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Who are the most technically talented producers in EDM/electronic music?

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  • Who are the most technically talented producers in EDM/electronic music?

    Hey everyone,
    So ,I know its debatable and I know technical skill isn't as important as creativity and musical intelligence often times, but I was just curious! I hear names like Aphex Twin, Virtual Riot, Porter, deadmau5, etc. all being known for gh technical skill ceiling. Who are some of the best of the best in terms of both results and potential?
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    Now that's a long conversation! The main aspect to be considered in my opinion is that with the advent of readily available and relatively cheap sample packs, anyone can download pre-produced, very professional quality sounds and just stick them all together and hey presto - a professional sounding track (regardless of whether the actual tune is any good but that's another conversation). The trouble is that everyone starts sounding the same and artists aren't developing their own style. Every turn of a knob and movement of a fader on a synth (hardware or software) makes a difference and is an aural decision by the composer that adds to their style. When I start a new track I set all my synth settings to 0 and start from scratch, aiming for the sounds in my head (or at the most I'll start from one of my previous sounds but I definitely don't use presets or sample packs). Very occasionally I'll use a reverse cymbal sample or similar as my drum machine is a little limited but everything else comes from the synths and all the production (compression, EQ, reverb, Exciter, etc..) is all my own settings, made with my own hands as my ears make the judgements. So when comparing artists' production quality you have to consider how many pre-produced samples they're using and how much of the post-production is actually theirs. Personally I would rather listen to an artist who sounds slightly less 'polished' but has their own style....thoughts???