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  • New singles this week

    All comments relate to this week's singles and their reviews, published on this page:

    ***Melanie B - Feels so Good***
    I agree with the second review
    because this song seems really nice when you first listen to it, but gets rather boring after a few times. Too many "Oh yeah" and also I discovered something awful, the "oooooh" after "oh yeah", sounds like a boyband from the '70s are having a bad moment with their backing vocals! This spoils the whole song really...

    ***Dane Bowers - Shut up and forget about it***
    Not being a fan of his voice I much preferred Another Level tracks to this. His collaboration with Victoria Beckham was much better too. This is just boring.

    ***Samantha Mumba - Always come back to your love***
    I liked her first single, the second was ok, but this may be her best release ever... not a classic, but catchy and with some original vocal arrangements, hope it does well.

    ***Stuntmasters - The Ladyboy is Mine***
    This is a joke, right? I mean, it just doesn't work! I know it's fun to mix stuff, but this sounds bad. Anybody who knows the original songs (and I suspect most people who'll listen to this do) will notice that this mix just damages both, especially The Boy Is Mine. You have the original in your head and you can't help thinking "this shouldn't be like that!"
    So yeah I agree with Matthew Dixon here.

    And what do *you* think?

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    Only just read this now... thanks for agreeing with me - it really was bad wasn't it!!!


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      I didn't realise this at the time, but the version of "The Ladyboy Is Mine" which got a single/video release wasn't the same as the version being played in the clubs... and I'm not just referring to my neck of the woods! I had a good listen to all the remixes (just 3) on the CD single, and I knew something wasn't quite right - I just didn't like them, even though I remembered enjoying the track on several previous occasions. Eventually I managed to listen to a bootleg 12" which my friend's flatmate had (he happens to be a DJ) and that was when it finally hit me - it was a completely different version.

      IMO the "club" remix is/was far superior to the single/video version. It mixed the two songs together much more effectively, making use of the lyrics from the Modjo chorus (which the radio/video version didn't), and without the annoying, strange guitar twang every five seconds (which wasn't even present in either song anyway).

      I'm not saying you'd necessarily have liked this version if you didn't like the single version anyway, but I was very disappointed that they decided to release a significantly inferior remix. As I said, I didn't think much of the single version, but I honestly believe the club remix was better than the sum of its parts. Well, certainly much better than Modjo's "Lady" anyway.

      Amir. :cool: