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Mariah Herstory: On This Day [April 10th]

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  • Mariah Herstory: On This Day [April 10th]

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    Mariah Herstory
    What was happening in Mariah's (and the lambs!) World on this day?

    We'll look back on news, countdowns, discussions, photos on different calendar days regardless of year.

    What were you thinking then vs. what are you thinking now? Where were you when that song came out and was your first reaction what it is now?

    Join in the #MariahHerstory discussion.

    Currently looking at where we can get different sources of info. Right now will use:
    - UKMIX Mariah Topic
    - UKMIX Chart Archives
    - TRL archives
    - MariahNetwork Gallery
    - Social Media
    - Wikipedia

    Let me know if there are other sources we could use. It obviously won't be completely comprehensive but a sampling that helps with reflections, thoughts and humour.

    We'll get started on Monday!


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      Genuinely loving this idea.
      She was kind of fragile and she had a lot to grapple with but basically she kept it all inside ...


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        Ok, this is gonna be fun!


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          This sounds like a great idea!


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            Cool idea. Tho I thought her memoirs is announced when i saw this topic title and my hearth skipped a bit ;)


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              On This Day: April 8th

              Take a look through the April 8th time capsule for various years. Do you remember how you felt about different moments?

              April 8th 1995

              Music Box was #130 on Billboard 200, while Tupac ruled at #1

              April 8th 2000

              TGIFY sat at #57 on the Hot 100 while Santana ruled the chart

              Rainbow sat at #95 but N'Sync debuted at #1 on Billboard 200

              April 8th 2003

              A classic was #10 on TRL...

              Tuesday, April 8, 2003
              10) Busta Rhymes "I Know What You Want"
              09) Stacie Orrico "Stuck"
              08) Nelly "Pimp Juice"
              07) Amanda Perez "Angel"
              06) B2K "Girlfriend"
              05) Avril Lavigne "Losing Grip"
              04) 50 Cent "In Da Club"
              03) Simple Plan "Addicted"
              02) Eminem "Sing For The Moment"
              01) Justin Timberlake "Rock Your Body"

              April 8th 2006

              TEOM was still charting and Prince debuted at #1

              April 8th 2008

              Touch My Body hit #1 on TRL for the first time...

              Top 10:
              10. Sara Bareilles, Love Song [Days:32|Peak:2] [-4]
              9. Jonas Brothers, When You Look Me In The Eyes [Days:14|Peak:5] [=]
              8. Danity Kane, Damaged [Days:5|Peak:4] [RETURN]
              7. Madonna/Justin Timberlake/Timbaland, 4 Minutes [Days:1|Peak:7] [DEBUT]
              6. Ray J/Yung Berg, Sexy Can I [Days:5|Peak:5] [-1]
              5. Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown, No Air [Days:10|Peak:2] [-2]
              4. Usher/Young Jeezy, Love In This Club [Days:1|Peak:4] [DEBUT]
              3. Lil' Wayne, Lollipop [Days:2|Peak:3] [+1]
              2. Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love [Days:5|Peak:1(1x)] [-1]

              1. Mariah Carey, Touch My Body [Days:9|Peak:1(1x)] [+1]

              April 8th 2010

              Mariah spotted riding Universal's RIP RIDE ROCKIT in Orlando, Florida

              April 8th 2011

              Lambs were "dying for new music"

              Originally posted by ForeverYoung View Post
              I REALLY can't wait for the new era to start. The new studio-album era!

              I hope she gives birth and starts working on music right away. (can't believe I'm saying this )
              Originally posted by Wmosi View Post
              I agree with you!! It's only been like 4 months since the last mini-era(MCIIY) and i'm already dying for new music!!

              April 8th 2012

              With no new music in sight, lambs resorted to their own remixes...

