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  • Originally posted by NME
    What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
    by Hannah Mylrea
    September 30, 2019

    On the A List

    beabadoobee – ‘I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus’
    Bea Kristi’s right: being Stephen Malkmus would be pretty cool, right? ‘I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus’, the rising Dirty Hit artist’s sort-of-ode to the Pavement frontman (and celebration of entering into her own “new blue-haired phase“), is a near-four minute emotional burst of quiet-loud guitar fuzz that’ll transport you right back to the halcyon alt-rock days of the 1990s. Malkmus himself has already voiced his approval of the number, writing on Twitter: “This tripzz me out”. Us too, Stephen. Us too.

    On the B List
    Georgia – ‘Never Let You Go’

    This fast-paced and insistent synth-pop creation from Georgia is a dizzying preview of the Londoner’s forthcoming new album ‘Seeking Thrills’ (set for release in January). Take our word for it: once you’ve heard ‘Never Let You Go’ whizz through your speakers on NME Radio, it’ll buzz around your head for days and days to come.

    Liam Gallagher – ‘Now That I’ve Found You’
    Speaking of earworm tunes, LG’s ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ is one of those immediate kind of songs that’ll revisit your thoughts throughout the rest of the day. “Now that I’ve fouuuund you, I won’t let go,” the track kindly informs you in advance as sprightly guitars chug away in the background, and, yup, into your head it goes. Good luck shaking this one off for a while.

    Free Nationals, JID, Kadhja Bonet & MIKNNA - 'On Sight'
    Anderson .Paak’s live band are an undeniably talented bunch, and their foray this year into releasing their own music has got off to a fine start with ‘Beauty & Essex’ and ‘Time’, the latter a collaboration with Kali Uchis and the late Mac Miller. The third Free Nationals single ‘On Sight’ continues this upward trend: a laidback, G-funk inspired-track that’s smooth, funky and effortlessly cool, it also contains a typically loquacious verse from the million-words-a-minute rap talent that is JID.

    On the C List
    Arlo Parks – ‘Second Guessing’

    West London newcomer Arlo Parks is quietly building momentum as a poetic songwriter through a string of stunning single releases. Parks’ latest, ‘Second Guessing’, is yet another slice of her affecting and rather melancholic brand of DIY pop. “It’s an exploration of the existential misery that comes from a desire to be successful in a way that pleases everyone,” Parks herself said of the track. “However, it’s also a song about strength and the possibility of self fulfilment”.

    DIIV – ‘Blankenship’
    The imminent return of DIIV has got us all very, very excited in the NME office — especially after we heard the rip-roaring ‘Blankenship’ for the first time. Just wait for that drum roll before all hell breaks loose at the 0:58 mark and you’ll quickly understand why we’ve gone so damn giddy about this track and the band’s upcoming third album ‘Deceiver’.

    Foals – ‘Into The Surf’
    ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2’ is just under three weeks away from release, so Yannis and co. have given us the soaring ‘Into The Surf’ to tide us over. Foals do love to deliver the occasional majestic slow-burner — think ‘Late Night’ on ‘Holy Fire’ or ‘A Knife In The Ocean’ on ‘What Went Down’ — and this fits rather nicely into their hands-aloft category of Big Songs™.

    Human Barbie – ‘We Disappeared’
    This pleasantly hazy Beatles and Shins-inspired, psych-folk offering from LA songwriter Christopher Leopold was a real labour of love — with the emphasis on the labour. Leopold described the recording process as “painstaking and deliberate” as he opted to self-record the track with 1/2″ analog tape so it could be “captured and mixed with 100% analog effects, reverb, and performance techniques”. Definitely worth a listen to on NME Radio, then.

    Model Man – ‘Beta’
    Finally this week we have Model Man, who describe their luscious, sample-heavy ‘Beta’ as being “about a love of imperfections. Capturing the journey and process, and not worrying about the end result.” The final version of the electronic production duo’s latest track actually shuffles along quite beautifully, with uplifting piano flourishes being the key component here.


    • New additions to the playlist? for next week, we'll see on monday

      Hundredth - Iridescent video
      King Nun - Black Tree video
      Dry Cleaning - Viking Hair video
      Holy F**k - Luxe (ft. Alexis Taylor) video
      Jerkcurb - Air Con Eden video
      The Japanese House - Something Has To Change video
      CHVRCHES - Death Stranding video
      Matt Maltese - Curl up & Die video
      Just Mustard - Seven video
      BODEGA - Knife On the Platter video
      B Boys - Instant Pace video


      • What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
        by Hannah Mylrea
        October 07, 2019

        On the A List
        King Nun – ‘Bug’
        King Nun have just released their debut album ‘Mass’, an album that frontman Theo Polyzoides has said is him: “nailing myself to the cross, and saying ‘Just take everything’.” From it we’ve picked ‘Bug’ for the NME playlists, a hulking cut of roaring guitar riffs and stomping drums, which absolutely slaps.

