dupri]
                                                    We Belong Together (Remix) [ft. Jadakiss & Styles P]
                                                    Don't Forget About Us (Desert Storm Remix) [ft. Fabolous & Styles P]
                                                    Don't Forget About Us Remix feat. Juelz Santana & Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony
                                                    It's Like That (David Morales Classic Mix)
                                                    It's Like That Scott Storch Remix feat. Fat Joe & Scott Storch
                                                    Say Somethin' (ft. Dem Franchize Boyz) [So So Def Remix]
                                                    Shake It Off Remix feat. Jay-Z & Jeezy
                                                    Your Girl Diplomat Remix feat. Cam'ron, Juelz Santana & Diplomat
                                                    Say Somethin' (David Morales Radio Edit)
                                                    Say Somethin' (Stereo Anthem Mix)
                                                    Source: wikipedia Mariah Carey & Emancipation album.
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