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  • The Concert Thread

    I have an idea for what I hope will be an interesting thread.

    In this thread, post any concerts you've been to and make comments about them (good show, bad show, etc).

    For example, I have seen:

    1. Madonna: Blonde Ambition Tour 1990 (with C&C Music Factory)
    2. Bon Jovi/ Skid Row 1989
    3. Def Leppard: 7 Day Weekend Tour 1993
    4. Paula Adbul: 1993
    5. Soul Asylum/ Radiohead 1996 (when Radiohead just releazsed "Creep")
    6. Everclear/ The Exies 2002
    7. Duran Duran (original 5 members) 2003

    This weekend I'll be seeing The Pointer Sisters in Vegas, and I can post my thoughts about the show.

    The Madonna Blonde Ambition Tour was amazing: the choreography was almost video quality and I'm pretty sure she sang most of the lyrics live. She was coming off the success of "Vogue" at the time, but the focus was on the Like A Virgin, True Blue, and Like A Prayer CD's, if I remember right, there were three encores. C&C Music Factory (with Freedom Williams) were an odd opening act, but no weirder than Beastie Boys, who were booed off the stage on one of her earlier tours.

    Any others who would like to share???
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    i saw almost every band live (at least all the important -for me- 80s n 90s bands)
    some very special shows:

    the last JESUS N MARY CHAIN gig.they so good but i was SO goal...i kept my eyes close for almost an hour.they left the stage...hearing the feedback a friend of mine said that it was over...emotional...

    DURAN DURAN in greece!u cant imagine what was like 1985.absolutele crazy.

    one of the first SUEDE gigs playing "dog man star" with the new guitarist.mindblowing.

    MANIC STREET PREACHERS in reading 1997.

    OASIS playing without Noel Gallagher...OUPS...

    TRICKY playing for more than 3 hours stoned...
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      The best gig I ever went to took place on November 4th last year at the Edinburgh Liquid Room... Amy Winehouse Bloody brilliant.

      Close runners up were Beverley Knight, whose voice is something that every music lover should experience live as it really is something else.


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        This year, I've seen...

        Feb: Rooster
        March: Embrace
        April: The Hives
        May: The Bravery
        September: McFLY
        October: Nine Black Alps, The Subways

        Still to come: Rooster, Ordinary Boys, My Chemical Romance, The Bravery, All-American Rejects.

        The best one was The Subways - they've all been ace, but The Subways was just wicked. I was gutted when it was over
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          Apart from festivals (I've been to Reading and V), I haven't been to all that many exciting gigs. We don't get a lot around this part of the country.


          Silver Sun (supported by The Radio and Rulers Of The Planet) - the best gig ever. Eeeever.
          Wednesday 13 (supported by Viking Skull) - great fun, it was purely a 'spooky' cabaret act.
          Hell Is For Heroes (supported by Paper Cuts and Kids Near Water) - brilliant.
          Toploader (supported by Easyworld) - brilliant, but mostly because Easyworld were supporting.
          Wheatus (supported by Halo) - I liked it at the time, makes me wonder why I can't bear them now...

          I've probably forgotten something obvious, but oh well. Apart from local bands, I think that's about it to be honest.

          I've missed more great gigs than I've been to. The Strokes played nearby before they got worldwide fame - I'd just heard one of their songs and was gutted to miss it. Particularly as the tickets were only 3. The Libertines, again before they got huge. Queen Adreena... well, I've missed them three times, including this month when I actually had tickets, dammit.
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            The most memorable gigs I've been to are:

            Blur (supported by Super Furry Animals) - 1997
            Manic Street Preachers (supported by Catatonia) - 1998
            The Bluetones - 2005


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              2003: John Mayer (supported by Aussie band Lo-tel, who I think have split up now) - at the Hordern in Sydney, good gig (which tought me never to stand up for a gig ever again), crowd was receptive (someone got their lighter out during one song for the usual wave along), but the one he did 6 months later was better (see below).

              2004: Incubus (supported by crappy girl band Modular Lounge, who I felt like booing) - great atmosphere, the fans were up on their feet (well, general admission + quite a few in the seats, including myself) & doing mexican waves b4 they came on stage...felt a little disappointed though cos they didn't play some of my faves (ie Summer Romance), but it was a good gig overall.

              John Mayer (supported by the wonderful Brooke Fraser - got into her music thanx to that support gig) - Best concert I've been to yet, although the fans could've been a bit more up on their feet I thought (and I always get stuck between really boring ppl who sit there & do nothing but watch - I like to sing along & clap & holler like a village idiot when needed ). Great entertainment, John's always excellent live & I'll be going to see his shows until his music/live performances start to suck (which I hope they don't cos aside from all things musical, he's quite a funny guy)...

              Brooke Fraser (can't remember the support, but she wasn't that great from memory) - A few months after I saw her support Mr Mayer, saw her do a small gig in Sydney & she was great - beautiful voice, wonderful music, what more can I say?

