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  • You drew stars around my scars


    • You drew stars around my scars


      • You drew stars around my scars


        • Originally posted by Colbie View Post
          Hwasa is that bih!!


          • Singing in Hindi

            Welcome back, girls


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              • New IU


                • Is it me or does Gidle' Soyeon and Ateez' Hongjoong look a similar?

                  Plus they have more similarities:
                  -Both '98
                  -Both realy charismatic and rappers
                  -Both leaders of their groups
                  -Both songwriters/producers
                  -Both went on survival shows, but didn't made the final cut

                  They just remind me of each other somehow
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                  You drew stars around my scars


                  • ARMY Sends BTS’s Entire Korean Discography Back On To US iTunes Chart After Grammys Nomination Snub

                    I love me some BTS but holy crap, the fandom is really something else. Do they have work to do? Do they go to school? Do they have anything else to do really?


                    • Another beautiful MV from WJSN


                      • ^ Another great title track from WJSN! Another solid mini album from them too, they're always so consistent. Luckitty-cat is epic!


                        • Rest in peace! Deepest condolance to her family & friends, this is really, really sad.


                          • What is going on?! First Sulli, now Hara?



                            • I never commented on Sulli, and don't think I have any words that justify the way I feel about the current Hara situation.

                              I'm huge fans of them both, and their legacy truly will live on. They are both such special people, the spark they have they have when they were on stage or in music videos was truly electrifying. I really hope they're both at peace now.


                              • I LOVE THIS! Definitely their most American-sounding single to date. From the DJ tag at the beginning I think it was produced by Dem Jointz.


                                • This might be their best comeback since Koko Bop or even.... Monster! MV is amazing, so slick and cool, they look incredible


                                  • Lovin the new Exo too!
                                    You drew stars around my scars


                                    • Justice for Kim Samuel & Lee Gaeun.


                                      • Winners of 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)

                                        Artist of the Year (Daesang) | BTS

                                        Song of the Year (Daesang) | BTS "Boy with Luv"

                                        Album of the Year (Daesang) | BTS 'Map of the Soul: Persona'

                                        Worldwide Icon of the Year | BTS

                                        Best Male Group | BTS

                                        Best Female Group | TWICE

                                        Best Male Artist | EXO's Baekhyun

                                        Best Female Artist | Kim Chung Ha

                                        Best New Male Artist | TXT

                                        Best New Female Artist | ITZY

                                        World Performance | MONSTA X

                                        Best Vocal Performance Solo | Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

                                        Best Dance Performance Solo | Kim Chung Ha

                                        Best Hip Hop & Urban Music | Heize's "She's Fine"

                                        Best Band Performance | Jannabi

                                        Best Collaboration | Lee Sora's "Song Request" feat. BTS' SUGA

                                        Favorite Vocal Performance | MAMAMOO

                                        Favorite Dance Performance | GOT7

                                        Qoo10 Favorite Female Artist | TWICE

                                        Qoo10 Favorite Male Artist | BTS

                                        Best Music Video | BTS's "Boy With Luv"

                                        Best Vocal Performance Group | BOL4

                                        Best OST | Gummy's "Remember Me" - 'Hotel Del Luna'

                                        Best Dance Performance Male Group | BTS

                                        Best Dance Performance Female Group | TWICE

                                        International Favorite Artist | Dua Lipa

                                        Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10 | BTS | GOT7 | Seventeen | TXT | TWICE | ATEEZ | MONSTA X | BLACKPINK | EXO | X1

                                        Best New Asian Artist | WayV

                                        Breakthrough Achievement | Seventeen

                                        Best Executive Producer of the Year | Bang Si Hyuk

                                        Best Producer of the Year | Starr Chen | Howe Chen | RAZOR

                                        Best Composer of the Year | PDOGG

                                        Best Engineer of the Year | Kwon Nam Woo

                                        Best Video Director of the Year | Lumpens

                                        Best Choreographer of the Year | Kiel Tutin

                                        Best Art Director of the Year | Yuni Yoshida
                                        Live Performances



                                          German fan loses the plot: flies to South Korea to stalk Nayeon from Twice.


                                          • New one from Leenzy, she is a new PLT artist! I realy love her voice

                                            I also like the new Stray Kids, they realy are versatile
                                            You drew stars around my scars


                                            • Random but I kinda think Jaehyun & Normani look good together.

                                              I'm actually here for a "Dancing with a Stranger"-type of duet.


                                              • Honestly speaking, do you guys think YG Entertainment will be able to bounce back?


                                                • Originally posted by abi View Post
                                                  Honestly speaking, do you guys think YG Entertainment will be able to bounce back?
                                                  Apparently - in my opinion - no.


                                                  • Comeback