        The Japanese House – ‘Something Has To Change’
        ‘Something Has To Change’ is Amber Bain’s (aka The Japanese House) first offering of new music since her excellent debut album ‘Good At Falling’ earlier this year. Taken from her upcoming EP of the same name, the new tune is a cut of The Japanese House’s gorgeous glitchy indietronica, this time combined with a killer pop melody and clapping beats.

        On the B List
        Chvrches – ‘Death Stranding’
        ‘Death Stranding’ is a classic Chvrches tune. Opening with shimmering synths and woozy, ethereal production, which then erupt into a massive sing-a-long chorus, it’s a beauty.

        Holy **** – ‘Luxe’ (ft. Alexis Taylor)
        ‘Luxe’ is Holy ****’s first new music in three years, and it’s a truly collaborative venture. It was born from a jam session they did as part of an encore at a live show, which they then sent to pal Four Tet along with some other demoes. Four Tet selected this as his favourite thing they’d done, suggesting it could be a smash, and he wasn’t wrong. Later in the process Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor took on the vocal responsibilities, and the results are the storming ‘Luxe’, a combination of vintage vocals, pounding club beats and cantering production. Good to have you back, guys.

        Matt Maltese – ‘Curl up & Die’
        Matt Maltese’s latest sees him battle heartbreak with his signature wit. Offering a brutal post-mortem of an ended relationship, he reflects on the time he would have “worshipped the towel you dried on/ there was a time when I’d kill all my friends for you”. Combining pithy lyrics with the soaring piano lines, it’s a brilliant new breed of heartbreak anthem.

        Michael Stipe – ‘Your Capricious Soul’
        ‘Your Capricious Soul’ is Michael Stipe’s first ever solo single since he left R.E.M. eight years ago. The tune, which opens with a driving bass line and commanding vocals that put the full emphasis on the rousing lyrics, will see all proceeds go to Extinction Rebellion, and the climate activist group inspired him to release the song as soon as possible instead of holding onto it.
        “Extinction Rebellion gave me the incentive to push the release and not wait,” Stipe explained. “Our relationship to the environment has been a lifelong concern, and I now feel hopeful—optimistic, even. I believe we can bring the kind of change needed to improve our beautiful planet earth, our standing and our place on it.”

        On the B List
        B Boys – ‘Instant Pace’
        If you’re a fan of Parquet Courts or Shame then you’ll love this one from New York trio B Boys. Mixing yelped vocals with razor-sharp riffs, it’s a pounding cut of punk-flecked rock.

        Bodega – ‘Knife On the Platter’
        Fusing a slinky bassline with half-shouted vocals and post punk riffs, the latest from Bodega is a stonker.

        Just Mustard – ‘Seven’
        Finally this week we’ve got the new one from Just Mustard, ‘Seven’. Blending hammering instrumentals with delicate vocals and a powerhouse rhythm section, it was a must add for the playlist.

        so, Hundredth , Dry Cleaning and Jerkcurb didn't qualify to playlist
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        • Originally posted by navi View Post
          so, Hundredth , Dry Cleaning and Jerkcurb didn't qualify to playlist
          Actually, they did. They play them but for some reason didn't include them in the What's new... description.


          • this week's preview of a new additions to the
            "playlist" - which strangely doesn't even exist/or at least has not been published anywhere

            Alfie Templeman - Used To Love video
            King Princess - Hit the Back video
            Low Island - Long Answer video
            Angel Olsen - Spring video
            Black Jazz Consortium - Energies Collide (ft. Ceri B) audio
            Travis Scott - Highest In The Room video
            Caribou - Home video
            Field Music - Only In A Mans World video
            No Rome - Talk Nice video
            Talk Show - Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water) video
            Gengahr - Everything & More video


            • Originally posted by NME
              What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
              by Hannah Mylrea
              October 14, 2019

              On the A List
              Alfie Templeman – ‘Used To Love’
              First up this week we’ve got the new one from Alfie Templeman. The teenage songwriter has a knack for creating tunes that combine woozy production (inspired by his love of prog rock) with angsty lyrics (often based on relationships in his favourite tv shows), and his latest ‘Used To Love’ is a stellar example of his trademark sound.

              King Princess – ‘Hit the Back’
              ‘Hit the Back’ is the latest glimpse we’ve had of King Princess’ debut album ‘Cheap Queen’ that’s out in a few weeks, and if the rest of the record is anything like this, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. With its ‘90s pop-flecked bridge that charges into the stonking, hook-laden chorus, it’s a beauty.

              Low Island – ‘Long Answer’
              Want to keep the summer vibes going even if it’s chucking it down outside? Then take a listen to Low Island’s latest. On ’Long Answer’ they fuse their jangling electronics with Brazilian grooves and Congolese guitar playing, and the results are a luminous cut of their shimmering sound.

              On the B List
              Angel Olsen – ‘Spring’
              Angel Olsen’s latest album has been on repeat in the NME office, so she was a must add for this week’s playlist. We’ve picked the gorgeous ‘Spring’ for NME Radio, a soaring slice of euphoric indie pop.

              Black Jazz Consortium – ‘Energies Collide’ ft. Ceri B
              Combining skittering house beats with ethereal vocals and hazy synths, the latest from Black Jazz Consortium is a stone cold banger.

