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    Madonna-Confessions tour (August 6th, Rome)-definitely

    Shakira-Oral Fixation tour (July 15th, Zagreb)-maybe


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      I may go see Antony & the Johnsons in 3 weeks.


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        Originally posted by grooveboy
        Shakira-Oral Fixation tour (July 15th, Zagreb)-maybe
        Me too She'll be here in August and I'm still debating if I should go see her or not. I probably will


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          I'm going to see my mate's band next Tuesday, followed by Take That on the Sunday... and then probably Silver Sun in July.
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            Right, I did say in the past I was gonna try and do a write up for every gig I went to so I really am gonna make an effort! It's already been 3 days since me & 8 mates went to see the Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls at Glasgow SECC and everyone's been asking me what it was like, so I'm finally getting round to posting the review of it I promised!

            Firstly, it was far from the best gig I have ever been to, but that's mainly because I generally don't like big arena concerts, I prefer the more intimate gigs at smaller venues - although having said that, the atmosphere at the SECC was fantastic, although the crowd weren't as rowdy as I expected them to be (it was Glasgow, after all). Anyways, it was indeed a brilliant gig.

            The Pussycat Dolls came on late but performed for longer than I expected them to, getting through 7 songs in total - although missing out some of my favourites from their album :-( Nicole's voice in real life is just stunning, when she hit the high notes in some of the songs I was just left speechless, her voice was so powerful and even more breath taking than on record. The dolls were pretty good dancers, although they were singing live so they weren't moving about as much as they usually do. They performed their 4 singles, plus Wait A Minute, I Don't Need A Man, they did a few dance-only numbers and Nicole sang an A Cappella of Feeling Good, which was unsurprisingly wonderful.

            The Black Eyed Peas were up next (the main feature, although I would have paid good money just to see the Dolls alone), and they were a bit of a mixed bag. Will.I.Am was clearly a great entertainer, Taboo and Apl were fantastic rappers & dancers and played a far more prominant part on stage than I thought they would. However, Fergie was the biggest disappointment of the night. I thought she had a strong voice and was a good live performer after seeing her on TV and stuff, but no such luck in real life. The audience out-sang her for a lot of the stuff, her voice was weak an inaudible a lot of the time. We couldn't acutually hear her when she was singing the hooks on songs like Dum Diddly and Don't Phunk With My Heart. The only time she really shone was during her utterly fantastic rendition of Lighters Up (one of my favourite songs from last year, originally performed by Lil Kim), and on My Humps, where she took center stage for most of the song. Other than that, she was a big disappointment, she just didn't really seem bothered. The three guys of the BEPs however were wonderful, all great rappers, all great dancers, and an all round great live act. The 4 piece band they had behind them did a great job, especially during a percussion jamming session that two of them did when the Black Eyed Peas went off stage about half way through. Utterly fantastic. Will.I.Am. proved himself to be the new Wyclef by playing the drums and guitar at various points. (Although he did annoy me at one point by saying "Edinburgh's pretty and everything... but Glasgow really knows how to rock!"...GRRRR) The thing that surprised me most was how many songs they performed that weren't theirs. They were on for 2 hours and did a lot of their own material, but songs like Milkshake, Drop It Like It's Hot, Jump Around, Lighters Up, No Woman No Cry, and even Sweet Child O' Mine made an appearance! They did a great job of all of them though, and were generally a good live band.

            As I said, the atmosphere was superb and both acts put on a good show. I was jumping around like a lunatic when songs like Let's Get Retarded, Lighters Up, Pump It, Bebot and Jump Around were being performed (apologies to the people standing behind me!) The Dolls will obviously develop in time and I'd hope to go and see them by themselves as a headline act at some point. I don't know if I'd go and see the Black Eyed Peas again, I probably would but hopefully it'd be at a different venue. I've always disliked the SECC but it was apporpriate I guess as the stage sets for both acts were huge.

