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    Eminem performed "Stan" with... Elton John! Good on ya Em! It was good, because Elton was playing the piano and the instruments were live (apart from the scribbling sound!) and there was no Dido which is always a bonus (ok this is just my opinion, I don't like Dido, ok).

    These ceremonies are so boring. All those people come on stage, read the moronic pointless waffle text they're supposed to read and then a winner comes up on stage and bores us senseless with their thankyous... don't you think?

    Glad U2 got some though.

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    well... whats new? award shows r so boring! speciallt the grammys! seems like it will never end! hehe

    good thing my bets got some awards to bring home (ie destiny's child, U2 & eminem). they really deserved it...

    (btw, this is a really COOL site... its my homepage! hehe)
    Oscar Wilde: "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.


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      Glad you like the site. :smile:

      I didn't even bother watching the awards... I guess I've just seen it all before.

      Blah blah blah... companies and artists congratulating each other for shifting the most product... stuff that's escaped from the boredroom... this is an industry after all... the actual music kind of like an afterhought...

      Hmmm, think I'll need to put a 'cynicism' mode into the BBCode tags.


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        Yeah, the ceremonies just show how shallow this business is.

        Even Eminem - his preformance with Elton John (which was cool) was like saying "Hey, see, I don't mean what I actually say on my records. I just say it so people talk about me, so I sell more records. Like Britney - she doesn't mean her songs, nor do I. But I can't exactly spread rumours about me having a boob job to create controversy around me, can I?"


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          i couldnt agree more!:smile:

          just the thought! argh!:p im even thinking about supporting more indie or unsigned musicians coz they seemed to be more sincere in making music than those artists who just create music to have more ca$h! i think they have forgotten what music is all about...
          Oscar Wilde: "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.


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            Yeah... and another thing I feel like doing is compiling a list of artists who are pro-MP3 and artists who are anti-MP3.

            Why? Because when we, the fans, buy music, we are entitled under law to something called 'fair use'. The copyright laws are meant to balance the rights of the artists with the rights of the public.

            The music industry accuse the fans of being criminals when they copy music, which is untrue, and they are trying to take away the rights of even legitimate buyers of music on CD or online. If I download a song, I am entitled to copy it onto a CD, onto my Walkman etc., but the music industry want to stop me through copyright protection, enforced by law (like DVDs).

            Artists like Metallica, The Corrs, and Eminem support the music industry's stance on taking away the rights of ordinary music fans. Other artists, like the Foo Fighters and Public Enemy, support the fans.

            If we get a list together on UKMIX maybe it'll be useful to any fans who don't want to give their money to greedy b*****ds.


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              I think it s**ked. I'm not a Britney fan but I have to admit that she always highlighted the show and she didn't go to this awards so it was kinda boring. Besides Eminem&Elton John part, I like Faith Hill and Madonna performance.
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