              Travis Scott – ‘Highest In The Room’
              With its slinky Latin guitar riff and Scott’s flawless flow, the latest from the rapper is excellent.

              On the C List
              Caribou – ‘Home’
              Dan Snaith aka Caribou is back! ‘Home’ is the first new Caribou music in five years, and is soaked in the euphoric, kaleidoscopic sound that Snaith has perfected over the past six Caribou albums. Using a sample of Gloria Barnes’ gorgeous soul song ‘Home’, it’s a jubilant return.

              Field Music – ‘Only In A Man’s World’
              If you’re a fan of Battles’ off-kilter production or Prince’s sultry guitar riffs, give this one from Field Music a go. Taken from their upcoming record ‘Making A New World’ (which is a concept album based on the years after World War I), it’s a funk-laced slapper.

              No Rome – ‘Talk Nice’
              The latest from Dirty Hit signing No Rome is pop perfection. Stuffed full of fizzing hooks and sparkling production that fuses sparkling synths with overdrive guitars, it could be the best thing he’s released yet.

              Talk Show – ‘Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water)’
              Finally we’ve got the excellent new one from Talk Show. With its cavorting guitar riffs and howling vocals, it’s a jagged cut of post-punk. If you’re a fan of Shame or Idles give this one a try.


              • Michael Kiwanuka - Hero video
                Corridor - Pow video
                Sassy 009 - Maybe in the Summer video
                Nicolas Godin - The Border video
                Nilüfer Yanya - Heat Rises video
                Galcher Lustwerk - Cig Angel (Dance Mix) video
                Kraak & Smaak - Sommeron (ft. Imugi) video
                Pusha T - Puppets (Succession Remix) video
                Yungblud - Original Me ft. Dan Reynolds video
                BECK - Uneventful Days video


                • Originally posted by NME
                  What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                  by Hannah Mylrea
                  October 21, 2019

                  On the A List
                  Michael Kiwanuka – ‘Hero’

                  First up on the playlist this week we have the latest tune from Michael Kiwanuka, ‘Hero’. On it he movingly “pays homage to some of the world’s most important history-changing heroes that were taken too soon due to violence” over slinky acoustic guitar riffs and lush instrumentals.

                  On the B List
                  Corridor – ‘Pow’

                  Next up we have the new one from Montreal rockers Corridor. Taken from their upcoming third album ‘Junior’, ‘Pow’ is a twitchy slice stuffed full of galloping hi-hats, bleeping electronics and overdriven guitar riffs, all topped off with a hulking bassline.

                  Nicolas Godin – ‘The Border’
                  Nicolas Godin – otherwise known as one-half of Air – is back with a new solo track. Opening with sparse trickling synth lines, gradually robotic vocals and clinking percussion are added in, and the results are a beautiful – if eerie – soundscape.

                  Nilüfer Yanya – ‘Heat Rises’
                  The latest single to come from Yanya’s stellar debut album ‘Miss Universe’ is the excellent ‘Heat Rises’. Inspired by Kelis’ ‘Millionaire’, it canters away with whirring hi-hat beats (which run relentlessly all the way through the song) and a stomping bassline, with Yanya’s velvety vocals cutting over the top.

                  Sassy 009 – ‘Maybe in the Summer’
                  Fusing splintered beats with vibrating synths and whispered vocals, the latest from Sassy 009 is a glorious cut of house-flecked electronica.

                  On the C List
                  Beck – ‘Uneventful Days’

                  Produced by Pharrell, Beck’s latest is a hazy slice of dream-pop. Boasting glittering production that includes chiming glockenspiel licks and a jittery bassline, it’s a stratospheric glimpse of his new album ‘Hyperspace’

                  Galcher Lustwerk – ‘Cig Angel (Dance Mix)’
                  Mixing the ambient sounds of the original with chugging dance-beats, this new mix of Galcher Lustwerk’s ‘Cig Angel’ is a beauty.

                  Kraak & Smaak – ‘Sommeron’ (ft. Imugi)
                  If you’re a fan of Tom Misch or Kamasi Washington give this new one from Kraak & Smaak a try. Combining lilting lo-fi instrumentals with a strutting brass riff and dreamy vocals, it’s a total delight.

                  Pusha T – ‘Puppets (Succession Remix)’
                  Pusha T has teamed up with Emmy winning composer Nicholas Britell for his latest tune ‘Puppets’. On it, he raps over the theme for television show ‘Succession’, adding his legendary flow to the dramatic, orchestral riff.

                  Yungblud – ‘Original Me’ ft. Dan Reynolds
                  Finally this week we’ve got Yungblud’s team-up with Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds. On it the two vocalists trade bars that tackle not feeling like you’re good enough over thumping beats and pop-punk flecked guitars, and it’s mega.
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                  • See Thru Hands - Hot City video
                    Monsune - Outa My Mind video
                    The 1975 - Frail State of Mind video
                    Easy Life - Nice Guys video
                    Beabadobee - Space Cadet video
                    Foals - Like Lightning video
                    Battles - Izm (ft. Shabazz Palaces) video
                    Nasty Cherry - Music With Your Dad video


                    • Originally posted by NME
                      What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                      by Hannah Mylrea
                      October 28, 2019

                      On the A List
                      The 1975 – ‘Frail State of Mind’
                      First up on the playlist this week we have the new one from The 1975. The latest glimpse at next year’s album ‘Notes On a Conditional Form’ and the follow up to the hulking, punk-flecked ‘People’ is infused with the trappy beats and flickering synths that appeared on ‘I Like America & America Likes Me’. With its ambient soundscapes and ethereal vocals, it’s a beauty.

                      On the B List
                      Easy Life – ‘Nice Guys’
                      The latest from the Leicester five-piece is a belter. Combining the bouncing funk of Anderson .Paak with jangling production and skittering guitar licks, it’s a joyous slice of their trademark sound.

                      Beabadoobee – ‘Space Cadet’
                      Beabadoobee’s brilliant EP ‘Space Cadet’ dropped a few weeks ago, and we’ve picked the title track for the NME Radio playlist this week. Whilst Bea previously made her name creating intimate acoustic tunes, for her latest release she’s amped things up a notch with grungey guitars and a driving rhythm section. ‘Space Cadet’ is a glorious cut of her revamped sound, which sees the young artist combine the cosy warmth of her past releases with boisterous new sounds.

                      On the C List
                      Battles – ‘Izm’ (feat. Shabazz Palaces)

                      Taken from Battles latest record ‘Juice B Crypts’, ‘Izm’ is a glittering fusion of crunchy Nintendo beats, Shabazz Palaces’ elegant flow and mathy riffs. Brilliantly weird, it’s a highlight of the band’s excellent new album.

                      Nasty Cherry – ‘Music With Your Dad’
                      Mixing rocky ‘80s influences with trendy, electronic sounds, Nasty Cherry’s latest is wickedly fun.

                      Foals – ‘Like Lightning’
                      This cut from Foals’ is big, brazen and hella fun. With its gigantic riffs, stonking bassline and Yannis’ howling vocals, it’s all set to be a live favourite.

                      Monsune – ‘Outta My Mind’
                      If you like Still Woozy or Tame Impala, then give this new one from Monsune a go. Stuffed full of hazy electronics and psychedelic guitar lines, it’s a kaleidoscopic delight.


                      • Arlo Parks - Sophie video
                        Slotface - SUCCESS audio
                        Tame Impala - It Might Be Time video
                        HMLTD - The West Is Dead video
                        Kanye West - Everything We Need (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Ant Clemons) video
                        Haim - Now I'm In It video
                        King Princess - Homegirl video
                        Coldplay - Orphans video


                        • Originally posted by NME
                          What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                          by Hannah Mylrea
                          November 4, 2019

                          On the A List
                          HMLTD – ‘The West Is Dead’

                          First up on the playlist this week we’ve got the new one from HMLTD. The art-pop collective announced their debut album last week, and dropped the glitchy, galloping ‘The West Is Dead’ alongside the reveal. With its dizzy electronics and thumping bass line, it’s a brilliantly frantic offering.

                          Tame Impala – ‘It Might Be Time’
                          With its woozy synth licks and pounding piano riff, the new one from Tame Impala is a total beauty.

                          On the B List
                          Arlo Parks – ‘Sophie’

                          ‘Sophie’, in Arlo Parks’ own words, is a “song about crumbling under expectations and feeling helpless, but with a persistent, quiet sense of hope underpinning it.” With its gorgeous lilting acoustic guitar licks and gentle hi-hat beats which Parks’ soaring vocals float on top off, it’s a beautiful, hope filled tune.

                          Haim – ‘Now I’m In It’
                          Haim’s latest is a belter. After the Lou Reed inspired ‘Summer Girl’, ‘Now I’m In It’ feels like a return to the band’s hook-laden indie-pop. Boasting a hella catchy chorus and slick whispered vocals, it’s an exciting glimpse of the band’s third album.

                          Kanye West – ‘Everything We Need’ (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Ant Clemons)
                          Kanye’s jubilant gospel album ‘Jesus Is King’ is stuffed full of euphoric cuts, but it’s ‘Everything We Need’ we’ve chosen for the playlist. Opening with gorgeous layered vocals that skitter into the slick verse, it’s a short but sweet example of Kanye’s true brilliance.

                          On the C List
                          Coldplay – ‘Orphans’

                          Coldplay returned a few weeks ago with two tracks from their upcoming double album ‘Everyday Life’, and it’s ‘Orphans’ we’ve chosen for the NME playlists. Fusing the massive pop hooks of previous albums ‘Mylo Xyloto’ and ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ with the jangling indie sensibilities of older offerings, it’s huge.

                          King Princess – ‘Homegirl’
                          With its twinkling piano lines and King Princess’ honeyed vocals, ‘Homegirl’ is an impossibly lovely offering from the artist’s brilliant debut album ‘Cheap Queen’.

                          Sløtface – ‘S.U.C.C.E.S.S.’
                          Finally on this week’s playlist we’ve got the new one from Sløtface. With its galloping drums and raucous yelping vocals, it’s a blistering slice from the Norwegian pop punks.