              Originally posted by MartyC View Post
              Mariah likely to hit 7 mill followers on twitter before we hear new music

              Originally posted by MAM View Post
              Its a long road
              When you're at home all alone,
              And you have no life,
              So you think Mariah's your wife,

              You can find love,
              If you reach into your pants,
              And the emptiness you felt,
              Will dissapear,

              And then relief comes along,
              Yes the feeling is so strong,
              You forget about new songs,
              As you think about the girl in her thong,
              So when you can't think of anything else,
              Look at pornhub and be hard,
              And you'll finally see the truth,
              That a pornstar lies in you
              Yes it does, I know it does,
              A pornstar lies in you
              Originally posted by lainter06 View Post
              Thanks to you I will never look at that song the same way again.
              Originally posted by MissConspiracy View Post
              #iCan't @ this thread

              news is needed urgently before some of ya'll go permanently nutts!!!! :-?

              April 8th 2013

              ThatGrapeJuice went to the streets to ask opinions about Mariah...

              Idol and album drama had lambs scratching their heads...

              Originally posted by JoeMCfan View Post
              Can't believe I actually just read the last 20 pages

              So maybe we are looking at second Q3 of 2013 now, if no single has been chosen and there's no real 'plan'. Looks like AI won't be used to it's fullest potential. Siiigh, the fun of guessing producers, themes, songs etc is starting to wear off and the 20 page meltdowns when there is news (or no news) is getting tiresome to keep up with. Arrrgghhhhh MC please restore my lambdom and announce a single.

              But we don't really know what happened. We sure know how to extrapolate an entire situation as fact from a pretty vague statement from Liron lol.
              Originally posted by manuaway View Post
              American Idol Judge Nicki Minaj May Get Fired After Season: Report

              Originally posted by CantLetGo View Post
              I know I am pages late but how could her management and label not have a plan yet?

              Why does the album need to be completed before there's a plan on how to promote it.

              That seems so dumb. U can know what ur going to do in a basic way.

              I hate how liron expects fans to trust Mariah and the label when they are 0 and 7.

              7 singles in a row have flopped.

              Just release the album and call it a day. I want to hear it already. I'm so over this drama of it being a hit. It seems to be getting in the way of the creative process.

              April 8th 2014

              Lambs were utterly confused about what the day held in store...

              Originally posted by sYair View Post
              Damn, this day on Ukmix has been hilarious Very entertaining 15-page read! lol Press conference, then no press conference, then meltdowns, then May 2 release, then 74k opening, then #onthebathroomfloor, then 35k opening, then finally press conference.

              Too much.
              Originally posted by Michiel View Post
              If they have a master plan or not I don't know... At this point we can only oversee what already happened and when I look back I just feel disappointment. I was such a believer before triumphant, but from then one everything seems to be falling apart. Always so much confusion (I mean even during the triumphant era it was never clear if we were talking about a 1st single or just a promo single/random single/...). The only time it all had some structure was during the release of #beautiful, but let's be fair that one was already falling apart even before she had her injury. Now the delays come hand in hand with disappointing sales, performances,... They will need one hell of a master plan to clean up this mess tbh.

              And most importantly I hope the music doesn't disappoint me either. Working on an album for a longer time doesn't imply a better output, I hope we get a quality album at the end and not a disappointing album with a few good songs.

              I think it's safe to assume that their masterplan from triumphant on until now did more harm than good.
              Originally posted by ToddSmith View Post
              Has the ''era'' even begun?

              A translated blog post from papelpop didnt quell any worries, but created more confusion...

              Originally posted by automaticprincess View Post
              What if this whole "it's not ready yet" is part of a the drama of the album release. I can't just imagine everything not ready with a few weeks to go, but yet they still continuously mentioning the date may 6. If they really have loads of ironing to do as what most people are assuming, they could just push it back right now and stop mentioning May 6. It doesn't make any sense. :-?

              And this day brought with it multiple essays, including this one...

              Originally posted by stevyy View Post
              the pathetic things actually is that most of her fans don't appreciate her making music, nor the song she releases. Why are they still here? Only to call certain songs flops? I bet that had WBT tanked, ppl would have long forgotten about it and degraded it.

