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Are songs getting shorter?

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    Originally posted by GetBack View Post
    LOL! How is he narrow minded? Of course, there is a repeated structure in songs, it's not necessarily the chorus as well.
    Many 6 min+ songs don't repeat themselves, but rather show progression. You can listen to several electronic/jazz/alternative pieces and you won't find even choruses. And they can be brilliant. Long songs don't have typical structures, usually they have a climax and the song revolves around that. So yes, a 6 min Pop song might be boring, but I can't even remember examples of such a song. I guess there are, but there are brilliant tracks which go way beyond the typical structure and are much better than a 3.15min song can ever be.
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      Yes, but 5-6 minutes songs generally border on boring unless it's a progressive metal/rock or even some EDM/Garage Uk.
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        Bionic was ahead of time again. I Hate boys is 2:24 long.
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