                          • this week preview

                            Megan Thee Stallion & VickeeLo - Ride Or Die video
                            FARR - Technicolour video
                            Sorry - Right Round the Clock video
                            Greentea Peng - Sane video
                            FKA Twigs - sad day video
                            Alfie Templeman - Don't Go Wasting Time video
                            Best Coast - For The First Time video
                            Hazel English - Shaking video
                            Mura Masa ft. Slowthai - Deal Wiv It video


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                              this week preview
                              interesting, my upload didn't registered


                              • Originally posted by NME
                                What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                                by Hannah Mylrea
                                November 11, 2019

                                On the A List
                                Mura Masa ft. Slowthai – ‘Deal Wiv It’
                                First on the playlist this week we’ve got the latest collaboration from Mura Masa and Slowthai. A world away from the jangly funk-flecked electronics of Mura Masa’s debut, it instead channels the chaotic energy of The Streets with its hulking bass line and Slowthai’s politically charged lyrics, and it’s huge.

                                Megan Thee Stallion & VickeeLo – ‘Ride Or Die’
                                Next up we’ve got the new one from Megan Thee Stallion and VickeeLo. Taken from the soundtrack to Queen & Slim, it’s a blistering two minutes of fast-talking bars over a deliciously catchy riff. Just try and get the recurring hook out of your head.

                                On the B List
                                FARR – ‘Technicolour’
                                FARR, the musical project of UK producer Linden Jay and LA-based vocalist Romeo, have created a woozy slice of R&B in their latest offering ‘Technicolour’. Opening with a lilting guitar, gradually the subtle beats are built up, eventually emerging in a dreamy chill-out jam.

                                Greentea Peng – ‘Sane’
                                Taken from the South London songwriter’s latest EP ‘Rising’, ‘Sane’ is a lowkey banger. Fusing hip-hop beats with clinking production and powerful vocals, it’s an exciting glimpse of what the rising talent has to offer.

                                Sorry – ‘Right Round the Clock’
                                Think Sorry’s latest tune sounds familiar? That’s because midway through there’s a neat pastiche of Tears For Fears’ ‘Mad World’. With its whirring chorus and growling post-punk guitars, this could be one of the best things the London band have put out.

                                On the C List
                                Alfie Templeman – ‘Don’t Go Wasting Time’
                                First on the C List we have the new one from Alfie Templeman. The teenager’s latest is a kaleidoscopic blend of psych-flecked riffs, lovelorn lyrics and a mega, sing-a-long chorus.

                                FKA twigs – ‘sad day’
                                FKA twigs new record ‘Magdalene’ is a panoramic triumph filled with expansive art-pop tunes. For the playlist we’ve picked ‘sad day’ a soaring cut of jittering drum and bass beats, hazy electronics and ethereal vocals, and it’s a total beauty.

                                Haiku Hands – ‘Onset’ (feat. Mad Zach)
                                Need a new workout anthem? Then try Haiku Hands’ ‘Onset’ out. With its pounding bass, shouted vocals and cantering beats, this is the sound of you smashing your personal best in the gym.

                                Hazel English – ‘Shaking’
                                ‘Shaking’ is Hazel English’s first new tune since 2017. Channelling the ’60s with its glorious power-pop chorus and jangling guitars, it’s good to have her back.


                                • this week preview

                                  The Whiffs - Now I Know video
                                  Biig Piig - Roses and Gold video
                                  Billie Eilish - Everything I Wanted video
                                  J Hus - Must Be video
                                  ROSALIA - A Pale video
                                  Glass Animals & Denzel Curry - Tokyo Drifting video
                                  Brother Zulu - Ice Cold video
                                  Jehnny Beth - I'm The Man video
                                  Glowie - Unloveable video
                                  Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Wandering Star video


                                  • Originally posted by NME
                                    What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                                    by Hannah Mylrea
                                    November 18, 2019

                                    On the A List
                                    Billie Eilish – ‘Everything I Wanted’
                                    First on the playlist this week we have the new one from Billie Eilish. The teenage star’s first piece of new music since her excellent debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ is a haunting fusion of her trademark whispered vocals and crisp electrical production. A total eerie earworm, and we love it.

                                    J Hus – ‘Must Be’
                                    Next up we’ve got the new one from J Hus, and the rapper’s highly anticipated comeback song is a belter. Combining his wicked lyricism with slick, afro-swing instrumentals, he’s created another winner.

                                    On the B List
                                    Biig Piig – ‘Roses and Gold’

                                    Blending lilting house beats with gorgeous hazy production, Biig Piig’s latest is a slice of blissful summer in the middle of this grey November.

                                    Glass Animals & Denzel Curry – ‘Tokyo Drifting’
                                    It’s another comeback song on this week’s playlist – and this time in the form of the new one from Glass Animals and they’ve teamed up with American rapper Denzel Curry. On it vocalist Dave Bayley has created an extreme alter-ego Wavey Davey, who’s his “****ed-up Sasha Fierce”, and is “ironically flexing” over the bolshy production. With its killer brass hooks and Curry’s exquisite verse blended with Glass Animals trademark woozy production, it’s a beauty. Good to have you back, lads.