              From T to YM they are all or were all smash hits in my world. The excitement I felt when I rushed home from uni that day, knowing that Mariah had just released a brand new track (it was AH at the time), was the best thing that happened in 2013 to me. I mean I have been a fan for over 20 years now and I have to admit that the sparks were dying down in between waiting, but oh boy did they come back when I learned about MCSummer2012 or the subsequent releases. I still shiver when I click on the link to download her latest song, I still can't sleep the night before that or the night before I go out and buy the latest album. That is what keeps me going sometimes, knowing of what a treat I can expect later this year. Too many ppl focus on her looks, her weight... certain interviews whatever. Too many "fans" do care an awful lot about the big hair, short skirts whatever. I don't. I only want the music and I also want her to be happy and well (as much as I want every human being to). But I don't constantly criticize her every move. Why would I? I like what she does, I'm a fan afterall. In the end, I don't remember certain interviews, I don't recall what she was wearing the other day or some years ago. All that I remember is the feeling I had when I listened to her music, when I saw her perform live or on my screen, I only remember the music and what it did to me.

              I wish more ppl would not always be that harsh on her. Nobody knows how long we will have her in our lives as a) the artist that she is or b) the human being walking among us. Two of my biggest idols und life influences already died, MJ and Whitney. And I am so glad that I never shaded them like other "fans" did. I'm a supporter, someone who also sees the person behind the make-up and public crap. I will cherish her as long as I will live. I may sometimes not like what she does, but I will always be here, I will always be the little kid who couldn't sleep the night before she releases something new and I will always be one of the first to spread the word of how amazing her latest outut is, on this forum and anywhere where ppl would listen.

              thank you #bye

              The Emancipation of Mimi sales were just over 6M

              April 8th 2015

              Mariah spotted outside her penthouse in New York

              April 8th 2016

              TMZ was first to report the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour would be extended to South America

              From The Socials...

              April 8th 2017

              Daydream caused some drama...

              Originally posted by eternally12 View Post
              I also have a love hate relationship with When I Saw You. She does sound a bit bored especially before the key change but the melody is very beautiful and is the type of music that the GP eats up.

              The absolute worst on Daydream is Open Arms. The live versions are far superior. One sweet day is also one of the weaker tracks on the album, but good nonetheless. It's probably aged the worst though.
              Originally posted by Gravity View Post
              I Am Free bores me to death. I occasionally like When I Saw You (the melody is beautiful but I agree with folks that say she sounds bored).

              Long Ago >>>>> the rest of Daydream

              April 8th 2018

              From the socials...

              MC15 jitters...

              Originally posted by Kaloki View Post
              This new album better have some 8 minute long Mariah equivalent of Any Time Any Place

              Let’s be honest the chances of Mariah scoring any big hits is pretty limited so hopefully she does some different things musically rather than building everything for radio
              Originally posted by Kieran97 View Post
              Her album should be named legend, Mimi, darling,or mirage.

              What will April 8th 2019 add to this #MariahHerstory?


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                From all of this, the only one I could relate to is the socials from the 8th of April 2018.

                People were saying that the first part should be Glitter. But who would've thought that later that year Glitter will hit #1 on the US itunes chart 17 years after its release!
                She was kind of fragile and she had a lot to grapple with but basically she kept it all inside ...


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                  OMG this SUCH a great thread! It’s nice to take a trip down memory lane in Lambland. Thanks for all the effort.

                  LMAO @ the confusion regarding the album/era in 2014. I remember pretty much all of us thinking the album would get pushed back to late 2014.

                  and ew @ those ugly necklaces she used to rock with casual clothing. instantly takes me back to the smella era
                  DEBBIE GIBSON 2020


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                    I love this thread!

                    Thanks for doing all that compilation!


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                      On This Day: April 9th

                      Take a look through the April 9th time capsule for various years. Do you remember how you felt about different moments?

                      April 9th 1994

                      Without You was at its peak of #3, while Hero sat at #26

                      Music Box was still top 10 on the chart

                      April 9th 2005

                      It's Like That was #24 on the Hot 100, while 50 cent ruled the chart

                      Mariah spotted outside The Beacon Theatre in New York

                      Mariah performs at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation Benefit in New York

                      April 9th 2011

                      Lambs were on baby watch

                      Originally posted by Lorenzo View Post
                      I have a feeling Dem babies coming this weekend

                      Originally posted by MCdoitbig View Post
                      This is a woman who's been confined to bed rest for months. I have no doubt she's already in love and will fall more in love with her babies, but I also have no doubt she can't wait to get back to her "day job", too, and give it her all.