            The best part of the night was when Will.I.Am said "everybody put your phones in the air", this was something I'd never experienced at a gig before cause it's usually lighters that go up, but when I looked round - pretty much the whole audience had their phones up in the air, it was quite a spectacle! It looked absolutely amazing to turn round and see the whole arena buzzing with little lights from their phones - when it went up on the big screen it looked like millions of little stars!

            Anyway, I took some photos so I'll post them up soon - but that's the round up!


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              ^^ they did that part with the phones when i saw them in dec at the craling acdemy in glasgow...its amazing looking around at all the phone lights!!!
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                Aww Stevie, I can't believe you didn't come out saying it was the best gig ever! What the Peas did tonight (just seen them at Wembley) was the same as their January gig at Hammersmith, and I'll admit I did prefer that one because of the intimacy but I was front row so I can't argue like!

                I actually preferred the Pussycat Dolls tonight, thought they were absolutely flawless. A good mix of songs, really well sung and they moved so so well, they were just perfect, loved it!

                Now, I CAN'T STAND IT when people are in a huge arena and about half way back all going 'ooh Will.I.Am waved at me', makes my blood boil, but as I was at the front, I got lucky. Both the BEPS and the PCDs were actually amazing in terms of audience interaction, I'm sure none of us will have made an impact on them but it's a nice special feeling when an act you go to see makes an effort and singles you out. This isn't particularly a massive claim to fame but if anyone knows the Pussycat Dolls, the dark haired one that isn't Nicole, Jessica, was stationed in front of me most of the night. The reason I say this is that in two songs, 'I Don't Need A Man' and 'Wait A Minute', we had a bit of a rapport going. 'I Don't Need A Man' she was generally dissing the men and sort of singled me out as a spectacle (I was like 'nooooo im a good man') and 'Wait A Minute' there's a male/female split in the chorus and we were singing it to each other. The people I went with said they thought she wanted my body. Unfortunately, I don't think this is true, but I've a new favourite Pussycat Doll That was quite nice, and a real bonus of getting there early to get at the front.

                Otherwise it was a great gig but I must say I wanted some new stuff, they did the covers on the last gig I saw them at and I wanted it to change a bit, but oh well. And Fergie was brilliant tonight Steve, it's a real shame she wasn't so great in Glasgow :( Also, the Wembley crew were booing when Will mentioned Scotland

                I've got pictures to put up too, and when I get them up and you see how close I was hopefully you won't think I'm a desperate seven year old trying to pretend I got sung to We were really close and it was really good to have a totally clear view and out idols so to speak be metres away! WICKED!
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                  going to see keane in aberdeen in october hehe cant wait i love keane....and when they sing bedshaped it always sounds amazing so it will be great to be apart of the crowd when they sing it!
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                    I was on the Parkpop festival yesterday in (rainy) The Haque. I've seen The Sheer, The Infadels, The Kooks and Kelis!

                    Besides the weather it was awesome and all the bands were really good!

                    I really enjoyed the Kelis performance.
                    She was on stage for an hour and sung her hits (Milkshake, Trick Me, Millionaire, Bossy, Young Fresh n New, Get Along With You) and some tracks of "Tasty" and "Wanderland".

                    She also sung a song of her new album. I think it's called Serious. I'll post some pix later


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                      Some pictures from my BEP/PCD concert!

                      Pussycat Dolls







                      Pussycat Dolls

                      Black Eyed Peas

                      Apl D Ap




                      Not bad, some of them!
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                        wow those pics are amazing!!!
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                          Ahem... about my weekend, then.

                          Alli (y'know, the pretty one who posts on here) and I went off to sunny Milton Springsteen on Sunday morning to see what was going on, and apparently some band was playing at the local playing field in the afternoon, so we went along to see what it was all about.

                          First on was some really weird band - can't remember what they were called, but they consisted of eleven blokes in matching white shirts...