                                    Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – ‘Wandering Star’
                                    Filled with jangling glockenspiels (that sounds like sleigh bells) and a punchy sing-a-long chorus, Noel’s latest is a feel-good cut of growling indie-pop.

                                    Rosalía – ‘A Palé’
                                    ‘A Palé’ sees Rosalía mix flamenco with snarling vocals and glitchy pop, and it absolutely slaps.

                                    On the C List
                                    Brother Zulu – ‘Ice Cold’

                                    Love Tom Misch or FKJ? Then try this one from Brother Zulu. The London collective create banging future soul that combines huge funk basslines, hip-hop beats and jazzy instrumental licks, and ‘Ice Cold’ is one of their best.

                                    Jehnny Beth – ‘I’m The Man’
                                    Taken from the first ever Peaky Blinders OST, Jehnny Beth’s ‘I’m The Man’ is a standout track. She’s explained that it’s “an attempted study on humankind, what we define as evil and the inner conflict of morality. Because it is much easier to label the people who are clearly tormented by obsessions as monsters than to discern the universal human background which is visible behind them.” She does this with howling vocals over hulking overdriven guitars, and it’s hugely powerful.

                                    Glowie – ‘Unlovable’
                                    Glowie’s latest is a bloody good pop tune. With its elegant production, impossibly catchy melody and mega chorus, it’s another exciting release from the NME 100 alumni.

                                    The Whiffs – ‘Now I Know’
                                    Last up we’ve got the new one from The Whiffs. With its cantering punk riffs and growled vocals, ‘Now I Know’ is an exciting glimpse of what the band have coming up.


                                    • preview for a monday

                                      BECK - Dark Places video
                                      Silverbacks - Sirens video
                                      Mark Ronson and Anderson .Paak - Then There Were Two video
                                      Slowdaze - Today video
                                      Jessie Ware - Mirage (Don't Stop) video
                                      Caroline Polachek - So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings video
                                      Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike & Kenny Beats - Hit Me Up video
                                      Princess Nokia - Balenciaga video
                                      Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar video
                                      Grimes - So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth video
                                      Confidence Man - Does It Make You Feel Good? video


                                      • Originally posted by NME
                                        What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                                        by Hannah Mylrea
                                        November 25, 2019

                                        On the A List
                                        Caroline Polachek – ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’
                                        First up on the playlist we’ve got Caroline Polachek’s brilliant ‘So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings’. Taken from the Chairlift’s co-founder’s first solo release under her own name ‘Pang’, the slinky cut of squelchy electro-pop is a beauty. Fusing twinkling synth lines, a funk-flecked bass line and Polachek’s trilling vocals, it’s a standout track from her recent record.

                                        On the B List
                                        Beck – ‘Dark Places’
                                        Mixing whirring, spacey electronics with jangling acoustic guitar riffs, ‘Dark Places’ is a gorgeous example of Beck’s stratospheric songwriting.

                                        Jessie Ware – ‘Mirage (Don’t Stop)’
                                        The new one from Jessie Ware sees her get her groove on. Her soaring vocals float over lilting, house-flecked instrumentals and a jazzy bassline, in an excitingly unusual release for the musician.

                                        Omar Apollo, Dominic Fike & Kenny Beats – ‘Hit Me Up’
                                        With its driving, earworm bass line and the skittering vocals, ‘Hit Me Up’ is a total slapper.

                                        Princess Nokia – ‘Balenciaga’
                                        This chilled-out tune from Princess Nokia sees her rapping about frugal fashion over frosty instrumentals. She’s explained that the song is about: “weird, off-kilter fashion and the blurred lines between fashion and style. It’s not anti-designer at all…it’s just a song about practicality and comfortability with one’s self.”

                                        Silverbacks – ‘Sirens’
                                        One for fans of The Strokes or Parquet Courts, the growling slice by Dublin quintet Silverbacks is a stonker.

                                        On the C List
                                        Confidence Man – ‘Does It Make You Feel Good?’

                                        Confidence Man’s latest absolutely does make you feel good. Combining massive ’90s dance breakdowns with Donna Summer-flecked vocals and a pounding bassline that’ll get you on your feet, it’s a welcome return from the party starting Aussie quartet.

                                        Grimes – ‘So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth’
                                        With its ethereal vocals and ghostly instrumentals, Grimes’ latest is weirdly beautiful.

                                        Harry Styles – ‘Watermelon Sugar’
                                        The second glimpse we’ve had of Harry Styles’ upcoming album ‘Fine Line’ is a belter. Mixing jangling ‘70s guitars with bolshy brass and breezy vocals, it’s a sweet slice of sunshine.

                                        Mark Ronson & Anderson .Paak – ‘Then There Were Two’
                                        Taken from the soundtrack for animated film Spies in Disguise, this new collaboration from Mark Ronson & Anderson .Paak combines the brazenness of a Bond song with Ronson’s stylish production and .Paak’s trademark charm, and it’s brilliant.

