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  • Watch iTunes charts online

    Hi, let me suggest you my new website to explore iTunes charts by genre (38 genres) and by country (59 countries). It's Chartify.TOP

    For example, Italy Blues chart

    or UK general chart

    and many others. Charts are refreshing daily.

    What, I believe, sets it apart from other similar tools -
    All the song are linked to Youtube search, so you can watch them online and even to download the video!

    I hope, you'll find my tool useful.
    Currently, I'm going to implement archives and to provide a search through them.

    (I'm sorry if I selected wrong thread for this...)

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    A small but interesting update here.

    We've implemented searching charts breakers - songs that have increased their positions on the current day. The results are strange - many charts display the songs that weren't in the list yesterday but do jump into the first positions next day. Anyway, they are worth attention I guess.

    For example UK chart breakers (daily update)
    It's the general chart. Particular charts like Blues, Brazilian, J-pop and others are avalable too.