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The Opera, Classical & Instrumental Music Thread

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  • The Opera, Classical & Instrumental Music Thread

    I just wanted to open a thread to discuss your favourite opera, classical and instrumental favourite songs.

    Right now my favourite theme/instrumental song is I Had A Farm from Out Of Africa soundtrack.
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    Please post links.

    I love this one
    Udo Lindenberg - Die Klavierlehrerin

    It's not classic but has a classic topic. I'll post real classic later.
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      Yann Tiersen - Childhood

      it's one of my long time favorite classical tunes although I love anything Yann Tiersen.

      I also listen to Frédéric Chopin a lot but I don't have a clear favorite from him because I listen to concertos etc in full


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        Basically I don't listen to opera/classic music.
        But I do listen to several opera/crossover singers.
        My favorite singer of this genre is Sarah Brightman, so thanks to her I know some famous opera arias and songs from musicals as well as some famous traditional and classical songs.

        My favorites:
        Mná na hÉireann (Women of Ireland)
        Lascia ch'io pianga (from opera Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel)
        Scarborough Fair (traditional ballad of Yorkshire (Great Britain))


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          I was looking for a thread about classical music and there's one yay
          Yesterday I went to a Chopin concert and listened to some great pieces like this one. I was wondering, does some of you like classical music? Who are your favourite composers?
          Personally, I have a soft spot for Bach. He's so difficult to play, but his music is genius IMO.
          I'd like to have much more time and get more in touch with opera, especially Richard Wagner's work. I really love opera singers and their melodramatic style, and today's pop music divas owe to singers like Maria Callas much more than we think, IMO.


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            At risk of appearing really stan-ish and shameless

            Tori Amos' album Night of Hunters is a classically inspired album featuring compositions based on well-known classical music, with her own slight improvisations + lyrics and voice added to create a narrative concept for the album.

            It's far from a perfect masterpiece, especially due to her voice and lyrics at places, but it is an interesting album, fans of classical stuff might enjoy it more than people who are only used to her usual alt rock/pop music.

            Here's a song to check out: Carry, inspired by Debussy's Girl With the Flaxen Hair

            On wikipedia you have all compositions used as inspiration for her songs, some are more modified, some are very much like the originals, but overall it's interesting.


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              I don't listen to opera or classical, but I do attend the opera and classical concerts. My favourite operas are "The Makropolis" about a 200 year old woman sexing her way through life and "Le Boheme" which needs no introduction as it's as famous as a story can be!
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                Saying Goodbye To A Manhattan Classical Music Mecca

                "Yet today she will make her last sale, as her store is closing for good."


                :( :(


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                  The opera from The Fifth Element is still legendary, poor Gaga
                  I'm the terminator, bitch talk slick, I'm a have to terminate her ¯\_(?)_/¯


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                    One of the most uplifting pieces of music is Building The Barn by Maurice Jarre from the movie Witness


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                      Tchaikovsky - Swan Theme (Moderato)
                      I'm the terminator, bitch talk slick, I'm a have to terminate her ¯\_(?)_/¯


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                        This just shuffled onto my Spotify, and it's gorgeous...


                        I can't think where I know it from! But either way, it's lovely.

                        EDIT: never mind - just read the YouTube comments.


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                          Re: The Opera, Classical Music & Instrumental Thread


                          Moody music that forces the mind to focus,


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                            Re: The Opera, Classical & Instrumental Music Thread


                            For 3 days, myself and a colleague at work have been humming a piece of classical music but we couldn't recall what it was - we asked everyone around us, nobody knew. But finally today, after 3 days, we discovered it - it was Mozart all along!

                            I love classical music but I can never recall the titles of any of the pieces.


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                              Re: The Opera, Classical & Instrumental Music Thread

                              I love the Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute. It’s probably the most insane vocal performed by any female ever.
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                                My favorite arias these days are:

                                -Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti
                                -Caruso by Andrea Bocelli
                                -O Sole Mio by Pavarotti
                                -Un Bel Di by Kiri Te Kanawa
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