                                        Slowdaze – ‘Today’
                                        This one from Hull based collective Slowdaze is a bit like if Tame Impala teamed up with Anderson .Paak. Filled with hazy instrumentals, kaleidoscopic guitar lines and woozy vocals, it’s a total treat.


                                        • preview for a monday

                                          Mattiel - Millionaire video
                                          NOISY - Do It Like That video
                                          Klangstof - Blank Page video
                                          Gengahr - Heavenly Maybe video
                                          The Jacques - I Never Want To Be Your Boyfriend video
                                          Rina Sawayama - STFU! video
                                          Maggie Rogers - Love You For A Long Time video
                                          The Japanese House - Chewing Cotton Wool video
                                          The Big Moon - Take a Piece video
                                          Blossoms - The Keeper video
                                          Rachel Chinouriri - Where Do I Go? video


                                          • Originally posted by NME
                                            What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                                            by Hannah Mylrea
                                            December 2, 2019

                                            On the A List
                                            Rina Sawayama – ‘STFU!’

                                            The Japanese-born Dirty Hit artist is quite rightly done with putting up with microaggressions from idiots. “Have you ever thought about taping your big fat mouth shut?” she snarls on the appropriately titled ‘STFU!’ “‘Cos I have, many times”. This half nu-metal, half-pop hook-filled offering from Sawayama’s upcoming debut album is an unexpected but hugely welcome preview of the record, which is due out in 2020.
                                            She recently told NME that ‘STFU!’ was inspired by having listened to the genre-blending likes of N.E.R.D., Evanescence and t.A.T.u (remember them?) growing up. “That’s the kind of sound I want to hear in the mainstream right now, and I feel like it [isn’t] really there,” she added.

                                            On the B List
                                            Gengahr – ‘Heavenly Maybe’

                                            The London four-piece will help usher in the new decade next month by releasing their third album ‘Sanctuary’, and ‘Heavenly Maybe’ – the third preview of that LP – will certainly equip the record with, at the very least, a groovy interlude. Beneath the funk-tastic bass and insistent drums, though, lies a message of warning: “The song itself is essentially about going out and trying to forget about all of your troubles, and how ultimately problematic that is as a form of release,” the band have helpfully explained. You can consider this important theme while simultaneously enjoying this banger at your local indie club in the 2020s.

                                            Maggie Rogers – ‘Love You For A Long Time’
                                            Rogers is deservedly up for a Grammy at next year’s ceremony in the Best New Artist category, and the Maryland singer/songwriter celebrated the news last week by releasing the upbeat and exceedingly pleasant ‘Love You For A Long Time’. “It’s a song about love in all its forms,” Rogers explained about the single. “Romantic love, the love I feel for my friends, the love I feel for my band, and the love I’ve shared with all of you.” N’aww.

                                            The Japanese House – ‘Chewing Cotton Wool’
                                            We don’t recommend chewing actual cotton wool, but listening to The Japanese House‘s dreamy new single definitely receives an NME Radio stamp-of-approval. The latest track to be taken from Amber Bain’s 2020-set EP, ‘Chewing Cotton Wool’ is further proof of Bain’s talent for making utterly affecting minimalist pop. Maybe use the cotton wool you were planning to nibble on to instead dab your eyes dry after listening to this one.

                                            On the C List
                                            The Big Moon – ‘Take A Piece’

                                            This is not a drill: The Big Moon have gone pop! Even the band were surprised by the end product they created in their rehearsal room with the cooing, indie pop-tastic ‘Take A Piece’. “At first, we weren’t really sure if this could be a Big Moon song, we were on unfamiliar ground… but the idea just stuck around,” Juliette Jackson has explained. “And we kept going back to it, and the more we played with it the more we fell in love with it, and now it couldn’t be more ours.
                                            “And you know what? It’s exciting that as musicians we can do whatever the hell we want!” she continued. “And when we finally recorded it we were like, ‘Gahhh what have we made? Is this a Big Moon song? Can we be this self-indulgent?’ BUT WHY THE HELL NOT?” Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

                                            Blossoms – ‘The Keeper’
                                            ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’, Blossoms’ upcoming third album, is set for release in January – and it’s going to be a truly soppy affair. “It’s a pure celebration of love in all of its splendid and baffling guises, toying with the so-called sins of lust and forbidden infatuation,” the band told NME back in September about the theme of the record. ‘The Keeper’ is an up-tempo, Arcade Fire-doing-their-best-Talking-Heads-impression affair, with bright pianos, subtle bongos rhythms (!) and sing-a-long moments galore.

                                            Rachel Chinouriri – ‘Where Do I Go?’
                                            The rising Croydon artist follows her strong ‘Mama’s Boy’ EP with the soothing and soulful ‘Where Do I Go?’, which features guest drumming from black midi’s Morgan Simpson. Expect even bigger and better things from Chinouriri in 2020 after enjoying a break-out 12 months this term.