              2005: Brooke Fraser (2nd time at the same place she'd performed at b4, supported by a band that did a nice cover of JM's Why Georgia with female vocals) - Excellent yet again, but I was miffed cos I turned up late & couldn't see Brooke from the general viewing area, so decided to use aural perception instead to guide me through the gig. Will continue to see her do gigs in the future as well (she can't quite put a foot wrong with me - for now I'll settle with her first album + the brilliant Crowded House cover she's done for the Finn Brothers tribute album)...

              I'll talk about the gigs that I've also missed:

              Coldplay in 2003 (but I'm going to see them next year in June, which I'm happy about - nearly could've missed them again had I not heard about their 3rd concert, which I'm going to cos the first 2 sold out in 24 hours)
              KT Tunstall (on a promo trip out here in August - rather annoyed with self for not investigating & going to see that one)
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                anastacia is the best woman in concert ever! it's because of the way she sings live. with more power and energy
                Sweet Suzie Q, She Was A Rebel.


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                  1999: B*witched
                  None for 3 years!
                  2002: Bowling for soup
                  August:Lucie Silvas
                  August: Embrace
                  August: Hard-fi
                  August:Basement Jaxx
                  August:Lady Sovereign
                  Coming Up
                  November:Rachel Stevens
                  December:Joss Stone
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                    Saw the Pointer Sisters in Vegas on Saturday night. It was a nostalgia show extraordinaire-- no song from before 1985 was performed.

                    Here's a rough list of the songs: "Happiness," "Automatic", "Dare Me", "Yes We Can Can" (stole the show), "I'm So Excited", "Slow Hand", "He's So Shy", "Should I Do It", "Chain Of Fools" (Aretha cover), "Neutron Dance", "Fire", "Jump (For My Love)" (the finale).

                    The performers were original members Anita and Ruth along with Ruth's daughter Issa. June, an original member hasn't felt well in some time and did not perform. Issa blended right in, so all was well. The three were really into the show and seemed genuinely glad to be still performing after thirty years. At the end, the three actually stayed and shook hands with the audience. Ruth even waved to me as she left the stage (she copied my movement).

                    It was fun to relive my childhood that night. The crowd was pleasantly diverse ethnically and racially, and skewed older (25 plus). They were one of my favorite bands as a child. They had a fine ability to churn out dance hits, on display in the list above. Expect at least three songs by the band VERY high on my Top 5000 of all time. Can anyone deny how great a dance song "I'm So Excited" is???
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                      In my defence, the first 3 were in my teenage years

                      Take That My first concert so v special

                      Let Loose (remember them ). The fire alarm went off in the middle of the gig so we got to stand outside chatting to the guys and I got Rob's autograph :-?

                      911 Thought they were the bees knees at the time. Good show though - I can't remember if it was B*Witched or N-Tyce that supported them but they were good too

                      Robbie Williams - absolutely fantastic. The ultimate showman It was just at the start of his solo career so a nice small venue, standing only, right at the front row

                      Eminem - around the time of Guilty Conscience. Same venue as the Robbie gig, right at the front row again, lots of bouncing, couldn't speak for two days afterwards


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                        Having seen this thread before.

                        I truely enjoy going to concerts and I have seen quite a few different artists starting with Janet Jackson.

                        I have seen her live 4 times
                        first one was back in 93 with The Janet Album Tour
                        then I saw her 97 on The Velvet Rope Tour
                        in 2001, I saw her twice for The All For You Tour
                        All I can say about Janet is that she's a brilliant live performer. Great show and very upbeat

                        I've seen U2 twice. Once in 2002 when No Doubt were the opening act and then just last year I saw them again.

                        Other acts I've seen are:
                        Phil Collins (twice)
                        Pink Floyd
                        Whitney Houston
                        Celine Dion
                        Gipsy Kings

                        Act that I would like to see:
                        Bon Jovi
                        Def Leppard

                        And finally to top it all off I'll be seen Aerosmith in concert very soon


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                          I've seen Avril Lavigne live in Amsterdam, I believe it was in March 2003.

                          I've seen Shania Twain live in Ahoy Rotterdam in I guess spring 2004.

                          And i'm going to see Kelly Clarkson in HMH in Amsterdam March 13th 2006!


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                            I'm going to see Lagwagon, aka The Best Band In The World Ever, on January 5th.

                            This post is highly unlikely to be serious. Please treat it accordingly. Unless it's music-related, in which case I'm damn well right.


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                              I saw U2 in 2000!

                              This year I saw Scissor Sisters, Franz Ferdinand, Maroon 5 and Jem all in one concert!
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                                Okay, I'm done with my gig's this year! The best I think was The Subways, the engery and atmosphere was so good, the support acts were wicked (Suffrajets and The Kooks) and it was just a really good kick, and The Subways kicked ass.
                                The Bravery in November was wicked too. I can't wait for thier new album.

                                Next year I've got All-American Rejects, The Cribs, The Rakes, Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace and McFLY.
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                                  Time to breathe life into this old thread.