                          After that came this woman called Beverley Knight... who was rather good. The whole R&B thing is usually the opposite of what I like, but she does it well.

                          Next up was a lively young trio by the name of Sugababes. They were a bit pop, a bit R&B, a bit rock... generally awesome. Reckon these ones could be big, you heard it here first!

                          Finally came a group of blokes calling themselves Take That. They seemed to have one or two fans around the place, which made me wonder why I hadn't heard of them before. They played on for a little while before going off home, it was rather nice.

                          But all joking aside, it was absolutely brilliant. You probably know what you're getting with Take That (at least in terms of music) but that's no bad thing, every song's a classic. I guess the difference between that and any other gig I've been to, is that this was all about the show and the spectacle... and bloody hell, they definitely know how to put that on. It was actually really quite emotional, particularly as our position within the venue allowed us to look around and see everyone - really quite breathtaking to see 64,000 people with their arms in the air for the slow songs and clapping in time with the upbeat ones.

                          Beverley Knight turned up on backing vocals a couple of times and I'm sure I saw a couple of Sugababes dancing in the background... Lulu turned up quite unexpectedly (when Beverley did the intro/segue thing for 'Relight My Fire', I presumed that she was gonna do Lulu's bit) and... well, it was just an awesome show. Tango versions, acoustic versions, massive fireworks overhead during the encore ('Never Forget', naturally)... the whole thing was just amazing, even if Robbie didn't turn up in the flesh - the hologram was great though, heh.

                          ...and yes, I did sing along during 'Back For Good'.

                          All in all, I think it's safe to say we'll be first in the queue when they tour their new album.
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                            Am gonna comment on Coldplay, who I went to see on Wednesday night.

                            First up, their support act Youth Group. I dislike them enough already thanx to their dead boring drony cover of Forever Young, so they were never going to impress me to be honest (and they didn't, the singer's voice annoys me even more now). Some ppl liked them though, enough to set off a lot of flashes from cameras and make me feel a tad disorientated come the break between acts.

                            And then the big one. Took them 50 minutes to set up all the lighting/special effects/stage/instruments after Youth Group departed, but in the end it was so worth it. Coldplay came out to Square One, then the setlist went something like this...

                            Yellow (in which they released massive yellow balloons from the ceiling filled with gold confetti, which had the general admission folk bouncing them around onto to the stage, where Chris Martin promptly tried to burst one to no avail. Needless to say, he took the mickey out of himself for being crap at doing that kind of thing)
                            Speed Of Sound
                            God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (which Chris stuffed the intro up to and once again was self deprecating)
                            Trouble (see above - cept this time he said we could complain to the box office afterwards)

                            Can't quite remember the exact order after that, but they played Til Kingdom Come (secret track off X&Y), complete with a cover of Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire at the end. They also played Talk (which got the crowd going and up out of their seats), In My Place, The Scientist, Clocks (which also had everyone going), White Shadows, Fix You (at the end, which had everybody singing along at their loudest), Don't Panic and a few more...I've now had a mental blank. (EDIT: Oooh I've just remembered now - they said they were gonna do something special for us Aussies, so they did a cover of Can't Get You Out Of My Head, which was pretty damn good)

                            Anyhoo, all in all, it was I think hands down the best gig I've been to. I've never seen a more packed arena, nor a more enthusiastic crowd singing along to pretty much every song and being as loud as what they were on Wednesday night (cos every single gig I've been to has seen me being a bit miffed with the crowd for not singing along as much and I've always been stuck sitting next to somebody who just sits there & acts bored). Nor have I seen an act jump off stage, run up the side of the crowd and then run up into one of the sections to sing to the masses towards the back (as Chris did - he gave a lot of love to every side of the arena and asked us all if we were alright a few times). Nor have I seen a more fancy lighting/special effects set up either. I got it all within an hour and 25 odd minutes (and they got a present too - a Socceroos scarf thrown onto stage by a member of the audience, which Chris put around Guy [?] the bass player). The only gripes I had with it were:

                            (a) I wish they had've played for longer, cos they were bloody good
                            (b) this stupid woman 2 rows in front found her boyfriend at the start of Yellow and they stood up for the next 3 songs being all kissy wissy & stuff, thus obstructing my view (and other people's view) of the stage :evil: :evil: (they were up & down out of their seats, until Chris implored the crowd to stand up out of their seats, then we just gave up & got up)
                            (c) they took so damn long to come on - I've never had to wait 50 minutes between acts before

                            Overall, I'd still happily cough up my cash to see them again and I'm glad I finally got to see them after 3 years of waiting (missed them the last time they came to town) and heck, they got 3 sold out concerts out of Sydney, they should be laughing!

                            I do have photos, but they're prolly pretty crappy since I was sitting so far away and used up all the zoom I had to take them.
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                              I went to Rock Werchter last night, in Rotselaar (Belgium) I've seen The Editors, Kanye West, Sean Paul, Live and Muse

                              I've enjoyed Sean Paul the most, he sung all his hits: Gimme The Light, Get Busy, Like Glue, Baby Boy, We Be Burnin', Ever Blazin', Temperature, Give It Up To Me, Never Gonna The Same and even Break It Off (therefore, only no I'm Still In Love With You ). Besides, he sung some album tracks from Dutty Rock and The Trinity. He was great, though he couldn't always keep up with the chorusses ..

                              Kanye West sung all his singles, from Slow Jamz to Drive Slow, but unfortunately no Hey Mama :(

                              And then Muse, who were also fantastic! They sung their most famous old hits, like Plug In Baby, Newborn, Time Is Running Out, Hysteria and Butterflies & Hurricanes. Besides, some new songs from the new album (including the hit single Supermassive Black Hole) were performed

                              It was very hot, and even the artists suffered..
                              Though I think I'm going back next year, if the line-up is as great as this year!

                              There were also a lot of British, maybe someone over here went too?


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                                Sounds great Fredo!

                                Glad to hear you had a good time!


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                                  I've got a LOAD of gigs from now til Christmas.

                                  Robbie Williams/Orson/Basement Jaxx
                                  McFLY/The Click Five
                                  The Pipettes
                                  The Kooks
                                  Sandi Thom
                                  Embrace/The Delays/Mumm-Ra
                                  Lily Allen

                                  Excited about all of them really, especially Lily and Sandi Thom - haven't seen an artist like them since Sophie Ellis-Bextor so I want to see what they have in store.
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                                    Originally posted by Twixy
                                    I've got a LOAD of gigs from now til Christmas.

                                    Robbie Williams/Orson/Basement Jaxx
                                    McFLY/The Click Five
                                    The Pipettes
                                    The Kooks
                                    Sandi Thom
                                    Embrace/The Delays/Mumm-Ra
                                    Lily Allen

                                    Excited about all of them really, especially Lily and Sandi Thom - haven't seen an artist like them since Sophie Ellis-Bextor so I want to see what they have in store.
                                    oh, you're so lucky to live somewhere they have shows
                                    sometimes I think musicians don't know that Russia exists :-?
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                                      Last night I went & saw Rogue Traders, with TV Rock & Girlband supporting. I'll get to the support acts first before I talk about Natalie, James, Tim & Cam....

                                      TV Rock - Those of you with keen eyes will know from my rants in the Aussie chart topics that I absolutely despise this group. Suffice to say, I hung around outside the doors during their set & heard it from outside. Of course, the crowd prolly went off to Flaunt It...

                                      Girlband (and what an original name for a girl group that is) - First of all, don't marketing/music types realise that girl groups are sooooooooooo 1990's? Second of all, I decided I better stake my standing spot for the Rogues, so I walked inside for their set. Now at least I know who sings that crappy Party Girl tune that I keep hearing on 2DayFM. One of them looked like Bree Amer from our Big Brother (4th series)/Friday Night Live just quietly...