                      The WBT vs. DFAU debate raged...

                      Originally posted by Eamon View Post
                      I think Mariah deserved every number 1 she has gotten with the exception of "Thank God I Found You" which is very forgettable and may be "Don't Forget About Us" which is a great song but maybe forgetable aswell when compared to the huge ballad of that era. I think all her other number 1's were deserved.

                      Originally posted by Scavo View Post
                      I love "Don't Forget About Us". She sings it with much emotion. And I think the song is 100% R&B, not Pop. It's the best re-ash she did of "We Belong Together" as it went to #1, she tried keeping doing the same thing in E=MC2, but people had already past that.

                      Originally posted by ANH View Post
                      I actually prefer the original "Don't Forget About Us" to the DJ Clue remix.
                      And I hate the way Mariah acted in that video.
                      Plus, Fabulous & Styles P's rap sucked.
                      "Amnesia, Visa, Condoleeza"? :x No.
                      Originally posted by TheRealest View Post
                      The orginal version of "DFAU" is miles better than the remix. The way she sings in her lower register reminds me of her Music Box/Daydream days. The whistle note and belting at the end = epic.

                      I also don't see why it constantly is compared to "WBT". They don't sound anything alike. They don't have similar production, and they aren't even about the same subject!

                      @poisonparadise Thanks!

                      April 9th 2012

                      A be careful what you wish for moment...

                      Originally posted by MartyC View Post
                      in 2009 i remember people saying they wanted mariah to take a break, saying she should come back in 4 or 5 years time...

                      well, the break has been long enough lol.
                      Originally posted by NorthernMonkey View Post
                      I'm on google trying to find information!! Who wants to join in?? so far I have searched for Mariah Care 2012 new music exclusive and all the other obvious searches lol


                      Sony announced The Essential Mariah Carey. First reactions were...

                      Originally posted by SmartIsNewSexy View Post

                      SO LAME!
                      it's ridiculous, redundant compilations like this that eats away Mariah's catalogue sales.
                      Originally posted by musiclover2174 View Post
                      What? Another compilation?

                      Sony should stop releasing compilations of Mariah. Her catalog sales are getting weaker and weaker with this compilations.
                      Originally posted by SpyVsSpy View Post
                      Finally some album news!!

                      April 9th 2013

                      Mariah adds to her perfume collection...Dreams

                      MC teases...

                      Originally posted by Tobby View Post
                      I don't believe her, lol.
                      Originally posted by xxx145 View Post
                      She means the album is almost ready, right?? My level of excitement is extremely high now! :x
                      Originally posted by JoeMCfan View Post
                      She looks straight outta E=MC2 in that picture.
                      Originally posted by leoapp View Post
                      I just can't wait anymore for the new single, hopefully soon means in a few weeks...

                      April 9th 2014

                      It was press day/night for MC!

                      Lambs also first learned of a Stevie Wonder duet...

                      Originally posted by SawyerHewitt View Post
                      Yes @ that duet, quality music is on the way.
                      She gave us a clue a while ago when she posted a pic of Stevie and JD in the studio saying "listening to our song."

                      But this time it's been 100% confirmed, I see.
                      Hype, baby, hype hype!

                      I need 'Superstition' Pt II.
                      Originally posted by dreamloverboy View Post
                      I dont know how i feel about Stevie duet.
                      Celine Dion did a song with him on her new album as well. It didnt help her to get more attention and the song is literally one of the worst songs on the album :(
                      Originally posted by naughtynae View Post

                      Anyway YESSSSSSS for Stevie duet I'm soo happy for her! I hope it lives up to expectations. I do agree though and I hate to but she would suit being a bit slimmer.
                      Originally posted by shanghaichica View Post
                      Mariah and stevie will not let us down!

                      That song is going to be pure perfection.

                      There was high hopes for the upcoming album...