                                  On Saturday, a close friend and I went to see the Queen-Paul Rodgers show at Cox Arena in San Diego. The show was amazing, one of my top 3 of all time. Paul Rodgers, for those who don't know was the lead of the bands Free and Bad Company. The show was about 75% Queen songs, including "Another One Bites The Dust," "We Are The Champions" (the finale), "We Will Rock You," "Radio Ga-Ga", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "Under Pressure," "The Show Must Go On," "Fat Bottom Girls", "Dragon Attack", and, in the show's highlight, "Bohemian Rhapsody", which included a video of Freddie Mercury singing the first 3 minutes or so. The band also did some Bad Company songs and Free's "All Right Now". There was one original song as well.

                                  I thought Paul Rodgers filled in admirably, though I could not help but miss Freddie Mercury's presence. Brian May is/was amazing-- he sang a couple of songs, did a 10 minute collage of Queen's great guitar riffs, and played kick butt guitar. John Deacon didn't perform-- it seems he is retired. Roger Taylor, the drummer, did a solo, sang a couple of songs, and had a ton of energy.

                                  The show rocked. The audience was really into the music, especially the big hits, including "Radio Ga-Ga". Brian, Roger, and Paul really enjoy performing and it shows. Freddie was honored as well, so he's not forgotten.

                                  If they come to your area check them out!!!

                                  Pepster and I saw Aerosmith in LA a month ago. I'll post my thoughts on that show, but I'd like to hear what he thinks first!
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                                    Here's my lil list:

                                    Concerts I've Been To:
                                    Melanie C
                                    Bon Jovi
                                    Hoobastank (LIT as support act)
                                    Mariah Carey
                                    Anastacia (2x)
                                    Kelly Clarkson

                                    My favourite has to be Bon Jovi (including Kane & Anastacia as support acts). It was amazing! The worst was Brandy, but that was my first concert ever, so I didn't have anything to compare to.


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                                      In July 2006 Shapeshifters and Uniting Nations come to Estonia for Beach festival. I have to be there.


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                                        I'm going to see Coldplay and 80's NZ band Split Enz both in June - can't wait, not long to go now!
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                                          Dustin I totally forgot that you told me there was a Queen show coming up. Yeah that's how busy I've being at work But I'm glad you enjoyed it.

                                          as for the Aerosmith concert, I thought it was a good concert but I think Dustin and I were expecting them to sing more of their biggest hits. The first half of the show was great especially Dream On but in the second half they sang either very early 70's song or really new songs that I haven't heard yet. I think both Dustin and myself were a bit disappointed or maybe I shouldn't say disappointed but rather not so much into the second half of the show. Overall I give it 7/10

                                          My next concert would have to be Madonna. she's openning her tour here in LA in May. I'm hoping I'll be able to get some tickets.


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                                            its just recently ive started going to concerts a lot.

                                            may 2005 - girls aloud, i really loved this and they surprised me with the live singing! it wasn't until after i learned it was pre recorded live vocals they were singing to. :-?

                                            dec 2005 - saw balck eyed peas, great show and would def see them again, they can totally pull off a live show and get the whole crowd invloved in it.

                                            feb 2006 - kanye west, not as good as i thought it was gonna be but glad i went. im a huge fan of kanye and he didn't disappoint me (just thought he could have been on stage for longer) it all falls down and diamonds were amazing!

                                            march 2006 - sugababes! wow amazing! they are sooo good live (i new they were good live but this was amazing!) i love ammelle heaps now! these girls are the best female talent in the UK for years! def go and see them again!

                                            april 2006 - waiting to see the streets at the end of the month. love the streets and have always wanted to see them so im really looking forward to this!

                                            may 2006 - girls aloud, ive seen them before but after seeing the sugababes dont think this will be as good, but they can pull off a show.
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                                              Well I have been to....

                                              Spice Girls
                                              S Club 7
                                              Mel C
                                              X Factor
                                              50 Cent
                                              Prince(In America)
                                              Mariah Carey
                                              Robbie Williams
                                              Justin Timberalke
                                              Christina Aguilera
                                              Black Eyed Peas

                                              This year however I've went nuts on concerts.The main reason being I get a 50% discount.

                                              So far I have saw....KT Tuntstall,James Blunt,X Factor,Kelly Clarkson,Kanye West & Sugababes.

                                              I am goin 2....

                                              Charlotte Church
                                              Hillary Duff
                                              Take That
                                              Girls Aloud
                                              Black Eyed Peas
                                              Andy Abraham
                                              Girls Aloud

                                              krzxxx-Whereabouts in Scotland u from u have been 2 the same concerts as me lol!
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                                                Originally posted by Melissa_Harvey
                                                Well I have been to....

                                                Spice Girls
                                                S Club 7
                                                Mel C
                                                X Factor
                                                Justin Timberalke
                                                Christina Aguilera
                                                Black Eyed Peas

                                                So far I have saw....KT Tuntstall,James Blunt,X Factor,Kelly Clarkson.

                                                I am goin 2....

                                                Black Eyed Peas
                                                WOW We've been to loads the same All the ones that are there are the same as the ones I've seen, we've even seen loads the same this year!
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                                                  Wow thats really cool.Whereabouts did u c urze mine were all at the SECC!
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