                                            Klangstof – ‘Blank Page’
                                            Lastly this week we have Dutch trio Klangstof, who freely admitted recently that they needed to inject a bit more energy into their output. “After two years on the road we all felt that we wanted to have something a bit more up-tempo,” the band recently recalled about writing ‘Blank Page’. “Often during the live set we would look at each other and be like, ‘****, this is a slow song too.’
                                            “So for once we put the BPM up to 115 and started jamming out.” It worked out pretty well: ‘Blank Page’ is a shimmering and exciting piece that’ll have people at their gigs shuffling along. Don’t worry if this does happen, lads: people do like to dance at live shows at every now and again…
                                            Mattiel, NOISY, The Jacques didn't make it
                                            Last edited by navi; Tue December 3, 2019, 21:41.


                                            • this week preview

                                              Hotel Lux - Tabloid Newspaper video
                                              I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Christmas Drag video
                                              GURU - Don’t Talk video
                                              Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun video
                                              Holy F**k - Free Gloss video
                                              Tame Impala - Posthumous Forgiveness video
                                              Caribou - You and I video
                                              UNKLE - Catch Me When I Fall video
                                              Shopping - Initiative video
                                              Bombay Bicycle Club - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong video
                                              No Rome - Trust 3000 (feat. Dijon) video
                                              Porridge Radio - Lilac video
                                              Hinds - Riding Solo video


                                              • double post


                                                • Originally posted by NME
                                                  What’s new on the NME 1 and NME 2 playlists this week?
                                                  by Hannah Mylrea
                                                  December 9, 2019

                                                  On the A List
                                                  Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong’
                                                  First up on the playlist this week we have the new one from Bombay Bicycle Club. Mixing pulsing guitar licks with a swaggering bass line and skittering drums, it then erupts into a jubilant chorus, and is an exciting glimpse of the band’s forthcoming fifth album.

                                                  Holy F*uck – ‘Free Gloss’
                                                  Holy F*uck’s have said that their latest was designed as “a way for us to shed some light and bring some bliss and buoyancy to the table whilst still maintaining that ecstatic energy and intensity that we love,”. They’ve done this by fusing their trademark, dark electronics with euphoric vocals and a glittering synth riff, and it’s brilliant.

                                                  On the B List
                                                  Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – ‘Texas Sun’
                                                  Khruangbin & Leon Bridges have just announced a collaborative EP, and title track ‘Texas Sun is the first taste of it we’ve had. They’ve blended Bridges’ warm vocals with the funk-flecked instrumentals of Khruangbin, and it’s a match made in heaven.

                                                  No Rome – ‘Trust3000’ (feat. Dijon)
                                                  No Rome’s latest is another slick cut of hip-hop beats, earworm vocals and glittering production. On it he’s teamed up with vocalist Dijon, with Rome explaining that the collaboration was exactly what the song needed, saying: “Dijon put his verse on when we met each other for the first time in Los Angeles. We were working on some other music and I played him this song, he just knew exactly what to do with it and I love his verse. It’s just what the track needed.”

                                                  Tame Impala – ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’
                                                  The latest from Tame Impala is an emotional tribute to Kevin Parker’s late father, who died back in 2009. Over soaring instrumentals Parker honestly sings about his relationship with his Dad, including the poignant opening lyrics: “Ever since I was a small boy / No one else compared to you, no way / I always thought heroes stay close / Whenever troubled times arose.”

                                                  On the C List
                                                  Caribou – ‘You And I’
                                                  ‘You And I’ is the second glimpse we’ve had of the highly anticipated new Caribou album, which is out next year. With its scintillating chugging beats that compliment the hazy vocals and boisterous instrumentals, it’s a beauty.

                                                  GURU – ‘Don’t Talk’
                                                  If you’re a fan of Amyl and the Sniffers or Shame, then check out the ferocious ‘Don’t Talk’ from GURU. All flailing riffs and overdriven guitars, it’s a thumper.

                                                  Hinds – ‘Riding Solo’
                                                  The distorted vocals and jangling instrumentals of Hinds’ new one marks a new direction for the band; and with a third album on the way, it’s an exciting taster of what’s to come.

                                                  Porridge Radio – ‘Lilac’
                                                  NME Radio favourites Porridge Radio have just signed to Secretly Canadian! And alongside the announcement they’ve released the eerily beautiful ‘Lilac’; a mammoth slice of the band’s spiralling post-punk.

                                                  Shopping – ‘Initiative’
                                                  Finally for the playlist this week we’ve got the new one from Shopping. The jittering ‘Initiative’ blends cantering beats and spiky riffs, with a breakneck chorus that’ll get caught in your head for days.
                                                  Hotel Lux, I Don't Know How But They Found Me, UNKLE and Hinds are left out


                                                  • Kaytranada - 10% (feat. Kali Uchis) video
                                                    Theophilus London - Cuba video
                                                    Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens - Luminous Spaces video
                                                    Jay1 - Million Bucks video
                                                    Brooke Bentham - Perform for You video
                                                    Sassy 009 - Lara (feat. Clairo) video
                                                    Loup GarouX - I Know The Truth About You video
                                                    PVA - Divine Intervention audio
                                                    MGMT - In The Afternoon video