                      Originally posted by marcomarao View Post
                      Mariah is getting at least another Top 10 hit in this era. And the album will not flop. Write that down. I'll be one of the firsts to say "I told you" to the pessimistics. This era is going to be great. I am sure!
                      Originally posted by tinyt320 View Post

                      YOUR NEW RELEASES: Frozen will retain the #1 spot next week and could well remain there until mid-May, when either Mariah Carey or NOW 50 will likely take over the top spot. Both titles are currently scheduled for release on 5/6 and will bow on the HITS Building Album Sales Chart on 5/12. Here, meanwhile, are this week's key debuts:

                      Black Label Society (eOne) 25-28k
                      SoMo (Republic) 23-26k
                      MercyMe (Fair Trade) 20-22k
                      Martina McBride (Sharon's Rose/Vinyl Recordings) 20-22k

                      April 9th 2015

                      It was announced she fired her entire team...


                      Originally posted by Eeeeternal View Post
                      Anyways, I'm so happy that Mariah Finally FIRES everyone.

                      It took her three flop albums JESUS.

                      Mariah hints at Infinity...which was rumoured to be the name of the song days before in the thread

                      Originally posted by crybaby26 View Post
                      Yall will deal that 3rd song of the decade is upon us. Get ready girls! Mariah won't stop until this is a reality
                      Originally posted by Dandelion View Post
                      I hope she's smart enough to ONLY have Infinity and no other new song on #1's 2.0.
                      Originally posted by SmartIsNewSexy View Post
                      Brett ratner said "your mind is going to be blown" when describing the song.

                      Jaqubb said the song was a "banger"

                      Hopefully its a summer anthem, perfect for the clubs

                      Originally posted by NevercountMCout View Post
                      It makes a heck of a lot of sense to get this single out before Vegas, a video will take it even further if it's great, We know Mariah wants the seats filled.

                      Lambs also crashed Caesars website...

                      April 9th 2016

                      Mariah performs in Lithuania as part of the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour

                      April 9th 2018

                      Hostel anyone?

                      Originally posted by NorthernMonkey View Post
                      The feedback from the advert/commercial is actually good on the DM comments. People like that she is mocking herself. Iím not a fan of the film but thatís nice to see.
                      Originally posted by carloandrew View Post
                      They should have included this.

                      The whole commercial felt like a mature touch my body video lol

                      What will April 9th 2019 add to this #MariahHerstory?


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                        I forgot that story about insuring her vocal cords - did that ever get verified?

                        Great presentation and attention to detail [MENTION=35558]bm08[/MENTION].


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                          Originally posted by Wayne View Post
                          I forgot that story about insuring her vocal cords - did that ever get verified?

                          Great presentation and attention to detail [MENTION=35558]bm08[/MENTION].
                          I think that was all Stella bs tbh


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                            Wow i love this thread idea and the walk doen memory lane. Great work [MENTION=35558]bm08[/MENTION]
                            Proceed with Caution


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                              Great idea for a thread, thank you for your dedication.
                              Whitney Houston


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                                The change from 2013 to 2014 is

                                2012-2014 was such an annoying time period waiting for album news/singles etc


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                                  Hahah that hostel part.
                                  She was kind of fragile and she had a lot to grapple with but basically she kept it all inside ...


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                                    Thanks for putting so much effort on this!

                                    I really enjoy it #memories


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                                      On This Day: April 10th

                                      Take a look through the April 10th time capsule for various years. Do you remember how you felt about different moments?