                                      And now for the big one....Rogue Traders.

                                      The setlist went as follows (in no particular order cos I can't remember it)...

                                      White Lightning (which sounds HEAPS better live than on record)
                                      Watching You (and the first sing-a-long of the night)
                                      New tune
                                      World Go Round
                                      Rescue Me
                                      1 or 2 other new tunes (one had the lyrics of I just wanna scream and shout out!, the other one I can't remember)
                                      I Want Your Love (Transvision Vamp cover & it was good)
                                      Way To Go! (cue me jumping up and down & singing at the top of my voice, loooooooove this tune)
                                      We're Coming Home

                                      We also got treated to some old school Rogue Traders stuff (ie pre Natalie and major success), which was nice - James Ash did a turntable/DJ set, which included Give In To Me (good tune), Stay and the tune everybody probably knows them for pre Natalie, their dance remake of INXS' Need You Tonight, called One Of My Kind....that had the crowd singing along and James instructing us all to lift the roof off once the music dropped. You should all check out the older stuff, it's not's more straight up dance stuff rather than dance/rock.


                                      In Love Again (at this point, James informed the audience that they were going to be shooting the video clip for this song at this very gig. Crowd goes wild & tries to find the cameras)
                                      Voodoo Child

                                      I think that was it, basically they played every tune off Here Come The Drums except for Casting Aside (I think we even got a bit of Change The Channel)....unfortunately, despite being 5'10 and on heels, I was no match for a guy with the proportions of Lurch/my brother standing right in front of me. I did manage to get some good photos though (and some dodgy ones), but parts of the concert I was either watching via the screens or through his camera as he took photos. The price I pay for being polite & not wanting to push people around. *sighs*

                                      May I just say....Natalie Bassingthwaighte is one hell of a sexy woman, especially in a police woman's uniform with aviator shades, which she came out in. I've thought that she's pretty & all before, but when she came out in that, even I was caught off-guard for a moment, thinking that if I were a lesbian, I'd go for her She had 2 other outfit changes, one into the Union Jack dress she wears in the video for Way To Go! (she took off the bottom part later and wore it as a mini-dress) and another one was a soft gold sparkly number which she wore for the final 2 tunes.

                                      All in all, it was an excellent gig and I definitely would go & see them again....cept this time I'll try & make sure I get a good view of the stage. They're going to be doing stuff in Europe after they're done with this tour, so if they do any gigs over there or again in the UK, then definitely get along, they're well worth the ticket price.
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                                        ^^ Sounds cool Shell, I always wondered what they would be like live.
                                        She don't like that kind of behaviour.
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                                          I'm gonna see Scissor Sisters in Manchester on 1st August - that should be quality!

                                          Before then I'm off to the Southport Theatre on 25th May to see Eton Road and Ben Mills
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                                            Currently on my list:

                                            May 19th - Beyoncé
                                            June 27th - Justin Timberlake
                                            June 30th - Amy Winehouse/The Killers
                                            October 4th - Gwen Stefani


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                                              hopefully will see My Chemical Romance in June and Elton John in July
                                              don't really mind missing Linkin Park and Evanescence
                                              for some reason... I'm here


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                                                i saw my chemical romance in march at manchester they was amazing....defanately my favourite concert ive been to

                                                thursday supported em, they was ok but each song sounded too much too similar if you get me
                                       ... 696#548696

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                                                  On my docket---

                                                  The Police in June in Los Angeles... can't wait!
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                                                    So far ive been to...

                                                    The Offspring - 2000
                                                    Lenny Kravitz/Macy Gray - 2002
                                                    Madonna - 2004

                                                    Dunno if i will atend Beyonce on May 24...
                                                    what do you think?

                                                    Oh damn, ive missed the Scissor Sisters last friday... grrrr