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  • A Rant

    So this is what happened...

    i always manually synced my iTunes library to my iPhone. For years. No problems.

    Then they kept recommending me a free 1 month trial which I started May 1st.
    immediately all my covers and stuff changed. e.g. Aaliyah‘s We Need a Resolution suddenly has some ugly as **** cover of ‚Best of R&B‘ in blue and red in MS paint fashion. Disgusting - but I could listen to my music.

    today I decided to cancel my subscription. All hell broke loose.
    i was immediately unable to sync more music onto my device.
    snd almost all music I had on my phone before said I have to ‚choose my plan‘ for Apple Music.
    those weren’t tracks I downloaded while I was with Apple Music
    those were tracks that had been on my device for over a year

    basically Apple ‚stole‘ my music from my device, refuses me to sync it back on.

    they wanna Force me to pay 10€ or whatever a month to listen to MY music that I purchased on CD a decade ago - or buy each ******* track for 1.29€ Off iTunes to be able to listen to it.

    granted - out of my 35,000 tracks on iTunes, I have about 7,000 ok my phone. And the Apple thing ‚recognized‘ not each and every one of them.

    which means I can still listen to 129 out of my 7,000 songs

    its my device
    its my music
    its my way of consumption

    i feel betrayed.

    iTunes Doesn’t even have the option to manage music manually. Apparently it does not work anymore.
    I am so incredibly sad

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    They even recognized some obscure Moroccan music I downloaded off YouTube
    I cannot listen to it anymore

    They immediately want me to pay ten bucks to listen to the music I bought, music I downloaded illegally. How do They even do this?