                                      April 10th 1993

                                      Unplugged sat at #111 on Billboard's 200 as Depeche Mode debuted at #1

                                      April 10th 1998

                                      Mariah performs at The Essence Awards

                                      April 10th 1999

                                      I Still Believe sat in the top 10 on the Hot 100 as TLC ruled

                                      #1s was still top 50 as Britney climbed to #1 on Billboard's 200

                                      April 10th 2003

                                      Mariah & Busta shoot the "I Know What You Want" music video

                                      Mariah attends the Blink 102.7 launch party in New York

                                      April 10th 2006

                                      Mariah spotted on vacation in Antigua

                                      April 10th 2010

                                      The Biebs debuted at #1 as Memoirs sat in the lower tier of the chart

                                      Mariah and Jermaine post a "Living The Life" episode from the studio

                                      April 10th 2011

                                      Baby watch preoccupied most of the lamb time

                                      Originally posted by marcsgirl85 View Post
                                      radaronline are assuming that she might be in labor because Nick is rushing back to be with her just in case the twins arrive. it wouldn't surprise me she's had pre-term labor twice and is pretty close to full term for twins anyway but still if something went wrong the press would have a field day
                                      Originally posted by Eamon View Post
                                      Its been a year since this thread was opened!! Almost 850 pages of nothing but Mariah!! Who knew this time a year later she would be pregnant with twins and that they would be almost here!!

                                      April 10th 2012

                                      A great debate about compilations was triggered by Sony releasing Essential MC

                                      Originally posted by Titan3510 View Post
                                      I'm not buying another compilation album (I have #1s)until they put all of her greatest hits on it...

                                      That includes the ones from the '00s...

                                      The problem is that her discography is so good.

                                      She almost has too many hits though. If they want to do Mariah justice, they might just have to do a triple disk set...and that's expensive.

                                      Lambs were still desperate for music news...and were organising

                                      Originally posted by MAM View Post
                                      But if all of us do it the person behind the account (I think it's Gina her assistant) will at least tell Mariah that we're desperate for music news.
                                      Originally posted by Eamon View Post
                                      I think they know we are mad for news anyway. On LAD, she was inundated with questions about the new album and she ignored them all! I think RaeRae plays a part in the running of Mariah Alerts as well.

                                      April 10th 2013

                                      An acapella of Butterfly leaks...


                                      Originally posted by lush View Post
                                      I wish more accapella songs would leak. Still waiting for the full LTW!

                                      Mariah creates a viral moment on American Idol by glitter bombing Candice Glover

                                      MC and Kelly Clarkson share a moment on twitter

                                      April 10th 2014

                                      Lambs find out a new song title of the new album

                                      Originally posted by DOSSOME View Post
                                      Supernatural...Hmmm i love it!!!!!!!!!!!Let the news keep coming
                                      Originally posted by Tobby View Post
                                      it's gonna be "dem babies". that's how the world knows them.

                                      i also read somewhere a while back that nick cannon is on the song with dem babies. or could he have his own song with mariah on the album... i hope it's not all about family on this cd

                                      April 10th 2015

                                      Mariah attended the City of Hope gala rubbing shoulders with radio personnel

                                      Originally posted by xMariahx View Post
                                      hehe idc she looks good in the recent photos.
                                      Originally posted by bonkroni View Post
                                      Her eyes looked tired and sad. :(
                                      I hope she will get well soon


                                      Originally posted by bm08 View Post
                                      Didnt realize it 'til someone else pointed it out, but the countdown ends on* the anniversary of The Emancipation of Mimi.
                                      Originally posted by MariahKremlin View Post
                                      I think a single will be available for a download. Maybe album ?
                                      I'm shaking...

                                      April 10th 2017

                                      TMZ reports that Mariah and Bryan are done!


                                      VARIETY was first to report Mariah formed BUTTERFLY MC RECORDS with new album


                                      Originally posted by taustin13 View Post
                                      New Album + Single Mariah + Own Record Label

                                      Is the Best News since 2008 before she Married Nick!!!!!!
                                      Originally posted by TwistedFantasy View Post
                                      I don't necessarily need a new album but I'm quite glad she's releasing one this year. I'll take new music news over anything that isn't related to her music and artistry. I don't have any expectations, they're very low, but I do hope she'll deliver at least some amazing songs!


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                                        She looked great in Antigua!

                                        Thanks @bm08 for the compilation!
                                        She was kind of fragile and she had a lot to grapple with but basically she kept it all inside ...


                                        • #21
                                          Some nice moments on there!

                                          Thanks bm!


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                                            Originally posted by bm08 View Post
                                            I think that was all Stella bs tbh
                                            I wouldn't be surprised! So glad, she's just a bad memory now!
                                            Underneath The Stars


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                                              What happened to "Herstory"?
                                              She was kind of fragile and she had a lot to grapple with but basically she kept it all inside ...