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    Christina 'Stripped' and Evanescenece 'The Open Door' are really good ones Josh!

    I'll have to include Danity Kanes new one which is class, and has so much sexiness on one cover!

    Really like Keanes new one as well
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      That Whitney Houston one is probably the best Greatest Hits cover


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        Quite cool:

        Umbrella! Ella Ella Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh-eh!

        Gimme Gimme More! Gimme More!


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          Well skelofect your avatar says it all,in fantastic style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Cheers Cidermaster
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            My favorites are (but not limited to, this is just a couple of random favorites I could think of at the moment)...

            and my all-time favorite:

            oh and looking back in the thread I forgot Evanescence The Open Door..that is def. somewhere in my top 10. Fallen is somewhere in my top 20.


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              Originally posted by foxygraandpa

              don't really know the band or their music, but i thought the font and idea was cool.
              It was this cover that got me interested in the band - I just saw it and said "Let's check them out".

              Other covers I like:

              I found this last pic on a site dedicated to the Carpenters, which I just spent 90 minutes browsing, so I think I'll shut down my PC and go to bed now.


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                I agree with most! Im gonna bounce this bakc because it's a great thread and many have seen it yet!


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                  My favourite would happen to be this:

                  I agree with The Open Door aswell.


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                    Originally posted by gaz_uk
                    ^^^ Oh I've always loved that Whitney one. She looked so genuinely happy in it.
                    LOL I never really notcied what was going on in that cover, she's drilling

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                        It was real simple, and so personal at the same time. Plus, she looks beauuuutiful.

                        Both single parts look priceless and I love how she holds onto that last note in song like she doesnt want to let go of her love and everything just fades away.
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                          Oooh I love that Abba Greatest Hits one

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                            Love all of these!


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                                  Originally posted by innocenteyes

                                  I always loved that one, it's flawless


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                                      For this year, the best album cover by far I think is...

                                      ^The album isn't that good but I just love the cover. The two other versions of it are also just as great!

                                      * The reason why there are three covers is because in Japan it is a standard now to release a CD, a CD+DVD, and sometimes a CD+2 Disc DVD with all different covers. I like this because usually there is one cover I like more than the others. In this case it is the first one but I'd pick any of the three over any over cover released this year.


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                                        2 of my faves from recent times...I love the pose KT does on the cover (and I seriously want her guitar) and that photo of Brooke has been a fave of mine since I saw the cover for Albertine.
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                                          I liked this one for the colours, its also unusual for an artist not to show the face upfront.

                                          In my Cd colllection this one stands out

                                          Simple but great

                                          Love this cover
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